yourlegsarentbroken asked:

Confession: Sometimes I REALLY hate talking to my nonparent friends because they tell me all about their lives and things they do everyday (which I'm super excited to hear don't get me wrong I'm not jealous) but then they ask about me and I'm like "well...I got to have a nap today so that was nice." I just feel like I'm super boring even though they don't seem to care I'm just over here feeling super lame. Thats why I love my mom friends. They understand how great it is to get a nap.

Being a mom totally changes priorities. Or at least it should (in my humble opinion). I think anyone who has kids will agree that, even though the topics of conversation may not be titillating to outsiders, there’s never a dull moment. That’s why we need those damn naps, right? But honestly having people who can relate is really important. I know that sometimes it can feel isolating, but remember, people who love you will want to know about your whole life, not just the highlight reel.