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you were ranting cuz Adam doesn't credit you, maybe he doesn't know who to credit. and anyway, be glad he posts your pics, por dios.

My dear nony

Obviously I’m glad he post my pics, I’m so happy he loves my art, I can’t describe it with words. You have no idea.

But that doesn’t make me any less upset my art is around the net without being credit to me, I can rant as much as I want when things I worked so hard to make are being used like whatever.

Have a nice day ;)

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I just realized what your profile picture is about. (I had just recently watched a play through of life is strange)

Yeah, bb! ;D

It’s actually a cropped version of this picture, if you were curious. :3

I love Chloe so much, and Life is Strange is such a cool game, it just keeps getting better every new episode, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did bc it’s probably one of my top favourite games of this year. 

I’d love to draw more for it, but my art is always a little weird when it comes to what I want to draw and what I actually end up drawing - I blame my hands tbh, they just don’t listen. 

Plus, Chloe and I both have the lamest vocabulary, so I feel like we have a certain rapport (only I’m not as badass as Chloe, alas). 8)

#eeeeeats at #sweetlife2015

sweetlife is a food and music festival, and we’re not messing around. This year’s food+drink lineup include some of the East Coast’s best vendors. Some sweetlife food+drink highlights include:

New for 2015: We’ve created a Chef’s Corner to highlight some of our favorite Chefs on the eastern seaboard.  Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, Nick Wiseman (DGS), Erik Bruner-Yang’s Toki Underground + Maketto, José Andrés (ThinkFoodGroup)

Flying Dog Brewery will be back with their signature sweetlife pale ale, while Heavy Seas Beer is new to the sweetlife menu. In the VIP area, local winery Early Mountain Vineyards will be serving 2013 Block Eleven (a white blend of petit manseng, chardonnay and muscat) and 2013 Foothills (merlot and cabernet franc blend) - #drinklocal!

Cool off with: Dolcezza Gelato, Eat Pops (Super Detox: acai, noni, goji, cherry; Glow: mango, carrot, pineapple; Restore: banana, kale, pineapple), Capitol Kettle Corn’s Kale-Ginger Frozen Lemonade, a JRINK juice, or Spindrift seltzer, made with fresh-squeezed local fruits and vegetables.

And the sweetgreen team will also be serving up some of our own goodies. Of course we’ll have Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe, the Rad Thai, the Kale Caesar and gazpacho, but we’ll also have a few special items on-hand:

  • berry chia pudding: coconut milk strawberries, raspberries, chia seeds, ginger, honey, vanilla, toasted coconut
  • elote-style corn
  • pesto chicken skewers
  • wastED veggie burger by Blue Hill Farm

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Yayyyy my birthday is Saturday your white haired sim is ilke a gift to me^^

Happy early birthday nonie-friend! 

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Os cara tirou a manhã pra te encher o saco em Japa .. E Bom Dia ..

Bommm dia noni, nem me fale. Mas eu to igual vaca, andando e cagando pro que anonimo acha sobre mim. 

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okay i originally came here to ask you something random, but then i ended up on your singing-page and heard you sing rise like a phoenix and... holy shit. holy shit. this was so awesome! i had tears in my eyes! very well done!

dfjefčoefjwešgfhpfhfpfcjofhwfšojćsgjćpgapgj /)//////////(\

Dear, sweet, sweet nonie, thankyou very much, I’m glad you enjoyed my cover! Also,thank you for dropping by in my ask - you’re always welcome ~~ :D

I hope you have a lovely day <3

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Who do you think is to blame for Charlie's death? If it's Sam, do you think it is okay for Dean to be acting the way he is in the previews?

Honestly? I don’t think ANYONE is to blame for Charlie’s death. I think she knew the risks that came with being a hunter, being with the Winchesters, helping Sam and Cas… but blaming Sam or Dean or Cas or even Charlie herself, nope, I don’t blame any of them.