Moffat said we will get everything we want? Maybe he tired himself out with all the lying.

….this time next week: “Yeah, I mean, obviously John and Sherlock are in love, I can’t believe anyone believed me when I said they weren’t. Let me draw you a timeline of their love affair. With power point. And graphs. Actually, how much time do you have, because I have been holding this in for years and I really just need to talk it out with someone other than Mark…”

*Mark in the background screaming NOOOOOOOO and tackling Steven out of his chair*


“You’re still mine.” His words are slow and dangerously possessive, and it makes your insides burn.


 Me? Obsessed with Endangered by Mortior? Noooooooo. (Yassssssss.)

@anyone whos afraid to talk to me

noooooooo literally no i love u come speak 2 me msg me hmu HIT ME kill me stab me w/e im into that :^)

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Hey, it's cyincal-werewolf. I took down my old blog because the social justice idiots finally made me crack. Just letting you know.


Everyone is always “Kili would be teased because he has a short beard” but what if we don’t imply that an entire culture/race has these horrible social stigmas and we say that dwarves praise every beard like maybe they are hard to grow and they are all “that’s so good, Kili, your stubble has become more fuzzy since last time we met. well done, lad, well done!” IMAGINE