Hurricane Sandy devastated our local Long Island communities and most of the metropolitan area we serve. We had set up a pet shelter prior to the storm. Our non-profit housed over five hundred pets keeping them safe for those who could not return home or had lost their homes. Here is just one of the many stories from our emergency shelter. “Every day for the past week, Randy L. has been shuffling from the Red Cross shelter across the street to the North Shore Animal League America’s emergency animal rescue center to visit his cat Maximilian. “I live across the street from the ocean, and I watched the heavy waves as they pounded the shoreline. Around 8PM the water breached and hit the streets. I watched as the cars became Tonka toys; they were tossed about and then finally floated away like something a kid plays with in the bathtub. Max slept under the sheets and only came out to sit on my lap a few times. He was so scared. We were in total darkness.” Randy has faced many challenges in recent years, including a long battle with cancer. Max has been his steadfast companion all along the way. In fact, the last time Randy came back from an overnight stay at the hospital, Max refused to leave his side for over 24 hours. “He just wrapped himself around me; he knew I wasn’t feeling well,” says Randy.
“He knows when I’m coming home. He waits for the sound of the elevator. He’ll cry until I open the door and he can wrap himself around my shoulders. I am all he has ever known.” In a few weeks, Randy was able to move from the Red Cross shelter to a new place that allowed Max to stay. He visited Max every day.

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Kindergartners at Paul Revere School are reenacting a piece called “Failing to Levitate” by Bruce Nauman. Simone Bailey, teaching artist, designed this project to use the high amount of energy in the classroom towards creative output.  She also hoped to expand their idea of art from drawing and painting to include performance and use of the body.

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Liesa Lietzke is currently teaching a stop motion class at the Bayview YMCA.  These characters are having an interaction in front of Bank of America.  Watch all the way to the surprise ending, when the two clay police give eachother a big slow motion hug!

Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.
—  Shel Silverstein

"The Business of Being Inner Sunset". This particular work is a collaboration between Alex and Daryl. Alex believes that it looks like a great design for a bag during which, Nicole Markoff replied: "That’s what we’re doing." 

Nicole Markoff, one of our awesome teaching artists has begun to teach a workshop that will use art as enterprise. Under her guidance, a small group of students will come up with a product, design it, then market it in the Sunset neighborhood. 

The staff of the Imagine Bus Project is comprised of passionate teaching artists that bring arts education to underserved children and youth in San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma Counties. They just wrapped up a brainstorming and the result was a great series of projects that will take shape in the coming months and will be posted here on Tumblr.

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Highlights from Malik and Karen Seneferu’s exhibit for the Imagine Bus Project in association with the “A Night of Utopian Gestures” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco


At Paul Revere Elementary School, students re-enact the seminal performance work of Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh called Art/Life or Rope Piece.  In this piece, the two people tied themselves together for one year but never touched. Teaching artist, Simone Bailey taught a lesson based on this explore a physical experience of trust, cooperation and friendship. 


Louee Newton is working with three groups of students this fall at Taylor Mountain Elementary on a project to map the body. Each student draws two maps of their body— a map of their internal and external self.  After painting, collaging, and drawing these maps, the two maps go back to back and are stitched together and stuffed to make a three dimensional map of each artist’s ‘self’.


Nicole, one of our teaching artists, begins the afternoon at Principles’ Center Collaborative in the Inner Sunset climbing up to a brand new, brightly lit classroom. Here you see students Darryl and Alex get to business. With focus, clarity and in less than an hour, they produced several hand drawings which they scanned and digitally manipulated, to be used in a design for a bag that they will market and sell under the brand ‘Linear Destruction’. We’re talking about the business of sustaining self-expression.


"I don’t want to be an artist. I want to be a dentist."
“On the other hand, you can design the next generation of braces.”


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