I did an interview with mtv about my debut novel Industry Darling, how taylorswift has influenced me, and what happened at the Nashville 1989 Secret Session!

To read the rest of the interview (where I talk more of what happened at the 1989 Secret Sessions), click here.

You can purchase Industry Darling here: AmazonBarnes & Noble | iTunes/iBooks | Kobo

In case there is anyone left that I have not yet told, Radiant is $1.99 on Kindle and Nook, in the US and Canada, until Jan 26, 2015. (That’s tomorrow.) And I just checked – it’s on sale at Amazon in the UK, too. And Australia. And probably some other awesome places too.

This is the last sale for the foreseeable future (etc. etc. various dire predictions). I’m not going to do any price comparisons here against other things, because I think we’re all pretty clear on how much $1.99 is, and sometimes in our lives $1.99 is a lot more than at others, and frankly there are also times when something like a coffee or a muffin feels like it can save your life, no matter how dismissive people are of such things when comparing art and entertainment to the costs of daily living. I mean, I know there are days when it seemed like spending $2 on a hot tea and a quiet corner and ten minutes without anyone talking to me is pretty much the best money I’ve ever spent, and on those days trading that tea for a book really isn’t an option, no matter how much I love books in the abstract or one book in particular.

But, right, what I’m trying to say here is that a book that I wrote is cheap right now and it won’t be very soon. So this is totally your opportunity to buy a copy, and download it to your ereader, and forget about it for like eight months, and then come across it randomly one day when you’re stuck in the bath and looking for something new to read (because you don’t want to get out of the bath and go wander around drippy-wet-naked seeking additional reading material, because that’s awkward – and though you do fear dropping your ereader into the bath it hasn’t happened yet, so don’t mess with a good thing while it’s working) and you’ll be like, “What the hell is this book?” But you’ll click on it anyway, and read it, and be like, “OMG, this shit is amazing! Why didn’t I read this sooner??” (or perhaps, “Sweet lord, why did I buy this thing? I hope I didn’t spend more than $1.99 on it” – and you won’t have, so it’ll all be okay). And it has things like ghosts and a magical economy and a city of flying towers and a ruined metropolis on the ground and things that stalk the streets when night falls and two girls who become friends and support each other and save each other in spite of everything.

And then if that’s your sort of thing you’ll be able to check out the sequel, Defiant, in May — which I admit I’m nervous about (because I’m a writer so I’m kind of nervous about most things that involve people reading my work, even this bizarre rambling post right here) but think (as much as I love Radiant, my firstborn book) it might even be better than the first. Seriously. Some crazy stuff happens.

Right. So, yeah … um … buy my book?