Norm Ferguson was a sequence director on Pinocchio. He was already a senior animator, and part of his job was to pass on his knowledge to kids like Lounsbery, Milt Kahl, Frank & Ollie and all the others who much later would be part of the Nine Old Men’s Club. Walt Disney loved the loose quality in his animation and encouraged everybody to try the “Fergy” method, because in his scenes the characters truly came to life. Ferguson not only animated scenes with Gideon and the fox, but also laid out poses and acting business for other animators.


Fantasia - Norman Ferguson (1940)

     My sociology teacher made the class write down three words that we would use to identify ourselves. Some had job titles, a good handful their religion. POC wrote down their ethnicity /race. Not a single white person wrote that they where white. Not. One. We didn’t have to, our teacher explained, we are the default.   

    So when phrases like  #alllivesmatter start trending, I know that it is not because those saying that believe that #Latinolivesmatter, #Asainlivesmatter, or #Gaylivesmatter, because if they did they would realize that each of those are different groups that are complex and DESERVE THEIR OWN lime light.  #AllLivesMatter isn’t a master ‘check box’ that when checked simultaneously covers all diverse and sub-culture groups as if on a great big list. Therefore the ONLY purpose of stating #AllLivesMatter is to take us back to the norm, the excepted, and the default.