Beyond the Lights

by Juan Barquin


As anyone who read my interview with Gina Prince-Bythewood might know, I’m pretty much head over heels in love with this film, as I am with one of her previous works, Love & Basketball. It’s a film that starts off by showing us a young hip-hop/R&B star, Noni, about to commit suicide and finding herself saved by an officer working her security detail for a night. Romance blossoms between them, but Beyond the Lights is much more than your typical romance between two people in different places in life. It’s a genuine look at the way an industry forces women into roles that they are unwilling to play; an industry that cares more about staying in the limelight than taking care of the artists it produces. As the film says at one point, “We’re selling fantasy here, and suicide ain’t sexy.”

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anonymous asked:

Olá, agora pouco estava olhando o seu tumblr e vi que você respondeu a um anônimo que perguntou o que falaria pra quem quer conquistar você, e logo em seguida você respondeu que não nunca teve um sentimento especial por ninguém, deu a entender que nunca se apaixonou e muito menos amou de verdade, então estou aqui nesse exato momento me perguntando, de onde você tira inspiração pra escrever?! já que sua resposta me pareceu de uma pessoa tão insensível... ?! Att, Roberta Almeida.

Poxa nony :\ eu não sou insensível, nem um pouco, acho que sinto até de mais, eu disse que não nunca tinha dado um beijo apaixonado e que eu era muito difícil de me apaixonar sabe, e a verdade é que sou mesmo. Eu já me apaixonei 2 vezes de verdade, mas isso ocorreu a tempos sabe? Eu me interesso mas logo eu bloqueio o meu sentimento, eu estava conhecendo uma pessoa e tals mas não deu certo, e sei lá, guardo o meu coração sabe? O amor é um sentimento tão lindo e puro que pra mim, ele necessita de uma casa limpa, de um coração sem marcas e feridas, então por isso que me preservo. Mas acho que sou o cara mais sensível que tu pode imaginar, sinto muito por sentir tanto assim.

I’m flippin high and i had to ask my dad a question, so i walked out to the loungeroom, asked him, then walked back to my room. On the way i passed my grandparents room and I heard this distressed high-pitched raspy breathing/talking (the voice didn’t sound calm) and I had an internal freakout like I thought my noni was having trouble breathing (she’s recovering from a nasty car crash atm too) and was like do I check on her? But I’m high maybe I’m wrong? But NO THAT SOUNDS BAD!? SHE MIGHT DIE- and then I realized the movie my dad is watching in the loungeroom is Lord of the Rings the voice I heard was fucken smeagol I’m mad but also very relieved. 

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v biting and licking b's neck while poundind him into the matress :3 and b whining(as usual) and moaning like a sweet little cockslut while v whispers how beautiful he looks flushed and sweating and begging for v's cock :3

well that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for the imagination, does it? :P

Here you go nony

sorry it took so long and sorry it’s so short



Black Excellence▶◀  ↪ Anika Noni Rose

"I think that one of the most detrimental issues with regard to the vision of black women in in the media is not having well-rounded images.You see one thing where you see the other, very much the virgin whore complex it is somebody is really really fabulously great like so great you like really I’ve never met that person or they’re so foul and nasty that once again you never met that person.”



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i will forever be in love with Julia Noni’s, NIKE: kenyan runners photos. these photos celebrate the true beauty of dark skin. Every time i look at these photos, i fall in love with the dark, deep hues of blacks, blues, and violets, of my skin all over again. i could only wish to be photographed by her.