Using the talents of artists, there would be a sculpture of food over the billboard. At most time of the day it would simple look like a mass of food. At 12 noon, when people are bustling around looking for food, the billboard will cast a shadow of the world map onto all of Dundas Square. There will be smaller sculptures throughout other cities that will do the same but cast a shadow of a single country.

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S-a lansat primul apel al Conferintei ICNcT 2014 care, de anul acesta, se va desfasura si sub patronajul AOSR.

The Academy of Romanian Scientists, the Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies – ARTN, “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, and “Transilvania” University Brasov, with the support of the Ministry of National Education, have the honour to organize in “Politehnica” University of Bucharest during the 23th – 25th October 2014, The 17th edition of International Conference of Nonconventional Technologies - ICNcT 2014.

The event is the most representative Romanian conference dedicated to nonconventional machining technologies and has 43 years old tradition in the scientific world. The 2014 17th edition subscribes to the current context in which nanotechnologies as part of nonconventional machining are the future of the planet, and their importance in the economic development of regions is heavily considered.

Under the conditions in which states, governments, developers and investors from different fields seek the most efficient strategies for reducing costs and energy consumption, but most of all, increasing the technological performances of machining at micro and nano scale through innovation as main source for sustainable competitive advantage, the results of the universities, research institutions, and innovative enterprises in the field of nonconventional technologies become reliable solutions.

An added value is given to this academic event by co-opting in the international scientific committee remarkable personalities from the field of nonconventional technologies, and organizing the conference in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, which, together with its metropolitan zone, is the most development region of the country. This will offer guests and participants alike the opportunity to find out the most notable achievements of the city.

The papers presented during the Conference will be published in the Nonconventional Technologies Review http://www.revtn.ro/index.htm. scientific publication established in 1997 with quarterly issuing, B+ Review CNCSIS, indexed in two international data bases: Copernicus, ProQuest, and under indexation process in two more international data bases.

The AI was extremely on edge with the presence of another robot. It alarmed him, honestly. Not that having other robots around was something strange, it was just that he didn’t know this robot. He couldn’t even tell if it was friend or foe.  So suddenly his helmet’s monitor flashed red and he took a threatened and protective stance, ready to attack if he needed to be.

                     "IDENTIFY YOURSELF."

anonymous said:

What's the college you're attending like?

I go to a school located in Mississauga, Ontario called Sanctus School for Worshippers. 

It’s extremely nonconventional. I’m not the best person in the world to explain to you what it’s like, but I will try. You could say it’s a Bible College, however in my opinion, it’s nothing like a Bible College for multiple reasons. One of the biggest things that separates this school from any other post-secondary school is that there’s literally 15 students each year - lol. When I say it’s a small school, I mean it. 

Sanctus is a two year program. In your first year, the focus is largely on your heart. A lot of the classes are focused around building character and solidifying your relationship with God. It’s a lot about figuring out who you are and what you believe without the profs shoving their own beliefs down your throats. There’s a lot of freedom, and I appreciate that - but there’s also a lot of accountability - everyone cares for each other and wants the best for one another. The first year is basically all about your own growth. 

In your second year, which I am entering, it’s a complete switch. The classes become more like what a regular college would offer and the work load is a lot more strict as well. Second year students also “mentor” first year students and are thrown into a leadership position, where the focus is no longer on ourselves but on serving others. 

Like I said, it’s super unconventional. 

A lot of people ask me what I get out of going here and I know the answer they’re looking for is, some kind of degree or certificate or something. What I have already gained and what I’m gaining is real life experience and growth and a sense of self that I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. 

tl;dr - it’s p cool tbh. not for everyone though. 

You know, I’m so unbelievably grateful for my friends and loved ones for being so supportive, what with the trans thing and the pagan thing and the queer thing and the poly thing and the fact that occasionally (read constantly) I am awful to be around and annoying. I know I am a grab bag of nonconventional lifestyles and I love you all for being there with me through it

rodwow said:

What workout do you do for your legs/butt? I need to thicken my thin thigs xx

Bruh my leg day at the gym literally goes on for a good 2 hours. I mean most leg machines attack the same muscles but here are some nonconventional leg workouts. Squats take you a long way! Squats with a bae are really good! Try at least two 45’s in it and work your way up. Another one is lunges! Intsead of doing normal ones, you can make it harder by holding a 45 weight over your head. If I were you I would just look up exercises online! I hope that ass grows for yuh!

scienceofsheryl said:

∞ (Sorry, I'm terribly curious)

[[ A headcanon about the same person? XD So a headcanon about himself, then? ]]

Sherlock doesn’t try to gain a sentimental attachment to a place. It’s ridiculous and beneath him. However, he has to admit that if he were ever forced to leave 221b, he would feel something like…sadness. If anyone ever commented on that, though, he would say that it was just because the flat was sturdy enough to survive his frustrations. Bullet holes in the wall, nonconventional items burned in the fireplace, small acid spills in the kitchen.

The problem with not being conventionally attractive is that not many people are attracted to me.

The benefit of not being conventionally attractive is that nonconventional people tend to be attracted to be and they tend to be better people and more accepting than those tend to be conventional.

In other news, I’m starting to try to like myself. It’s a weird concept. Feels nice though