best day of the year ||9.7.2014||



It’s a great day. You know why? Because it’s national grandparents day. Yep. In case you haven’t gathered…I kinda like old people. I really didn’t mean to have written about them three times already, but how can I resist on Grandparents day?? I can’t.

These are my precious grandparents, Nornie and Granddaddy are in the first picture. Nornie (n): derived from her name, Norma. Granddaddy (n): meaning, my dad’s dad who is grand. In the bottom picture is Mama. Mama (n): freaking hilarious woman who loves to laugh and does whatever the heck she wants because she’s 80-something.

The pic-stitch of Nornie and Granddaddy is from last summer on their 60th wedding anniversary. They were super cute and decided to recreate a picture from their wedding day. It’s not a perfect replica due to lack of flexibility in their backs and a few extra laugh lines (aka wrinkles) on their faces. However, in my humble opinion, it’s maybe one of the cutest pictures ever.

The other picture is of Mama on Christmas…we like to have Christmas pajama parties in my family because dressing up for holidays is overrated. Anyway, like I said, Mama is hysterical. She loves TV, reading, laughing, knitting, and country ham. Side bar hilarious story about her: last weekend she came with my parents to visit me in Boone. Mama doesn’t get around very easily so my parents and I left her at my apartment while we picked up a pizza for dinner. My roommate, Hayley, later told me that she was in her room and hears my grandma hysterically laughing in our den. She thought it was strange since the TV wasn’t on and there was no one else out there, so she went to check on Mama. Hayley walked out and asked her what was so funny and Mama responded through her laughter, “Honey, I sat down on this couch and now I can’t get back up!” Hayley offered her help, to which Mama laughed more and replied, “Oh dear no, this old lady weighs 3,000 pounds! There’s just no way. I’m stuck!” Good news, Hayley helped her up. Sometimes I catch myself doing or saying something that confirms I am going to grow up and be exactly like her. One big goof ball. There are definitely worse people I could be though. I hope I’m half the great lady she is.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Happy Grandparents Day! Make sure you tell the special old people in your life how much you appreciate and love them!