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RIP Edd Gould (1988-2012) (by eddsworld)

Rest in peace Edd, you will be missed my millions. Thank you for being an inspiration and creating hours and hours of laughter.

blacknylontights - HALLOWEEN COSTUME REQUEST - Inspired by Nintendo’s Princess Zelda - Shopping info!

**White or ivory dress with detailing on the hem, purple corset top, white or ivory elbow length gloves, a gold or metallic shrug or cropped cardigan.  I’ve thrown in ivory booties, a blue ring (to highlight her blue accessories, and sword earrings.

sparkleymilk - HALLOWEEN COSTUME REQUEST - Inspired by Progressive Insurance cashier Flo from their advertising campaigns - Shopping info!

**Flo; everyone’s favourite insurance person is a really easy costume to put together.  White jeans, blue Converse, white short sleeve polo, white apron (you’ll need to stencil on the Progressive logo).  Accessories consists of brown strap watch, navy headband, a Flo name tag and an ” I HEART Insurance” pin.  Don’t forget the red lipstick!