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//i love redheads. if there’s a redhead in an anime or game, they’re already my favorite lol

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((REDHEAD LOVERS UNITE! Jk but seriously redheads.))

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(( Yes, hello, welcome to the Red Heads Host Club. Gen here is the prez followed by Mundo the vice prez along with Kiwi the secretary. Then there’s me, Chilie, the treasurer. ))

Closed rp with ash-chosenone


[Gardenia hopped off the boat and waved to the sailor who had taken her to Fullmoon Island. She had a nice, relaxing time there; she liked exploring new places and Fullmoon Island was one of the areas on her list to venture. After stretching out her arms and stuffing them into her pockets, she began to walk alongside the port. 

She didn’t want to go home just yet. Maybe she’ll head to the library and read up on some myths and legends. Or maybe she’ll get some seafood for lunch. She was completely in thought; not paying attention to where she was going, she bumped into a male’s back.

The sudden collision took her by surprise and caused the female to stumble back. Almost falling onto her bottom, she balanced herself.]

O-oh! Oops! I’m sorry! [She glanced at the person whom she bumped into.]


Once the sun went down at Goldenrod, the town’s main streets were highlighted with the shining of flashlights belonging to officers on patrol, searching for the criminals that run outside to play. In the deeper slums of town where the police couldn’t be bothered to tread, the skidding of shoes on pavement and puddles were heard, followed by a hard slam against a wall in a poorly-lit alley. Two silhouettes are engaged in a one-sided standoff, one belonging to a young, unlucky trainer pinned against the wall by a slim, older figure. The clear voice of the slim silhouette is more audible compared to the whimpering voice of the smaller one.

"—Hand it over, and I’ll guarantee you won’t be crying to mommy with an ugly black eye.
Don’t mutter crap under your breath. Be a man and say it loud enough for me to hear it.”

Tonight’s victim was putting up more resistance than most, despite his age. Maybe it was the onslaught of superhero cartoons boosting morale in the youth today, who knows. But there was always a market in stolen Pokemon, and the few extra bucks were never a bad thing— it was also a decent way to vent anger without busting a few grunts and having to pick up their slack when they were ‘too injured' to work properly.

Among the whimpers and threats, the sound of footsteps in the distance alerted the Executive, his head turning quickly to the direction of the sound to identify it’s source. He remained quiet, hoping they were unaware of the situation and would pass by.

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X was pretty hungry once he made it into the city. He heads over to a resturant when he suddenly bumped into soemone coming out. "Ouf! Sorry."


"Ah!" Maylene flinched after colliding with a random stranger. "No, no! It’s ok! I mean, I’m the one who should apologize for being so careless. I’m just ready for a nap already, after eating so much, hehehe…"



"Pleased to meet with you Gardenia."  Ventus nodded, only realizing something.  "Wait a minute though…arnt you a gym leader though?  What brings you out and about here in the forest?"


I am indeed a gym leader! Gym leader of Eterna City to be exact! And to answer your second question, I’m always in the forest in my spare time!

[She grinned at the male.]