Noreen Bad News

Usually associated and known for their single-shot bolt-action 50 BMG rifles, Noreen released the Bad News series of rifles a couple of years ago, patterning them around the AR-15/AR-10. However, they went up on the caliber department; the Bad News is available in 30-06, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum. Although they drew in a lot of interest, they appear to be plagued by quality control and reliability issues. Ironic choice of name. (GRH)

I have told Noreen’s story in the form of a lecture a number of times. Invariably, someone comes up to me and says, “She can’t be retarded.” A flat statement. Usually, they then turn and walk away, discounting everything. As if what happened to her is then not relevant.

Let me say that this attitude is bigotry, pure and simple. What is being said is that disabled people can’t be wise. What is being said is that wisdom is the domain of the privileged. White. Educated. Male. BUNK! Wisdom touches whomever it chooses. And it chooses all. If one takes a careful look at what Noreen knows, one will find a wisdom not contained in books, not taught in classrooms and not obscured by linguistic elegance. Yes, Noreen is wise. Yes, she is disabled. I fail to see the contradiction.


Dave Hingsburger, I Witness:  History and a Person with Developmental Disabilities

Autistic people aren’t the only ones who get undiagnosed from a distance the moment we show the slightest sign of understanding anything whatsoever.  This was published in a 1992.


La joven se había colado en una cafetería, bastante hambrienta y al ver una mesa desocupada con comida encima (probablemente de alguien que estaba desayunando y se había ido al baño, vete a saber quién), se sentó como si nada. Comenzó a beber de la taza de café como si nada hasta que alguien pareció hablarle: -¿Tengo monos en la cara? -soltó, poniéndose demasiado a la defensiva quizá. No sabía si se trataba del verdadero comensal o de alguien que la había visto zamparse toda esa comida que no era suya.


Sneak Peek!

We are thrilled to finally share some of the incredible pin-ups and backgrounds of the Great Personality Exhibition, Project and interactive Dating Games! This non-traditional pin-up show is about the science of attraction, ambiance an attitude! 

You can see more details about this exhibition on our recent blog post

Great Personality Games are coming soon! See the Light Grey website for details


Sagmeister x Walsh

Adobe asked Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh for interpretive solutions for their logon and they came up with a game show.

The 5 episode show features a series of fun challenges, a panel of judges including Joshua Davis, Stefan Bucher, Jessica Hische, Noreen Morioka, and funny host Todd Newton. Enjoy the game!

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Noreen Thorne

Noreen is my main thief on GW2. She was intended to be an RP character and I spent a long time figuring out her personality and story, but in the end I never got to use her for anything. 

The ascended chest for medium armor is a pain to draw. I skipped a lot of the detail to save what’s left of my sanity. 

Currently trying to find a simple-ish style to draw and color in for my comic. Figured I’d use my GW2 characters as guinea pigs, so expect a lot more of these in the future!

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Trying to catch up with things now that I’m done my book, ye gods. OKAY!
This Free Comic Book Day (the first Saturday in May, the most magical day of all), there will be a 6-page Superhero Girl short story in the Toronto Comic Book Festival’s free comic offering. I’m not sure if I missed the cut-off for ordering, but if you can, ask your local comic store to order this book for FCBD festivities, and then you get a free Superhero Girl comic! And other comics by awesome people like Kate Beaton, Mariko Tamaki, Svetlana Chmakova, etc. I’ve read the collection and it’s great. 

I liked doing this Superhero Girl story a lot (it also appears in the anthology True Patriot 2) because it’s about Superhero Girl and her brother and sibling stuff is hilarious. XD Sigh! I want to do more SHG comics. (Colours on this comic were done by Noreen Rana.)