My name is Sydney, I'm 17, and I'm starting a non-profit organization.

Long story short, I’m starting a FREE creative arts program for teenagers in Atlanta with behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse issues. My organization, The W.R.I.T.E Spot, is going to host monthly workshops led by other Atlanta teenagers that are pros at what they do and are passionate about connecting with others. 

At the workshops, the participants can attend breakout sessions about Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, song-writing), Drawing/ Painting, and Photography. I’m working on getting some local adults involved in leading the sessions, too! I just sent out promotional flyers yesterday and I’ve already got 14 kids signed up! Most of them are in foster care, DFCS custody, or transitional housing… so they’re really excited about this. We’re supposed to host the first workshop in February.  But, I need to raise $6,000 to pay for the art supplies for the workshops and legal fees to become an official non-profit organization.

If you can donate anything at all, I’d be really grateful!! Please reblog this to spread the word! Thank you in advance! There’s a much more detailed story (and pictures!) on my fundraising page, right here

Please fire me. After Thanksgiving, some representatives from the Salvation Army came into the store and asked if they could leave a donation container for homeless children on our counter. My boss assured them it was fine. But as soon as they left, I watched her throw it in the trash as she complained about how the red color did not match the decor of the store. She called them a few days later and told them it was stolen. 


Skateboarding is a fairly common hobby— unless you’re a girl in Afghanistan. But Skateistan, a nonprofit that teaches skateboarding to Afghan children, is currently beating the odds with a student body comprised of 47% females. 

Skateistan goes to extra lengths to ensure that females can participate in the sport. Organizers from the nonprofit pick up and drop off female students at their homes, as well as conduct home visits to ensure their family’s support.

The founder and executive director states that the extra effort has been worth it: “I don’t think I would have really started Skateistan if it was just boys skateboarding. The fact that girls were interested in skateboarding when they weren’t doing any other sports made it special.”  

Read more via PBS Newshour.


The Salvation Army really wants you to know they don’t hate gay people

If you thought the Salvation Army wasn’t too fond of the LGBT community, the charity is praying you’ll think again.

The Christian-based organization is fighting back against accusations that it discriminates against gay people. It released a lengthy post on its chapters’ websites refuting social media postings that it does not serve the LGBT people because of its religious beliefs. 

What the accusations are based on


Bloomberg Businessweek, "Nonprofits Can’t Afford San Francisco", Nov 13, 2014

I was excited to shoot for this feature, which hits close to home.   Commercial real estate owners are banking on new tech firms moving into the city and non-profits are being evicted or having to completely move out, unable to afford exorbitant rents. The article reports almost 2,000 nonprofits in San Francisco “had to move out of town or shut down from 2011 through 2013.”  The city continues to provide incentives for tech companies but how they will protect the city’s non-profits remains unclear.  Portraits in the series include Nancy Nielsen of Lutheran Social Services of Northern California, which help the poor and formerly homeless regarding their finances; Faye Zenoff of the National Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions, which has operated for 30 years; and Mark Burns of In-Home Supportive Services Consortium, which provides care for the poor and elderly.  It was a great honor to meet and photograph these individuals. 

Shot on RZ 67 in downtown San Francisco

Hey Tumblrverse I need you help!

My non-profit Fresh Truck is in the running for a $10,000 grant from the awesome folks at KIND! 

We are a school bus turned into a mobile food market committed to promoting food access and nutrition education by making weekly stops in 10 different Boston neighborhoods. Fresh Truck carries over 30 different types of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grain products, and accepts cash, credit and EBT/SNAP.





The TLDR version: We believe everyone should have access to healthy food. Click here if you agree.

Thank you from the bottom of my artichoke heart!

(I’m a sucker for a good food pun)

"Now more than ever, catcalling is something being discussed worldwide, and I am proud of my contribution, even though I did not ask to be the symbol of street harassment," says Shoshana B. Roberts, the New York City-based actress who starred in a viral video for HollaBack!, a nonprofit organization. Despite receiving violent death and rape threats, she says she does not regret her involvement in the video.

Read more via Nicholas Kristof’s On the Ground blog.

ofaclockthattellsthetime asked:

I've been following you since I was a junior in high school and I am just graduating with my B of A this year! My degree is in Women's Studies and I have a few minors in Creative Writing, Race and Ethnic Studies, and Queer Studies and I'm looking to work for a LGBTQ+ Non-Profit.. I think you do that? How did you get to where you are? If that's too lofty of a question, you can vaguely answer- I'm just wondering if you have advice of a place to start.

Wow. I AM SO OLD!! And it’s so cute that you’ve been following me all this time. Thank you. You’re the best. First of all, congrats on graduation. You can definitely work at a nonprofit with that degree — though it will be harder (since it isn’t specific to nonprofit management or something like marketing). You may have to get your masters (which is really stupid and horrible that our nonprofits that benefit the communities are primarily staffed by privileged folks with higher education but i digress)… That isn’t to say it can’t be done. I double majored in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies & political science.

I will tell you how I got to where I am. I am persistent as fuck! I started volunteering at a local LGBTQ nonprofit, which soon turned into college credit (hey, I can work here more hours every week if you sign this piece of paper for me), which soon turned into a job. The position that I currently hold did not exist - it was created for me. I showed up every week (showing up is 50% of the work, really) and treated it like a paid position. Put in 100% daily and asked for more tasks and more responsibility. I set alarms on my phone reminding me to “Be the best intern you can be.” Cuz I’m cheesy like that.

So in short, what I am saying is this: START NOW! Start volunteering and building connections in your local (or preferred) LGBT community. In my experience, these positions are hard to come by because they are so specific. Look for administrative or other similar office positions in your local community. That will get your foot in the door with your degree with potential to grow into other positions!

If you can’t get a job with an LGBT nonprofit or organization right away, I would suggest looking for a position with lots of relevant transferrable skills (such as working with a nonprofit customer relationship management system (CRM), event or program coordinaton, or direct community involvement) and volunteering once a week (or as much as you can handle) at your favorite LGBT organization. Persistence is key! Good luck!


Tucson/Southern Arizona Friends!

Six years ago, my father and I started The Endurance Project- just a small project one CHristmas where we gathered a few dozen jackets and blankets and delivered them to homeless people in our community. In the last six years, this project has exploded- we collect thousands of articles of clothing, bedding, toiletries, toys, and gifts for those less fortunate, and we give all of it away on Christmas morning.

Rather than operate like Goodwill, we don’t believe in selling anything that we receive, we give ALL of it away outside of the Convention Center that hosts free Christmas breakfast/lunch for those less fortunate. Last year we even wrapped hundreds of toys and books for children who passed by! It’s the time of the year we start collecting again! We have no political or religious affiliation, and we have no employees, only volunteers! That means we really would love your donations of new travel size toiletries, tooth brushes, feminine products, and snack sized foods as well as GENTLY USED OR NEW clothing, mostly jackets, coats, beanies, and scarves, lightweight blankets (most of our recipients are homeless and  cannot carry large comforters around town) - just think about what you would need if you were homeless or seriously strapped for cash! We really appreciate things for children.

We have several drop-off boxes in Tucson- just ask where the boxes are in the following locations!
Safeway: Ina and Oracle location
Safeway: St. Mary’s and Silverbell location
Sabino Cycles at Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon
Bicycle Ranch at Ina and Oracle
Trek Bicycle North Location
Tucson Endurance Performance Center at Oracle & Orange grove
Trek Bicycle Ft. Lowell Location

If you can’t make it to those locations, I will gladly pick up donations on the weekends throughout Christmas! Please reblog even if you don’t have anything to donate, and have an awesome holiday season!

You can see what we’re doing and like our page at

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Did you know the New England Aquarium is Boston’s only cultural institution with a mission focused primarily on the environment, promoting the importance of protecting the blue planet through innovative exhibits and educational programs?

This Giving Tuesday, consider supporting the New England Aquarium.

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I have been volunteering with the American Cancer Society for several years. Primarily, my focus is on our local Relay for Life, which supports our local American Cancer Society office. Funds raised through our Relay support our local community, providing many free services to those affected by cancer. These services include rides to treatment for patients, wigs for breast cancer survivors, and…

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