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anonymous said:

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but what's the difference between therian, otherkin, and furries?

There are no dumb questions on this blog - I’ll answer anything and anyone to the best of my ability.

Therian: A person who identifies as a nonhuman animal

Otherkin: A person who identifies as a nonhuman, nonanimal creature (althernatively: a person who identifies as nonhuman, animal or otherwise; I do not use this definition but many people do)

Furry: Someone who is part of the “furry” subculture

If you’d like more in-depth descriptions just ask ~

gophersaurus said:

2 - Spirited Away, 18, 21, 25, 32, 41, 50

Thank you, your gopherness~

2. favorite scene from this film

Tbh it’s more like a small chunk of the film than a single scene but the part where chihiro helps bathe the river god was always my favorite? It’s just really well done both technically and as a character building scene for chihiro idek man I love it

18. favorite sc-fi film

(going with nonanimated ones) probably a tie between hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the original planet of the apes, and gattaca

21. favorite book adaptions?

going off of ones where I actually have read the book….

julie taymor’s titus (not a book exactly w/e), where the wild things are, the last unicorn and uhm….frozen (kinda)

25. favorite compilation soundtrack

Where the Wild Things are, no competiton

32. Films you want to see but never get round to watching?

I need to watch more ghibli films from directors other than miyazaki and takahata tbh

41. Most beautiful film (in terms of cinematography)

aaahhh for live action it’s definitely pan’s labyrinth, for animation either up or how to train your dragon 2

50. Movie that exceeded your expectations?

kung fu panda 1 and 2. Holy shit dude. Just