By BreathingJanuary

"Nico di Angelo used to prefer the term ‘dancer’ over ‘stripper’ but he realized a while back that he doesn’t really care anyway.
So, when slimy guys in his apartment building would ask him if he was that homo stripper they heard of, Nico doesn’t deny it. Just shrugs.”

Nico’s eighteen and he isn’t ready to be alone.
Maybe Percy can help out.

Ao3, Oneshot, Stripper!Nico

By HopeIsEverything94

Niall dares Louis to take Marcel to Zayns pool party. Louis, never on to deny a dare goes along with it only to come along some pleasant surprises. Also, Zayn has a bit of a thing for Marcel’s friend Liam.

Or the one where a Louis’ dare gets completely turned upside down and he is quite happy with the outcome.

Oneshot, AO3

by datmlechick-1d

Harry and Louis have been in a secret relationship for a while and one day during a radio interview Harry lets slip that he has a boyfriend who is revealed to be Louis. It’s during the day while Louis’ teaching and a lot of the students find out from twitter or something while they’re in his class.

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by PartyWriting

Harry was used to hearing it. “Who’s that?” “The new kid Harry. Don’t go after him.” “Why? Ooh, is he a bad boy?” “No, but his boyfriend is.” The gossip came from everyone. But the people who talked didn’t know Louis like Harry knew Louis.

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Our opinion on this fic!

by alittlebitlove

Harry is indie junkie, Louis is into pop. Harry wears fake glasses, Louis wears real ones. Harry isn’t new, Louis is very much so. Harry is hipster, Louis is becoming one of the most popular guys in school. The only thing they have in common are somewhat-styled quiffs. And they shouldn’t work out, but they still do.

Ao3, Oneshot

by LarrysIdentity

According to Louis Tomlinson famous 1/4 of One Direction, Harry Styles the Calvin Klein model is one to watch as his celeb crush. Louis has been crushing on the model longer than he can remember, what he doesn’t know is that the handsome model returns the feelings. One day the tweets become filled with jealousy as Louis changes the lyrics in I would and this brings out a different side to Harry and therefore this leads to actions being taken and a power couple emerging from in the celeb rounds.

This includes tweets and texts and just general romance and fluff. Well sorry I’m crap at summaries but yeah that’s it in a nutshell. It’s better than it sounds I swear.

Ao3, Oneshot

by shipfiction

17-year-old Harry is pregnant with twins, and he’s having one of his more insecure days. Louis just wants him to feel okay.

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