010412: last time seeing silang until i come back for spring break :/
i always feel like i can truly be myself when i’m with her, especially during NRB.

i’m gonna have to be honest, i think we’re getting pretty good at singing. LOL

010512: went to breeze with a friend before he has to go back to the Naval Academy. talked for a long time and caught up about a lot of things. it’s good to know that despite how different your friends can be from you, there are always things to talk about :)

Day 28:

So today a few of us CIEE students signed up for a cooking class with some North Korean refugees. We made some traditional North Korean (people in the South eat them too I guess) snacks. The director of the school is actually the first North Korean refugee to get her doctorate degree. She was even given an award by Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama. What I really liked was the little tagline on the sign of her school. It said “북.남한의 통일은 식탁에서 부터” which means “North and South Korea’s reunification starts at the table.” I just thought this was so beautiful and was so touched by the hardships of the North Korean refugees. One of them was really nice but she told us not to take pictures of her, just in case somehow North Koreans see it and she gets traced back to her family, since her parents and her sisters are still there, and there could be bad repercussions for her family. So scary.

The cooking class was REALLY long, like 4 hours. It was fun but halfway through everyone was already really tired. :( But it’s okay, we made some really delicious snacks. After the class, Sean said that he was going to meet Brian and so David and I went along. We went to Myeongdong and just ate and went to a store that sells like signed merchandise of SM artists. (IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE ANYTHING FROM THERE, PLEASE TELL ME. It’s a little expensive if you want the signed things, because they are official SM items. There are like SNSD notebooks and folders, buttons and pins and whatnot and also signed posters/framed pictures of Super Junior, SNSD, and SHINee. Dana, I was going to get something for you but I wasn’t sure if you’d prefer just Key or all of Shinee. Let me know and I’ll go back and get it for you if you want.)  

Then we went to noraebang because Sean really wanted to go. But OHMYGOSH, Brian is so good at noraebang… well I guess most Koreans are. He is such a good rapper! And he gets so into it with the little tambourine thing, he’s like a freaking karaoke king. 진짜 멋있어요! o___o Haha, Sean said that he learned some new songs but he kept singing the wrong melody or off key. OTL He needs to learn more Korean songs. 

Didn’t go to Music Core today because I found out that B1A4 was pre-recording super early and there was no solid information on the fan meeting (so it probably was an exclusive meeting for registered fans). I thought about going anyway but Boram (the program assistant that got our tickets for me) probably should have been at the cooking class and they paid for us to take the class, going to MC would have been too much hassle and I didn’t feel an intense need to see anyone that was performing… even if 2NE1 and 2PM were there too. .__. So yeah, decided not to go today and hopefully we can get tickets again for another day. :)

So yeah, today was fun even though I didn’t go to Music Core. I am so tired too. But I think I should do some studying before I sleep. Or watch some movie for my cinema class, that should be an easier homework assignment to start.

Good day ~

Headed to Myeongdong and had some quality shopping time all alone, trying every piece of clothing I wanted and taking my time, trying on some makeup at different stores and hunting for the perfect face mist for hot summer days.
Bought 2 white onepieces from forever 21 and also a pair of cute shorts and then found a nice face mist from The face shop.

Then met up with my girls to finish our school project, ate Japanese food and then a bunch of different kind of street food before heading to Noraebang to sing, dance and laugh so much my abs hurt.

Got home now and gonna sleep ~ Tomorrow I’ll finally finnish the blogpost I was supposed to publish last night (Still waiting for some pictures from my friend so thats why it’s still not out) and gonna study a bit too.

Good night♡

[!] ‘Girl of 0AM’ Blurb and Character Descriptions

The main character Gong Jidan dreams of becoming a superstar. After failing an audition, he becomes a temporay manager of a noraebang that is rumoured to have a ghost that comes out every night at midnight…

However, instead of meeting a ghost at midnight, he meets a suspicious part-time worker, Sera. Strangely, when she appears, love songs automatically play in the noraebang and the customers achieve love~~

A fantasy rom-com music drama that takes place at a suspicious noraebang!!

Gong Jidan (Nam Taehyun): Good-looking guy who dreams of becoming a superstar. Possesses outstanding singing skills. After failing a singing audition program, he becomes a tmporary manager at a noraebang and experiences interesting events.

Min Sera (Seo Minji): Pretty, sexy and quirkily charming part-time worker who appears at midnight. When she appears, the noraebang transforms into a mysterious space where love is fulfilled.

Kwang Chul (Song Jinyoung): Jidan’s older cousin who swims in the private loan business. To sell the noraebang he took over, instead of pay his debt, he makes Jidan the temporary manager.

Beom Gu (Kim Kwangsub): Jidan’s childhood friend. Hears about part-time worker Sera from Jidan and starts suspecting that she is the ghost that appears at the noraebang.

<Noraebang Customers>

  • Mina (Cha Seyoung)
  • Mina’s boyfriend (Choi Changyeob)
  • Ye-eun (Yerin)
  • Birthday Guy (Sangdo) ♥
  • Farewell Girl (Park Eunyoung)
  • Farewell Guy (Kwon Hyuksoo)
Trans by @chrissy96_ ; take out with full credit.

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I thought I’d just make a new list of questions since everyone I know has already done these. And since this is an iKON blog, I thought I’d make it pertaining to iKON.

1. Who is your iKON bias? Why?

Bobby, because his face when he smiles makes me feel like he’s truly enjoying life. He’s filial, and he has so much charisma, but the thing I like most about him is his raspy voice.

2. What is your favorite song from them?

Climax. I bawled my eyes out and literally became a leaking faucet.

3. If you could be iKON’s manager for a day, what would be their schedule?

I would set them lose at a waterpark then take them to a noraebang.

4. iKON invites you over to their dorm for a ______. (Fill in the blank)

watermelon eating contest. Hanbin chokes on a seed. Bobby dances to Like a Cat, Dongyuk and Yunhyeong laughs at Hanbin, Jinhwan tries to rescue to Hanbin, Junhoe leaves the room because he just can’t even, and Chanwoo falls asleep on the couch.

5. What color would you like the iKON fandom to be?

I really like gold, because it’s so classy, but they’re always rocking white so that would work too.

6. If iKON’s fans had a fandom name, what would it be?

KONqeur, because iKON will dominate and conquer everything in their path!

7. Describe each member in one sentence.

Hanbin: Sentimental leader is secretly an emo french poet.

Bobby: Fuckboy.

Jinhwan: Equivalent to Ellen.

Junhoe: Angel that can strangle lame mofos.

Yunhyeong: Prince of being cute af.

Donghyuk: Currently ruining my bias list to shreds.

Chanwoo: If you’re 17 than I’m 17, if you know what I mean.

8. How did you get into iKON?

I first saw Bobby and Hanbin in Born Hater, and wasn’t into them until my friend told me to go and watch SMTM3. I watched because of Vasco and Swings, and ended the show falling in love with Bobby. And their goes my life.

9. Tag 5 people

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1. Dirt-cheap soju

This is the stuff my colleague used to clean his bathroom drain with because it costs less per liter than bleach. But Korea’s national hooch is more than undertones of paint thinner and rubbing alcohol on the palate. It’s the ROK’s great cultural equalizer. Who needs a shared language when you’ve got a bottle of Lotte 소주 and a 노래방 (noraebang) around the corner?

2. Singing your heart out at noraebang

I was born into a family that is so tone-deaf, fellow parishioners at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church edge away from us when the hallelujahs come out. Singing isn’t something I’m particularly good at. But rolling into one of Korea’s private karaoke rooms with friends at 4am changes that. I don’t know if it’s the orange afro wig or the HD screens with “Bohemian Rhapsody” lyrics overlaid on images with rhinos mating — but in a noraebang, I kind of nail the singing thing.

3. The ladies at your neighborhood kimbop Shop

The kindly women working at this joint will hold your hand as you progress from American-friendly dishes to the spicy goodness of kimchi-infused cuisine. They won’t speak a word of your language or have an English menu, but they’ll make up for it with heaping sides of marinated mushrooms and by pointing to the items they feel you’re ready for. You’ll be grateful for their guidance, and even more grateful for the fact that they’re open at 5am when you get back from clubbing in Hongdae.

4. All-you-can-eat raw tuna

So you thought Japan was the only country rocking the raw fish scene? In the words of Dwight Schrute, false. Even if a lot of it’s been defrosted and the restaurants fill you up with delicious sides (I’m looking at you, cheesy corn) — it’s a tuna odyssey loaded with vitamin B and happiness. And it’s capped off by a soju shot, which is always vaguely gelatinous from the tuna eyeball dissolving in the carafe. Korea:1, Japan: 0.

5. Checking your modesty in the jimjilbong lockers

Stripping down to your birthday suit and strolling around a steamy room with your boobs (or other dangly bits) swinging, isn’t something Westerners generally do. It might feel a little ‘bow chicka bow wow’ at first, but don’t worry. The loofah-wielding adjummas scrubbing you until you’re as red and raw as a peeled tomato make the jimjilbang experience anything but pornographic. After a couple of hours of seeing nekkid Koreans behaving just as they would at the supermarket, your initial prudishness dissolves.

And when a cab home costs a fortune, these places offer PJs, a hot shower, and a cozy mat on a heated floor for about $10. Speaking of heated floors….

6. Ondol heating when the mercury drops

You know that moment when you swing your feet out of bed in the winter? Your feet hit the floor and you’re all like, helllll nooooo? This never happens in Korea because Koreans have this shit figured out. There’s warm, delicious heat emanating from every floorboard. And it’s glorious.

7. Convenience store boozing in the sunshine

You know that first exquisite taste of spring, when it’s warm enough to sit outside and bask in the sunshine? You hightail it to the bar with a terrace, a 45-minute wait for a table, and some overpriced drinks. In Korea, it’s a two-block walk to the nearest Family Mart where you stock up on $1 Cass-uhs and enough ramen, peanut butter squid balls, and shrimp crisps to roughly approximate a meal. It’s cheap; yoga pants are acceptable attire; and what the blue plastic tables and chairs lack in charm, they make up for with the neighborhood characters you’re sure to encounter.

Just beware. That sweet Middle Eastern guy you buy a beer for might confess via Facebook the next day that it was his first taste of alcohol, and he might thank you for introducing him to ‘this wonderful new world.’ Two weeks later he’ll be presenting you with a bike for your birthday and drunkenly sobbing because he couldn’t get you the ‘Mershaydeees Behnzzzz’ you clearly deserve.

8. Sunday gorge-fests with Western food

Step one: tune out the Korean family of five next to you who has ordered two entrees for sharing purposes.
Step two: Order in such a way that two months of unresolved cravings are wiped out in a single sitting. Don’t count the number of entrees you order — it’s depressing.
Step three: Eat with the single-minded intensity of someone who will never see food again. You will not be able to eat again for another 18 hours. That’s okay. Your kimchi-and-rice accustomed body may render its own protest. That’s okay too. You needed this.

9. Being treated like a celebrity just because you’re foreign

South Korea is one of the planet’s most homogenous cultures. 96% of the people in a nation 50 million strong are ethnically Korean. They’re a little fascinated by the foreigners in their midst, which makes them stare. A lot. It’s generally harmless, but the mere presence of a hapless foreigner CAN result in a brain injury. Like that 7-year-old girl who walked smack into a tree because the sight of my 6-foot-tall self coming down the street was just too mesmerizing for her.

I promise you, when you get back to wherever you came from, you’ll feel mildly insulted that your countrymen find you so uninteresting.

10. Ridiculously fast internet connections everywhere

Internet speeds in South Korea are 263 times faster than the world average and 100 times faster than the average speed in the United States. Going from Korea to any country in the developing world is like going from a MacBook Air to an 1980s-era Macintosh desktop.

11. All the free stuff you get

Whether it’s a roll of Betty Boop paper towels duct taped to the jar of mayonnaise you needed anyway, or jumbo fruit loops after your second round of beers, free stuff is a win. Service is essentially a thank you for spending money, and the more you spend, the more you get. If you get something serious like a potato platter or some canned fruit dowsed in ice-cream sprinkles, you’ve probably overindulged. Don’t do it on a weeknight unless you want to hear your students whisper “you smell like daddy” in the morning. From: 11 things you’ll miss when leaving Korea //

"Midnight's Girl" featuring WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Ji Releases Preview Trailers

“Midnight’s Girl” featuring WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Ji Releases Preview Trailers

WINNER‘s Nam Tae Hyun and actress Seo Min Ji‘s upcoming web drama “Midnight’s Girl” has released two preview trailers.

The drama, which will be released through Naver TV Cast, revealed more details through the videos. Gong Ji Dan (Nam Tae Hyun) is a part-timer at a noraebang (karaoke place) who once dreamed of becoming an idol singer. There aren’t a lot of customers there, but something strange…

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anonymous asked:

SMJES is real right? all the YunJae stuff is to hide SM and CJES are the one in a romantic relationship right? ]I mean look at them, they are the Romeo and Juliet of Korea, they're separated now that's the reason why CJES leave with the free spirit kids while SM stayed with the golden kids and know they're so proud that even if they're still in love they make people believe they hate each other when the truth is that they just want to be in the others arms and make more kids coughsmoneycoughs

Pls YG and Changjoo late night date in noraebang to discuss Gummy >>>> SMCjes shippers’ evidences.

anonymous asked:

Tell us 10 things about you! :3

Hello! Thank you for asking btw :)
(10 things seems like a lot though hurhur)

1. A pretty obvious fact but my ultimate bias is Suho :D
2. I love bubble tea, I really do.
3. I dance :)
4. I love karaoke too. (Noraebang)
5. I can read korean! :D (Understanding is another matter sigh)
6. Pink, white, pastels
7. HELLO KITTY 😍 & Rilakkuma!
8. The amount of time I spend on tumblr spazzing over EXO is way too much.
9. I love Disneyland.
10. I was a nerdy science student HAHA.

Does this make us friends. Hahaha :)


D-18 My cutiepie ~

Cutie cutie cutie deer… 

Hi bae! Remember EXO’s Showtime Ep. 11? The telepathy game at a noraebang? That is one of my favorite episodes because all of you tested how well you know your members. But anyways, what I love the most about that episode is how you sing and nonchalantly dance in SNSD’s song. Hahaha! You were alone in a room and you showed cute faces (w/c killed me right after watching haha). I even remembered how bored you were and how hungry you were when asked what you all think the members wanted to eat. I am so proud of you for getting it right! Hahaha! You were so hungry back then and you finished your jjajjangmyeon right away (you were so cute while eating). And then the last mission comes. When you were running with Minseok to Kris’ room, it was so cuteeeeee. A running deer. Hahahaha! And then I remembered your Running Man appearance with your brothers, you were so cute and adorable just a like a child in that show. Hahaha! I laughed my heart out and even if it doesn’t have subs, I still watched it. Hihi :> 

It’s like I’m just talking to you. Haha! Love you bae ~ Your birthday is near, and your fans are more excited than you are (I think) Haha! :D 

- Tine 


I wish - M&D (Karaoke version)


Watch on

Anthony Bourdain Parts UnKnown Season 5 opens with a trip to South Korea and Tony nails it!  He does the ROK the way it’s meant to be done.  So, if you want to know what it means for us to go out to company dinners with our coworkers/bosses, go out with our friends, visit jjimjilbang and saunas, hit up the pc/dvd/norae/whatever bang, drink copious amounts of alcohol and sober up in the morning with haejangguk over here in South Korea, then take an hour out of your evening to watch this video.  Trust me, you won’t regret it :P