so with my theatrre grroup, everry yearr therres been a gay guy, no matterr what. but this yearr, therre wasnt a gay guy. we werre all like ‘no way therre has to be one’ so we went into the staff rroom wherre all the guys werre fucking about and we said “we dont have a fucking gay guy this yearr” everryone was just like “no fuckin way” and then bill just stood up and said “im gay” and we all just went. “oh cool, no need to panic” and in a cast of about 25 people, no one acted differrently arround him afterr that.
i think its amazing, that he just got accepted like that, no one acted funny orr anything. the guys werre just as norrmal with him. you could see the rrelief on his face when no one was angrry.
we’rre coming along, slowly but surrely.

anonymous said:

wnn eres muy lindaaa:( como le haces para que tu pelo quede hacia el lado y no quede como chasquilla norrmal comparte tu secreto aymi soy tu fannnn<3

Hahahhahahahhahahahahaha nada :( es una chasquilla cortada recta que me tiro pal lado con la mano 8(. 0 ciencia