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Sorry to ask such a weird question but what do the Garbage Court actually do? Do they have jobs? All live together? I'm really curious.

Hi anon! Thanks for your question- it’s not weird at all!

As for the answer, well. Everyone has their own interpretations, but we like to think the Garbage Court is mainly driven by two things: a) acquiring money/power/influence/magic, and b) using that to get revenge on beings who have wronged them/make sure nobody else does again. This means a lot of what they spend their time doing is bargaining in deals and favours. 

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“Eh? Are you speaking french to me?” He questioned, tilting his head slightly whilst crossing his arms, an amused smiled curling in his lips.

“Ahh, yes Sir. It seemed appropriate as I don’t understand the language you were talking.” Nona smiled back and nervously played with a strand of her hair.

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No, no, you got it wrong, ceeffrin is dead of unknown causes, but once we rise, WE WILL REVIVE HER BY USING THIS PURPLE ORB, (Shows a shiny purple orb) AND WHEN IT'S THE TIME, SHE WILL COME BACK TO LIFE!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!! -the nonas

[Surat Untuk Nona] Semoga Begitu Pula Kau

Duhai entah siapapun kau colan Nona masa depanku. Kerap kali saya tersenyum membayangkan kau doakan saya dilimpahkan kekuatan untuk menyelesaikan segala bentuk tanggung jawab saya.

Begitu percayanya saya akan kau, hingga saya enggan kembali jatuh pada perputaran percintaan yang hanya berujung kesemuan. 

Nona, kumohon, jika kau temui seorang lelaki yang bukan muhrimmu dan memberikan perhatian berlebih tanpa kejelasan, anggap saja hanya modus. Kemudian teruslah berjalan dengan perasaan riang menyelesaikan yang benar-benar masih tanggung jawabmu. Jika dia benar lelaki baik yang pengertian, dia akan menghormati prinsipmu tanpa penghakiman-penghakiman yang dikarangnya sendiri.

Nona, semoga saat kita dipertemukan kelak, aku bukan lagi termasuk golongan lelaki yang punya segudang modus. Tapi sudah masuk dalam golongan mereka-mereka yang paham apa makna tanggung jawab. Begitu pula semoga engkau.

Selamat malam Nona, selamat rehat. Semoga mimpimu aku.
Ekhem, aku nanana padamu, selalu. :)


Hey guys!
All the money I made at Fanime this weekend went missing.
Whether it was stolen from my car or was lost I have no idea.
I was relying on that money to buy more stock for Metrocon,
as well as paying bills/life expenses,
and since it’s gone I have no way to pay for anything.

I’m opening up wig commissions again to ease this devastating financial burden that these circumstances have just created.
I can style just about anything you need!
My rates are $10 an hour (plus material cost if style requires lots of product)

Message me if you’re interested (and reblogging this post to signal boost is much appreciated QuQ )

Thank you everyone for your help!


I was involved in the school’s graduation event & I was one of the singers. Some time during the training phase I fell sick (& stress from the event itself was building up). 

Some time later before the final vetting I was down again, lost my voice (but miraculously got it back the next day?? but I’m not complaining). So to cool myself down I decided to draw these. I just really needed to draw again.

The weather’s been pretty wonk too lately. I wonder how the Ninja will handle the baddies when he’s sick but can’t really take a day off bcs reasons?

Stay healthy everyone! And don’t forget to catch Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja!

RC9GN: Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas

Art & OC: NickyLuvEeyore | tumblr | dA

Adobe Photoshop CC


ps: if anyone’s down with coughs or flu, put some diced shallots next to your bed before going to sleep. It reliefs the coughing & makes you feel warm :D

Pasto - Nonae

beta seng sangka jatuh hati par nonae
manyasal bila seng mangaku nonae
seng ada laeng cuma satu sio nonae
putus tanjong langgar lautan z par beta

nonae beta cinta cinta os lebe
lebe dalam yang nona kira
sio manis lawang ee
lombo beta lombo bila seng dekat
takaruang hati beta ee
sio nona manise

sio nonae
ni kah beta juao
beta polo sio nona maniseee
nonaaa manisseeee

nonae beta cinta cinta os lebe
lebe dalam yang nona kira
sio manis lawang ee
lombo beta lombo bila seng dekat
takaruang hati beta ee
sio nona manise

Lyric taken form