yoshimars said:

Rivalmance? Oh Noooooooo.... nononononononono. First of all, that's not even possible for me. I'm replaying DA2 right now and yet again I'm romancing Anders (with a sassy male Hawke this time) but I could NEVER be so mean to him as to Rival him ever. The bits of dialogue I've heard from that.... it just makes me shudder.

Yes. The rivalmance is plain abusive, no matter how “good” your intentions are. The worst thing is that probably the writer herself didn’t even realize it :T

alcorholic said:

imagine a kindergarten graces au... so like the child arc but not (and maybe sophie and lambda are there but smaller). no one is evil or suffering... imagine daycare teacher bryce trying to convince asbel and richard to come inside but instead asbel pokes bryce with a stick and then they fall off the jungle gym (I just thought this idea was cute and wanted to share.. pbbb)

DFGASDFGSDFG OH NOOOOOOOO ITS SO CUTE…… bryce is the mean teacher no one likes and asbel keeps planning pranks to play on him…..no one wants to go along with the pranks though because they’re all nice kids, but asbel ALWAYS convinces richard because richard likes him too much (and everyone is shocked because usually polite richard is always going along with asbel’s crap)

baby sophie and baby lambda though…….aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I think this gives a pretty good representation of my thought process when watching a show

  • what the hell is going on
  • oh hey I recognize that actor
  • still no idea what’s going on
  • oh no
  • he’s hot
  • oh noooooooo
  • [ceases to notice anything else]