Wraps de nori :
Feuille nori + houmous (pois chiches cuits dans les épices + tahin + jus de citron + cumin + paprika + sel + huile d'olive + eau + mixeur) + salade + radis + concombre + fèves crues + tofu fumé + gomasio (sésame grillé au four + gros sel + mixeur)
Feuille nori + houmous + salade + tomates séchées + pois chiches + fèves crues + tofu fumé.
Rouler le tout bien serré (étaler un peu d'eau avec le doigt sur le bord de la feuille de nori, pour qu'elle adhère au moment de fermer) puis couper en deux.

Nori wraps:
Nori sheet + hummus (chickpeas cooked with spices + tahini + lemon juice + cumin + paprika + salt + olive oil + water + food processor) + lettuce + radish + cucumber + raw broad beans + smoked tofu + gomasio (oven-baked sesame + coarse salt + food processor)
Nori sheet + hummus + lettuce + dry tomatoes + cooked chickpeas + raw broad beans + smoked tofu.
Roll everything tight (spread a bit of water on the edge of the leaf for it to seal properly) and cut in halves.


おにぎらず - onigirazu - onigiri NOT.

Possibly the most popular food in Japan is onigiri (お握り) a rice ball. Onigiri are sold in department stores, convenience stores and train station snack stores. They are also easily made at home for taking on a picnic and to work or school.

Watch the neat little video below on how to make an onigiri NOT, a popular new take on the old traditional food.

Basically, when making onigiri, you place a small amount of rice on your cupped hand then place your favourite filling on that. Then you “nigiru” or roll and press firmly to mould it into a ball or triangle shape with your filling in the middle. A sheet of nori (seaweed) is wrapped around it for easy handling. 

The name onigiri comes from nigiru to “mould in your hand.” The idea behind the new onigirazu craze is that it isn’t “moulded in your hand” so it is therefore a “nigirinai” rice ball - an “un-moulded rice ball.” An onigiri NOT. 

Basically instead of pressing and rolling it in your hands you are creating a kind of sandwich which is then wrapped in nori like a little present and then cut in half or in triangles depending on preference. Hundreds of different ingredients can be added as fillings as you desire.  


     Hello my lovlies, how are you? Two weeks in and weight hasn’t changed much but diet and exercise is starting to stablize a bit. Definitely exercise – I’ll have to work super hard to make sure I get in the right nutrients to eat better and lose.



  • Oikos Yogurt –120


  • Bread –140
  • Oscar Meyer Turkey – 80
  • Cheese – 80


  • Sushi Nori Wrapping –25
  • Egg –70
  • Pork –100
  • Tangerine –45
  • Chips – 50
  • Mint –35
  • Oscar Meyer Turkey – 80


  • Bread 1/5 –100
  • Barbeque – 150
  • Baby Carrots – 50
  • Tortilla (Cheese) –  200
  • Watermelon – ?
  • One bottle of water 

Total Caloric Intake: 1325 - 1525 


  • 30 Pushups
  • 35 Crunches 
  • Rainbows – Glute Exercises (2 Minutes, 1 Each Leg)


I feel like I ate way more than this today. I feel full, satisfied, and fufilled. Lots and lots of protein intake, especially towards the middle of the day. I think 

On the exercise side of things my arms definitely feel much more muscular than before (and crunches are coming much easier). I may up them a little bit tomorrow.

Overall, today seemed pretty good!

Goals for Tomorrow

  • Get a good amount of protein in 
  • Fruit needs met 
  • One vegetable serving during any meal 
  • Start XBX (potentially) 
  • Remember to drink water 
  • Remember to eat fiber 
Homemade Hummus

An easy classic hummus recipe that I’ve been making for years. I always have some sort of dip ready in my fridge for quick easy snacks, spreads for wraps and heaping dollops for my fish dishes. I hope you enjoy!

1 can (425g) garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

2 cloves garlic, raw or roasted

2 tbsp tahini (sesame seed butter)

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil + a drizzle for garnish

½ juice of a lemon

¼ cup cold water

Handful of parsley, coarsely chopped + some leaves for garnish

  • Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.
  • Garnish with parsley and a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Serve as a dip to veggies, whole-grain pita, dehydrated crackers or use as a spread on wraps and nori sheets.