One thousand posts and 43 followers in about two months! That is awesome! I feel all warm inside when people talk to me willingly or follow me willingly, it’s just so cool. SOME BOODY CALL NIE WUH WUH SHATTY GATTIT GO EN ON THE DANSS FLO

there is so much I should be doing to get ready for school, but what am I doing you ask?

sitting here on Tumblr scrolling through ten years worth of offensive text/kawaii picture posts like an idiot

I love when my mom tells people I don’t want to go to college and then they all collectively make me feel like a failure even though I’ve asked her repeatedly to stop doing that.

the lady here now doesn’t even know me but her first impression is that I’m some sort of idiotic slacker and she doesn’t fucking know anything about me.

then she asks me why I’m always calling myself stupid.

word from the wise: if you think something you’re about to say is racist it probably is and you should probably not say it.

(and no, saying ‘not to be racist but-’ does not make your comment okay js)

if my Mom would’ve told me the baby shower wasn’t until 6 I could’ve hung out with Sarah and Erin, buuuuuuuuuuuuut no she decides not to tell me, and now we’re cleaning house…


it’s kinda funny.

there’s this blog which is about 2% personal, then my personal blog which is about 50% personal, and then my personal journal blog that is 98%personal, then my Phat J blog which is 0% personal