A kind of årsjubileum

About a year ago in November/December 2013 I decided to start filming myself talking about the Norwegian language on the internet - at the time it was slightly strange - but a lot of fun, and today I can absolutely say I am so glad I did begin, and that it’s still great fun today as I type this message. I just wish I had all the time in the world and that I was some sort of super human that didn’t sleep (although losing out on sleep would be sad) so that I could make more videos than 1-3 a month. I will always update every month with at least 2 videos, and I’m so pleased that I get such great feedback every single time. Everyone who watches my videos seems to be both intelligent and most importantly kind, so I have no complaints. What’s more, I can definitely see how people watching have improved their Norwegian greatly (not necessarily due to me) but it’s important to remember that my videos are just supposed to be a helping hand. 

I also wanted to add that I will definitely film some videos in which I shall speak about some big relevant topics which many people have questions for about language in general, and also I will film some videos in Norwegian since some of you seemed interested. I’m excited! It’s just a case of filming the videos when I feel like it’s the right day and when I have time, so I apologise that I don’t update weekly with a video. Making quality content is my aim… (;

P.S. I have received all kinds of questions about this and that over the past year, but I have never received a question about the name 'thomasthenorgescone' - and I am kind of glad, because I really cannot answer that, and I don’t remember creating that name. I’ll let the mystery and suspense build until I come up with an answer… 

Back soon! - Thomas