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-never forgets that night- You still looked beautiful

Then you passed out and I spent almost 5 hours like this waiting for you to wake up. You’re cute when you sleep though, even if you looked like you were sleep talking. Can you like come here and sleep with me? Not even in the conventional dyke way either. Just come. It’s depressing not being able to hold you. 

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Horny, Tired, Lazy :P

I’m just begging for a handjob or blowjob right?

You know you could make my big boy boner VERY happy.

But right now, I’m too busy loving you and trying to treat you right instead of being all “FUCK ME”.

I’m going to treat my girl like a princess first. She deserves it. However she repays me later is entirely up to her ;]

So yeah, I kinda, sorta, really really REALLY love you.

Next week my time is our 4 months by the way. I love you baby girl