"I’m female and only play as female characters. I have over the time married Stenvar, Vilkas, and Farkas (this was when I first began playing and married almost the first one I met). I was slightly concerned when after a while I met Mjoll, and ended up marrying her. After that I have only felt attracted to female NPCs. But it does feel quite nice to be able to marry women in the game, as I am bisexual and haven’t had the courage to actually admit it to anyone I know yet."


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Kommer ju dö av att klättra upp xD min motion är körd i botten! Förväntar du dig att jag ska ta mig till kullen, sen till hoppan, klättra upp i hoppan och sen våga mig ner, utan att dö? xD

de e bara 100 steg ju :c har räknat dem själv. och de e ok så läge man inte tittar ner och lägger märke till hur ranglig den där stenålderskonstruktionen är… 

och så finns de ju buss… jag bor längst ner i Kullen, de är bara några kvarter bort.

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|This is it, and now it's time. This is the part where I yet again rhyme | The time has come, and this must end. This is perhaps the last one I'll ever send | You are awesome, and I know it's hard. But please trust this sorta card | Let's not even bother, just ignore the anon hate. Those are the kind people I want to grate | Like cheese they are, mostly loved by rats. We could make them into hats | Hello Jen, this is me. Which you now can see | This is it, I'm always here, and I won't disappear|