I was talking with Liam next to his locker when suddenly I felt someone grabbed my arm and started pulling me. When I see that is Isaac I’m a little less scared, but still confused. What is he doing?
‘Sorry’ I shout to Liam and he gives me a sweet smile. Isaac keeps pulling me until we are next to his locker.
'Hi love’ he says and then he kisses me like nothing has happened
'What was that Isaac?’ I ask even more confused
'I grabbed you arm and pulled you’ he says like if it was the most normal thing on earth
'Yeah, I noticed that. But why?’
'Because I missed you and I just wanted to make sure he noticed that you’re mine’
'First of all, I’m not an object. Secondly, you don’t have to be jealous of Liam’ I say a little pissed off. I hate how jealous he can be.
'I’m not jealous. I know that stupid kid has a crush on you and you always spend more time with him than with me’ I can notice he’s sad when he avoids my face and starts staring at the floor
'You don’t have to be jealous, babe. You’re the only one I love, I’m just helping him with maths. You don’t have to be this jealous, okay? I love you’ I say holding his face on my hands to make sure he looks at me. I can see him smile a little, then I smile and give him a deep and sweet kiss.
'I love you too’

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anon: Can you do an Isaac imagine where Liam has a crush on the reader so Isaac is jealous and the reader has to assure that she’s only friends with Liam

You can send me your requests HERE

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sometimes I honestly think what happened is like. Hussie wrote John as really aroace without entirely Intending to? but now he wants Heterosexuality™ to happen, so he shoved in these two crushes on girls (Roxy and Terezi) so John could be a Normal Straight Guy

but the thing is. John is so fucking aroace it’s almost painful. so of course every time he describes any kind of attraction it feels out of place and shoehorned in.

I don’t know why he’s shoving this shit in but. hey.

I hate those photos/videos of people climbing buildings and really high structures etc, they give me so much anxiety. Like what the fuck are you doing, get down and do normal people things

I’m Sick of People Dictating

“Hinata’s boobs are too big, that’s bad.”

“Sakura’s boobs are too small, that’s bad.”

Are you a GOD to decide that it’s bad to have big boobs?

Are you a GOD to decide that it’s bad to have small boobs?

People making the rules here like they are capable of DICTATING humanity, telling people what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s just sick. REALLY.

Who are you to decide what’s good and what’s bad? Do you have wisdom? Are you intellectually superior? Did God make your opinion right and others wrong? Are YOU A GOD? I didn’t think so. Stop hating on Hinata and specifically saying she sucks because her boobs are big. That’s an OPINION. 

Look at it this way: I am buying groceries. It is a normal thing. Then you come along and say that buying groceries is bad. That’s what is going on here. Who are you to decide that buying stuff is bad? Are you such an amazing person that you magically have the power to decide what’s right and what’s wrong? Some people may be intellectually superior, but all the same NO human can dictate whether it’s bad for Hinata to have big boobs or not. Nothing is there to prove it’s bad, no God is there to say it’s bad, so it’s innocent until proven guilty. THANK YOU.  

You keep going on about acceptance,“ he accused, “you say, ‘everyone deserves love’.”

“Then you go home and pick yourself apart. You say you hate yourself like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that you deserve love too? Can’t you see it’s a most painful irony; to promote self love in others, and deny that gentleness for yourself?

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #176

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What do you really hate?

theres this girl in my year and everything about her pisses me off and i feel really bad for saying this bc its so bitchy but at school today we have a “horrible fashion” choice themed dress up thing and she wore a normal outfit that she would normally wear and she came up to me and was being annoying this morning so i went like “oh so you went with the theme today!!” and yeah


I was a little bit apprehensive and unsure whether or not to post some selfies today because my disability is an invisible one and you won’t immediately know about it when you meet me, so I was a little worried that I might get messages telling me it’s not a “real” disability… But here we go.

I have aspergers syndrome and I was diagnosed incredibly late in my life (usually it’s identified in children), just before my 18th birthday; it changed everything I thought I knew and I spiralled with depression and self hate because of it for a long time. Sometimes it makes my life incredibly hard and I long for a sense of normality, with no anxiety over stupid things and no depression. It’s taken me a good few years to reach a point of acceptance with myself and I still have days (like yesterday) where I beat myself up about it and hate that I’m not “normal” but I just have to pick myself back up and tell myself that maybe it’s cool that I’m not the same, that my brain works in a different way to most people and that’s okay.


Mary Warren, a straight C+ student voted most likely to become famous. Mary could get you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. One time, the PTA tried to implement this dress code, like no ripped jeans, no bare midriffs, stuff like that. So Mary organised a school-wide streak across the baseball field in protest, and safe to say, the dress code never passed. She just had this charisma… but it was the kind that could turn dangerous

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I'm curious what makes you goth? Why would you label yourself? Why not just be a person that likes things that are not what most people consider normal. You may like the goth label Idk . I don't like when people try to put a label on me just because I like creepy, strange things.

Ugh I hate the whole stupid “WHY LABEL YOURSELF” thing. I’m not “labelling” myself. I do what I want and like what I want. Goth is just a very fucking handy word to describe roughly what I’m like so I can find the clothes I like online, the type of people I would get along with, home decor that suits my tastes, etc etc. Calling myself goth doesn’t put some sort of restriction on me. Its just a word. Frick.

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Some people have floated the idea that Romulus' gestation was accelerated due to Eliza's blood manipulation powers. Personally I like the idea that his birth took nine months like normal for two reasons: 1) Beowulf is such a good guy baby face character that despite Eliza being awful he's the kind of guy to pamper and take care of her. 2) Eliza is self centered and vain, so the idea of her having to be pregnant for nine months is amusing to me. She would definitely hate that.

Omgomg I- I had to do a thing to this theory;

*that’s juice don’t worry

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I think the reason why groups like BTS, VIXX and EXO get so much hate is because the fans act like they’re the best thing since bread and butter. If you guys learned how to act like normal human beings and just said “_ is really good! You should check them out” instead of saying “_ IS THE BEST _ IN KPOP, THEY SLAY YOURS FAVES YOU’RE JUST A HATER LOLOLOLOL THEY HAVE _ AWARDS AND _” your fandom and biases would have less “haters.” You overpraise them, it is going to lead to disappointment. Sorry.

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what about ppl that have gone through csa this ship can be really triggering so like please just consider that

Hey bae thanks for the ask :D

and let me make this clear for once


oh hell no I am not making fun of csa survivors, and I sure as hell don’t enjoy seeing real children being sexually abused or think that a relationship between 13 year old boy with another grown ass man is normal.

I know the ship can be a trigger but there is a way to prevent it, like blacklisting it. There are many triggers, there are many people who can be easily triggered, but guess what? :D They can defend themselves, by just not giving attention to it or talk about it instead of hating on it, hating on other people who see no problem in liking something they like. No one is forcing them to like it. I don’t expect anyone to like the same thing I like, but making a hate blog and calling other people pedophiles is very childish and disrespectful and by all means I will not tolerate them if they ever come across me. Also making people feel bad because they like something is also fucking not ok.

One thing I can assure you is that you can’t just go exterminate something that just exists to solve the problem - if you see sebaciel as problematic that is. You can’t just go delete all blood pictures to prevent people who are triggered by seeing blood, you can’t just go forcing other people to stop liking things, get what I mean? Cool.

And to people who say that “what happened in fiction will eventually happen in reality”, oh yeah I’m looking forward to see the whole world begin to carry knife around and murder other people cuz they watch some horror movie where there’s a serial murder, everyone is gonna become a murder cuz they like horror movie, yeah, right.

But what about real people who get abused because of shotacon??

Can you not tell pedophiles with real illness who enjoy anime, going abuse people online from anime fans who enjoy shotacon apart?? Congrats you are the one having a problem here, not us shippers. I feel sorry for people who are the victims, but that’s not an excuse to insult me for liking sebaciel.

And oh, making people stop liking sebaciel will not make the world better, it will not stop csa survivors to get triggered, it will not cure the illness, so to those hate blogs, please continue wasting your time. Thanks.

So I’d like to share a little something with you all, and it’s quite the wall of text so I apologize, but I just kinda have to get this out.

Above you see a pic of me wearing the skinny jeans and Nikes I wear for my Incognito Natasha cosplay. But I wasn’t cosplaying today, no, I wore this to work. Seems pretty normal, I’m sure. But the thing is, that ten years ago, before I started cosplaying, fifteen-year-old me never would have worn jeans that weren’t flare-legged. Hell, twenty-year old me wouldn’t have. Why? Because I hated my thighs. I was convinced I had to wear flare jeans or giant boots because it offset how massive my thighs were, like it was some kind of reverse-hourglass shape that made it more appealing, or at least less noticeable. “But you’re so skinny!” people tell me. All the time. Really, it’s wild how often I hear it. Because growing up, all I ever heard about was my damn “thunder thighs”. In middle school, usually we wore long skirts or jumpers, because I went to a Catholic school with a strict dress code, but for PE, we were required to wear these workout shorts that went almost to our knees. I remember waiting for our coach outside one day when one of the girls in my grade came over and asked me what size shorts I was wearing. They were a medium. “Then why are they so tight on your legs, but mine aren’t, and I’m wearing a small?” she asked in one of those snide tones that said she already knew the answer. But sure enough, her shorts were loose and flowing as if it was a skirt around her small legs. I didn’t answer, but that was almost fifteen years ago and I still remember it. I remember when I was at my physical peak, working out, practicing high-impact martial arts six days a week, four hours a day, and even though my arms were strong and toned and my stomach was flat and solid, no matter how many squats or suicides I did, no matter how many laps I ran, how much I biked or swam, my thighs would not shrink, and they would continue to jiggle as if to spite me, even when the rest of me was fit and trim. I remember seeing girls in their short shorts and saying ‘damn, I wish I had legs like that, so I could pull that off’. But instead, I wore flared skirts to or just above the knee so I could hide my “problem areas” without sweating to death in the heat.

I never wore shorts, or bikinis, or short skirts, or skinny-jeans, and the dresses I wore always flared at or above the hip. I cried tears of joy at the invention of Spanx and wore them under everything I could, even in the Florida summer, because then at least I felt a little skinnier. At least then maybe people wouldn’t notice my “massive” thighs quite as quickly. But then I started cosplaying, and I tried to work around my insecurity. Using capes to cover “problem” areas, picking costumes that “flattered” my figure; nothing with shorts, short skirts, leotard bottoms, etc. After years of doing it, it was starting to limit the costumes I could do. And then finally I just said to myself, “screw this”, and let myself cosplay characters I normally wouldn’t have. Even so, I never wore shorts, I always wore my shaper tights and my Spanx, and when I wasn’t in cosplay, I still wore those abhorrent flared jeans. But, being a cosplayer, the inevitable happened. I met people. So many people. So many incredible ladies who had bodies of all shapes and sizes and I looked at them and realized, they wore whatever the hell they wanted and they looked damn good in it. Whether their measurements were bigger or smaller than mine, they rocked what they wore. Shorts, miniskirts, leotards, skinny jeans… pear-shaped, hourglass, whatever the hell shape the fashion industry would have shoe-horned them into, it didn’t matter, because they looked great. It didn’t matter if they weren’t as thin as runway models. It didn’t matter if they were. They all looked beautiful in cosplay and regular clothes, and they wondered why I would think I was anything other than beautiful just the way I was. So for the first time I found myself thinking, “you know what, maybe I will buy those skinny jeans”.

The first time I ever bought a pair of non-flared (or at least boot-cut) jeans was when I first cosplayed Natasha last year. Because even up until then, I never thought that I could look good in them because of my “massive” thighs. And now I wear them all the time. Now I cringe when I try on flared jeans because gosh, they make me look so short! But now I rock this look in and out of cosplay and I can say with confidence that I never would have taken that leap if it hadn’t been for my costuming habit.

If you take anything away from this ridiculously self-indulgent rambling post, let it be this: 1.) Be kind to others 2.) Be confident in yourself 3.) You are amazing, even if you don’t think you are.


Gems can choose what they like like when they regenerate, right? that was confirmed in the newest episode

linking back to that super old “When Steven retreats to his gem Rose will reappear” theory, what if when Steven retreats, there’s this slight moment in time where Rose sees Steven before being forced to regenerate and is absolutely heartbroken? She breaks into tears, and is just in this horrible panic?

Rose know’s she’s the one being forced to regenerate, and she knows everyone waiting for Steven will panic if he’s not the one who comes back out of that gem. She’s panicking, and without thinking, takes a form and just lets the regeneration do its work.

Everyone waiting for Steven just collectively sighs in relief when his gem begins to glow, but what they see regernate just causes everyone in the room to go dead silent.

because not only is it Rose, 

it’s Rose in the form of Steven with tears heavily streaming down her face 

What the hell is heppening? Ep 2x19 aka Grant Ward is too good for this world

As always, i don’t care if I gate Hate

there it is 

i don’t even thing i will go by points. it’s all about my baby boy 

he was so happy to be back. and what? yeah, all of them are like a five years old child

you are all adults for god sake. 

Lance, for an example, did what a normal human being would do. he forgived Mack. he is still mad with both him and Bobbi, but he was like “Ok,l i got it dude. for you it was the right thing to do. i’m not agree with this, but i forgive you”

my baby boy was so happy to be back with his team because it was the only happy period he have ever had in his life

and now, just a bunch of actual grown adults being like a five years old child

he was trying to apologise, being good for once and they was all like “Nahh,you are still a bad guy. we are angels” 

you are spies

and yet you are still mad with a guy who did you same job, but for a different team 

you ALL killed people

you ALL have secrets

stop pretending to be the good once for once

My dear Jemma


Stop it. this is not you. 

i’m not here saying that both her and Fitz have no right to be mad at him, but GOD

he wasn’t a treat. he was working with you, Jemma. 

and still, you are THAT perfect tha you think you have the right to kill someone. 

Did they ever thinked about what would have heppened to her and Fitz if Grand actually did his orders and take tham to Garrett? 

end of the games, buddy

you are a gentleman, mr Ward. it would hve been SO EASY to just shot her on the spot. 


if someone like Ward, who did the worst things in the world, is disappointed in you, it had to mean something.

and now you MAY

at time it was heartbreaking, but right now i can say it.

your “Trauma” was a little tiny mutand who was about to kill i don’t know how many soldiers.

a treat

you did your job right, saved the soldiers, and yet you are TRAUMATIZED?


but ok, maybe it was traumatising. but still

you just can’t comparise yourself to what Ward had suffured in all his life

your husband was a terapist, Hill trasfered you immidiatly

Ward’s “terapy” was Military school. 

in the end



Your heart is so big, hunny. in the end, you are the good one and they are just a bunch of assholes


Can Bobbi and Lance just close all of them in a room and do lessons about “How to deal with a betrayl like a grown man” and “How to be badass without  necessarily being bitches”?


gifs not mine


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What words of advice would you give to someone who cannot draw hands?

Well I’m not that great at hands ether but I have learned a few tricks to make it seem like i know how to draw hands lol 

First I would say study and draw as many hands as you can! The only way you get better at drawing something is by drawing it over and over and over again. I hate drawing things over and over again but It really has helped me a lot. 

Secondly there is a trick I learned in art school called the 3,2,1 trick. fingers at rest normally group together! here is a little example to exsplain what I mean.

This trick makes hands into simpler shapes and can make them more gestural too! 

Third never hide hands in drawings. I know hands are hard and some times you don’t want to draw them but they are very important in conveying emotions! 

Hope that helps :) Just keep drawing and never get up!! I’m also always open to giving helpful critiques to anyone that wants them!