Samples by Michael DiMattia ( from the OLPC Sound Samples pack which you can download from here: The text is John Cage reading his “Lecture on Nothing” from Silence.

I’m working on a set using my own samples.


Last night I started messing around with novation launchpad, nonome, polygome and plugins. This is what I came up with, hope you enjoy.

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I was tagged by moreturtles

Things i’m currently in love with:
one song: 
- happy idiot// by TV On The Radio
two movies: 
- Rent
- Struck by lightning
three television shows:
- Weeds
- Bob’s burgers
- Over the garden wall
four people (real, fictional, whatever):
- my boyfriend
- Alyiah ( moreturtles )
- Annie nonomous
- Lana del ray
five foods:
- pizza
- steak
- cuties
- burgers
- chicken wraps

I’m tagging yunglibruh cause why not