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Brilliant video about bankers financing the No. 1 cause of climate change - coal power.

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10 Reasons Why Bankers are Mostly Human (by NoCashForCoal)


A Wild Bird with Ferocious Dread-locks

My first encounter with Helen was an ordeal to remember. I had just shown up at the Leard Blockade for the first time and was in an induction meeting for the camp when this explosion of a person came barreling in with ferocious dread-locks flying out the top of a headband, rugged hiking boots, and cuts and bruises all up her arms and legs. She  reminded me of a wild bird who accidentally flew indoors.

She encompassed the whole room with a whirlwind of cackling laughter and a wild story of falling down a gravel hill under circumstances I could not manage to wrap my head around. Then she was gone.

I thought to myself “what on earth have you gotten yourself into!” I was unsettled but couldn’t help but want to know more.

By the next time I came to the blockade a couple weeks later I found my own cackling laughter mixing in with Helen’s and have since managed to perturb a few new camp members myself.