chellstardis-deactivated2013062 asked:

Why do you hate normalvloggerconfessions?

I don’t hate it. I just think it’s a redundant thing. There’s already a Tumblr called nerdfightersecrets which is, essentially, the same thing.

Also, I have a real problem with the word ‘normal’. What that is doing is alienating the people who post on dvc and making them pariahs when all they are doing is expressing their desires anonymously as a way to just… get them out.

My question to the vloggers going crazy over this is; would you rather it was on this blog where you can opt out/don’t have to read it or in your YouTube inboxes?

I feel as though nvc is harmful to those who post in dvc because you don’t know who these people are and they may be very insecure about their sexual urges. Making a backlash site with the word ‘normal’ in it may cause them some unnecessary emotional struggles because they ARE normal.

The people on dvc don’t mean anyone any harm. They are fans. YouTube has a fandom and, as with any fandom, they are going to fantasise about you and idolise you and ship you. You are real people and, guess what, they know. Just like they know Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch are real people. You have put yourselves out there and this is what people do.

Nvc need to accept that dvc is a normal thing and, by getting these desires expressed (even anonymously) on a public forum is beneficial to all parties involved. They get to express their desires rather than repress them (which is unhealthy) and the vloggers don’t need to read it if they don’t like it.

Tl;dr Normalvloggerconfessions is redundant and judgmental of dirtyvloggerconfessions’ submitters and I don’t like that.

Reason for this blog

I wouldn’t ever have made a blog about “confessions” for a tv show or vloggers or anything, I’ve never felt that they are particularly funny or interesting but since “dirtyvloggerconfessions” started getting attention I felt the need to address the problem with a new blog.

"Dirtyvloggerconfessions" is basically just creepy. It takes pictures of youtubers and puts text over them describing ways in which they want to (mostly not consensually) have sex with them. 

There is no way in which this can ever be considered to be ‘funny’ or acceptable. It is plain creepy and I think people need to realise that vloggers do not want to be told the ways in which they want to be raped. Because that’s what nonconsensual sex is. Rape. Fantasising about rape is one thing but letting putting it on a website is sick and wrong and if you do that, you reaaally need to get some help.

So, “normalvloggerconfessions”. For people who want to say something about a youtuber that they would actually say to the face of someone they respected , whether it be a compliment or a something they’ve always wondered.

Submit away.