“Already Home”

Darren likes going to other performers’ concerts and singing a song or two. Tonight he’s planning a little something extra besides singing.

Crisscolfer, ~1000 words, PG


Darren loved crashing concerts. It was even better than photobombing (which was one of his other favorite things.) He loved dropping in when musician friends of his had a concert, and joining them onstage for a song or two. He always asked them first of course. He wasn’t rude. But they always kept it a secret from the audiences until the moment he walked onto the stage.

It was so fun.

Tonight though he had something extra special planned. He was literally bouncing on his feet backstage as he waited to be called out. 

The guys of A Great Big World (Ian and Chad) were special friends of his. Darren was friends with everybody really, but with these guys he had not just done covers of their songs, he had also worked directly with them in their music video for “Already Home.” The fans had gone crazy with that song: making fanvids and begging him to cover it. Well, tonight he was going to, but with a twist.

Darren loved surprising people.

"Ladies and gentleman," Ian called out, "I am so excited to welcome a surprise guest tonight who is going to sing a couple of songs with us. Mr. Darren Criss!"

The crowd went wild. Darren grinned as he came out from behind the curtains.

"Hi everybody!" He waved and blew kisses as Chad began playing the first song. Darren jumped and danced around the stage in his typical fashion as he sang along with the band. He was feeling a little extra jumpy tonight because of what he knew was coming next, and he hoped the fans wouldn’t notice. Lucky for him, no one did.

As the song ended the applause was deafening. “Thank you, thank you!” Darren grinned at the mic. “Thank you so much for being here to see A Great Big World, and for being so welcoming to me crashing the concert.” He wiped the sweat off his forehead. “They told me I can join in on one more song, so we’re going to do that now.” He took a step back, looking at the floor and closing his eyes for a moment to focus as Ian began the song.

You say love is what you put into it
You say that I’m losing my will
Don’t you know that you’re all that I think about?
You make up a half of the whole

Darren stepped up to the microphone stand and joined in on the second verse.

You say that it’s hard to commit to it
You say that it’s hard standing still
Don’t you know that I spend all my nights
Counting backwards the days ‘til I’m home?

He’d barely started, but Darren was already having a hard time holding it together. This song meant so much to him and to his sweetheart… But he was a professional. He wouldn’t break down. He took a deep breath, squeezed his hand into a fist, shifted his weight back and forth from foot to foot a few times, and plunged onward.

If only New York wasn’t so far away
I promise the city won’t get in our way
When you’re scared and alone,
Just know that I’m already home

As the interlude came to a close, a new voice came over the speakers that was not from anyone on stage. Clear and bright and familiar to many in the audience.

I say that we’re right in the heart of it
A love only we understand

A figure emerged from behind the curtains, carrying a microphone. Could it be? As the lights found him everyone saw that yes, it was him: Chris Colfer.

I will bend every light in this city
And make sure they’re shining on you

As he reached the center of the stage and stood next to Darren, they both grinned. Darren reached out and took Chris’ hand as they started the chorus together.

If only New York wasn’t so far away
I promise the city won’t get in our way
When you’re scared and alone,
Just know that I’m already home

A few gasps flickered across the audience. Darren and Chris went on singing nonchalantly, as if their casual handholding were no big thing.

Chris’ voice rose above the music.

When life takes its own course
Sometimes we just don’t get to choose

Darren’s voice came in strong, and his gaze was locked on Chris. His grip on the other man’s hand never wavered.

I’d rather be there next to you
Promise you’ll wait for me, wait for me
Wait ‘til I’m home

They finished the song together, Ian and Chad smiling in the background as they allowed their song to be covered by their friends. They knew tonight was important, and they were thrilled to be a part of it.

Darren’s voice soared, and Chris’ found harmonies beside him.

All I have is this feeling inside of me
The only thing I’ve ever known

If only New York wasn’t so far away
I will be there every step of the way
When you’re scared and alone,
Just know that I’m already home

They stopped, and there was a single moment of perfect silence. Ian’s hands waited, poised above the keyboard. Darren glanced over at Chris. Chris looked back with a smile, and took a deep breath before lifting their joined hands above their heads as they whispered the final line.

Just know that I’m already home

The crowd went wild. The performance had been amazing and was cheer-worthy in and of itself, but it was obvious that the guest performers had something else to share besides their musical talent tonight.

Darren stepped forward to the edge of the stage, holding out his hands with a downward motion to encourage the crowd to quiet down. Eventually they did.

“Everyone, I’m so excited to be here,” he said. “I know I already said that, but I’m seriously SO excited about being here tonight. I love working with Ian and Chad,” he gestured their direction, “but that’s only a little part of why I’m feeling good tonight.”

Chris had stepped up beside him and taken his hand again as Darren continued.

“Tonight I am also thrilled to be singing with one of my best friends, Chris Colfer. And to tell you that he’s not just my friend; he’s my boyfriend.”

Chris’ small smile bloomed into a grin that lit up his whole face. It was outshone only by Darren’s grin as he pulled him close and nuzzled into his shoulder, right there in front of thousands of fans and hundreds of camera phones. Within hours (or minutes) they would be on youtube and twitter, which was exactly what they wanted. They had waited years for this day, and they weren’t going to waste it now.

“Yeah, you heard me!” Darren hollered. “I said boyfriend!” He wrapped his free arm around Chris and planted a loud kiss on his mouth. Nobody was going to stop him from doing that ever again. He pulled away, and saw that Chris still hadn’t stopped smiling.

“You’re going to break the internet, Dare,” he whispered.

“Nope, we’re going to break the internet!” Darren whispered back.

“Mission accomplished,” Chris murmured back as they turned back to the screaming crowd. “Now let’s thank the guys for letting us crash their concert, and then I want to get out of here. I’m hungry.”

“Anything you say, babe,” Darren answered. “We can get some takeout and go home.”

“Actually,” Chris’ eyes were shining in the stage lights as he lowered his lashes and a smirk slipped across his face. “I don’t mind if we go out somewhere. As long as I’m with you, I’m already home.”

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Vocês poderiam fazer algo para comemorar a volta hoje, não? Um v/d, ask game, uma festinha, banquete, sei lá...

É uma ótima ideia nony, pena que só vi agora sua ask. Pro pessoal que ta na dash agora, o que acham? Eu particularmente voto num Verdade ou Desafio..



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"I think that one of the most detrimental issues with regard to the vision of black women in in the media is not having well-rounded images.You see one thing where you see the other, very much the virgin whore complex it is somebody is really really fabulously great like so great you like really I’ve never met that person or they’re so foul and nasty that once again you never met that person.”