Thank the South Pacific for your Radiant Skin: Noni Juice

For those of you who are or have been fans of the Victoria’s Secret fashion line, chances are you’ve probably heard of Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr. (If you haven’t, then after reading this I suggest you look her up! She’s wonderful!) Despite her success as a world-renowned supermodel in the lucrative fashion world, Miranda has recently taken it upon herself to give back a little; that is, to take the time to create an all organic skin care line known as Kora Organics. So, what does Miranda Kerr and Kora Organics have in common with the South Pacific? For starters, it’s the ingredient used in Miranda’s products: Noni Fruit, otherwise known as Morinda Citrifolia. Though relatively unknown to most of the United States and Europe, Noni Fruit is grown in a range of tropical locations from the Hawaiian Islands to Polynesia as well as Australia. Unlike many other fruits, the Noni fruit is unique in the sense that it can be applied to nearly every ailment imaginable; from facial blemishes and acne to cardiovascular and urinary tract issues. (Miracle fruit - woo hoo!)

One of the reasons for the Noni fruits versatility stems from the fact that is provides the best source of proxeronine; a compound that helps utilize proteins and provide energy to our system. Proxeronine is in fact, so important that without we would be at risk for a multitude of diseases and health problems. (So bottom line: if you have a terrible immune system like I do, use it. It helps.) As Miranda also advertises through her products, Noni is also especially vital to skin rejuvenation and general skin health! (Boo-ya!) If you are interested using Noni fruit to better your overall health, I would recommend Organic Tahitian Noni Juice though I’m warning you, the taste is extremely bitter. You can probably find it at your local health food store. I also recommend drinking 1 fl. oz first thing in the morning before eating anything, though sometimes I mix it in with organic kefir, aloe vera juice and a little flax seed oil to create a highly nutritious and filling breakfast smoothie. So for those of you with acne/black head/large pores, I’ve found, for me at least, that Noni works as both a topical as well as a morning beverage and supplement. In just a week of using it I found my skin to be smoother and far more even toned then previously. And, on an even greater plus side, it helps prevent gum disease, diabetes, constipation, heart disease and urinary tract infections.

How magical. Thanks, Miranda.

Noni For Energy Enhancement


Noni fruit has been used by Polynesians to improve energy levels. Researchers in China gave aged mice Tahitian Noni Juice and then compared them in the forced swim test to with young and aged mice who did not drink the noni juice. The mice drinking noni juice were able to swim longer and had more endurance, similar to the young mice. The researchers conclude, “These results confirm the reported use of noni juice to combat fatigue, improve endurance and increase overall physical performance.”

   Comments: Perhaps noni supplements provide the same benefits as noni juice, however we need studies to compare a noni supplement to noni juice to see if there is a difference. One advantage of noni capsules is that they don’t have the calories in the form of fructose that noni juice has. See

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Noni Fruit From Salveo Noni

Benefit involving Noni Fruit may be frequent given that 2000 several years. The actual ancient Polynesians utilized since their vital source of treatment pertaining to a variety of issues.For more info please visit
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Unusual Fruit Month, Day 28: Noni Fruit

This is a truly strange one, my friends. I spotted it on a plant while I was on spring break in the Caribbean, and as it turns out it’s an edible fruit. I like calling it noni fruit, but it may also be referred to as great morinda. Because of its pungent smell when ripe, some call it cheese fruit or even vomit fruit. The fruit yellows and then turns almost white as it ripens. It is not a particularly popular fruit because of its bitter flavor, but is eaten as a famine food and even as a staple food in some pacific islands. This fruit’s native range extends through Southeast Asia and Australasia.

Two Ounces a Day Tahitian Noni Juice Boosts your Health

With its world-wide appeal, most people have at least heard of Tahitian Noni Juice. What might be less well known is how Tahitian Noni Juice had its beginnings. Traditionally the French Polynesians used noni juice to promote health. They also applied the noni fruit pulp/puree and leaves for everything from skin irritations to toothaches and inflammations in their bodies. In the last few years Morinda’s research has discovered that a naturally occurring chemical compound found within the noni fruit called iridoids is the main reason that the early French Polynesians and present day consumers experience so many health benefits.

Tahitian Noni Juice benefits many systems of the body. It supports the immune system which strengthens the body’s natural ability to fight disease and infection. Tahitian Noni Juice is a superior antioxidant helping the body rid itself of harmful free radicals. It supports the digestive system helping it to work properly so that it can absorb more nutrients. One of the greatest appeals to customers of Tahitian Noni Juice is it boosts energy. Many customers have attested to how it supports joint health . Drinking two ounces a day can make a difference in your health.

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Dancer Feature: Kalae Kaina

Dancer Feature: Kalae Kaina

Outside of House of Tarot, Kalae Kaina works on her family farm in Waimanlo, Hawaii- where they raise a variety of fruits from mango, avocado, lychee, dragon fruit, oranges, jabong, banana, logan, figs, papaya, lilikoi, limes, star fruit, noni, and more!  She has two young boys ages 6 and 12 who are absolutely obsessed with the ocean and catching waves.  If the kids aren’t in school, you can…

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Health is not usually valued until a sickness arise. 

Many people will have nothing for breakfast today, or maybe they will have coffee and a nutritionally bankrupt piece of bagel or McDonalds.

I opted for super-foods that helps me achieve optimal health. 

My $6 smoothie consists of the following:

red raspberry
blood orange
sweet cherries 
passion fruit
red grape
red currant
beet juice powder
carrot root powder 
apple pectin 
eleuthero root powder
flax seed powder
grape seed extract
Ionic Alfalfa™ 
protein meal replacement with over 20 vitamins/minerals
ginkgo bilboa leaf
green tea 
grape seed
33 other super greens extracts 
and tropicana 50 OJ.

For more info on how you can incorporate these amazing super foods into your daily regime feel free to contact me. 


A Supplement That Will Work – Right Down to the Cells of Your Body

Think about it, your whole body is made up of cells. Cells are the building blocks of your body and are mostly water. The easiest way for your body to receive the nutrients its needs is through the same type of medium. Tahitian Noni Juice is in liquid form and the iridoids that are naturally occurring in the noni fruit that gives it, its healthful benefits dissolves quickly making the nutrients easily transported through the bloodstream to the various parts of the body. These iridoids have been shown to increase energy levels and endurance. They boost the immune system helping it do its job in defending the body. Iridoids in noni also support a healthy heart and joint health. And since Tahitian Noni Juice does work at the cellular level, it strengthens every part of your body.

Only two ounces a day of Tahitian Noni Juice can make a difference in your life if you drink it consistently. It’s not just humans who drink it. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, goats, bulls have been known to drink Tahitian Noni Juice and seen the healthful benefits.

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Lanza Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Leave-In Conditioner 250ml/8.5oz

Latest Discount for Lanza Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Leave-In Conditioner 250ml/8.5oz
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