Non c'è delusione più grande di qualcuno che tradisce le tue aspettative.
—  American Horror Story.

“Nothing takes you out of yourself the way a good book does, but at the same time nothing makes you more aware of yourself as a solitary creature, possessing your own particular tastes, memories, associations, beliefs. Even as it fully engages you with another mind (or maybe many other minds, if you count the characters’ as well as the author’s), reading remains a highly individual act. No one will ever do it precisely the way you do.”

—from Why I Read by Wendy Lesser

Why Louis’ current rebranding is more effective and less harmful than you think

We all know it is vital that for 1D to have any sort of a future, they need to appeal to a more adult market. What’s the best way of doing that? Make them seem like adults. It’s pretty simple right. 

Sure, you say, but why do they have to push straight partyboy Louis? How is that helping anyone? Well, let me tell you. 

Straight partyboy Louis is, despite what the fandom thinks, the most innocuous, forgettable image that you can push on a young white male celebrity. Adults don’t really give a fuck that a 23 year old boybander is out partying and picking up girls. It’s a non-story and anyone who has been 23 knows it’s pretty standard tame behaviour. He’s not getting arrested, he’s not shooting up, he’s not using prostitutes or doing anything scandalous that would make adults sit up and take note. And whilst it feels to us that they are pushing the het thing really hard, remember that for most people heterosexuality is so much the norm that it doesn’t register. They won’t read these articles and go, oh my gosh, he must be straight, that is big, fundamental information I shall retain and never let go of, they will just go, meh, he’s normal, whatever. Or if they’re smart they will just point out that he is gay and this is PR.

My point is that these kinds of articles are the best way for his name to be in the papers, giving just enough of a sorry excuse for a story that they can print his name in non-1D contexts, without adults getting too suspicious that something is afoot, because the stories themselves are pretty dull. These are the stories people will skim past, shrug off, claim they don’t care about or that they are unshocked by…

BUT - and here is what matters - they will also subconsciously incorporate the name of Louis Tomlinson into their mental catalogue of adult celebrities. Skim past enough half-arsed stories about Louis Tomlinson and eventually, without even trying you will have an idea of him doing things that adults do. No more “One Direction, aren’t they like 16?” because no, somewhere in your mind you associate them with alcohol and clubbing and the use of drugs being non-shocking, so, your brain does the work quietly in the background and concludes, they must be adults.

Side bonus point - these sort of articles can actually prompt people to defend Louis Tomlinson as being an adult. Literally, they are provoking the public to actively assert that Louis is in fact an adult. 

Go check the comments on the article if you don’t believe me. Pay attention not just to what is being said, but to the number of likes and dislikes for each comment. E.g. “ He’s in his early 20’s, doing what people in their early 20’s do…leave him alone!” gets 1630 likes and only 179 dislikes. “He’s a role model to kids… needs to buck his ideas up” gets only 70 likes but 209 dislikes!

Happy days. The times they are a’changing…

He had a crazy night earlier in the week but on Sunday One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson got back to work at the recording studio.

The 23-year-old star was spotted leaving a London studio over the weekend, just a couple of days after his hotel suite party where he was pictured with a suspicious looking cigarette.

Feeling shy, newly single Louis kept his head down as he headed home after working on 1D’s new music, flashing a small smile for waiting fans.

A representative for Louis recently confirmed that he and girlfriend of four years Eleanor Calder had parted ways after reports swirled that he was pictured kissing an unidentified woman while One Direction were in Asia as part of their On The Road Again tour.

Celebrating his bachelorhood, the One Direction star invited a group of female guests back to his suite at London’s Soho hotel during the early hours of Thursday morning after partying at Cirque Le Soir nightclub.

Members of the party are said to have included Calvin Rodgers, model Siovhan Tan, Jacquline Slavik and Jess Cowden with the heartthrob said to have taken a particular interest in one girl after he took her back to his room for six hours following their boozy antics.

Non posso tenere i miei sentimenti,accartocciarli e poi tenermeli chiusi dentro!
—  American horror story ( freeandalivee)
Le storie sono come le persone. Non sono fatte per stare sole.
Da qualche parte nel mondo c'è qualcuno che vive una storia che si specchia nella tua. Guardati intorno! Quel qualcuno non è tanto lontano da te. È l'altra metà del libro. Non perdere tempo a scrivere altre pagine… Cercalo! Il resto lo scriverete insieme. Perché non c'è niente di più riuscito di due storie che s'intrecciano.
—  Giulia Carcasi, Ma le stelle quante sono ⭐️

“Thus, though I possess nothing, have given away my fortune, camp by the side of all my houses, I can still be blessed with all riches when I choose, set sail at every hour, unknown to despair. There is no country for those who despair, but I know that the sea comes before and after me, and hold my madness ready.”

—from The Sea Close By by Albert Camus



Samuele Bersani e Pacifico - Le storie che non conosci

Cerco nei libri la lettera, anche solo la frase che è stata scritta per me e che perciò sottolineo, ricopio, estraggo e porto via. Non mi basta che il libro sia avvincente, celebrato, né che sia un classico: se non sono anch’io un pezzo dell’idiota di Dostoevskij, la mia lettura è vana. Perché il libro, anche il sacro, appartiene a chi lo legge e non per il diritto ottenuto con l’acquisto. Perché ogni lettore pretende che in un rotolo di libro ci sia qualcosa scritto su di lui.

Erri De Luca

anonymous asked:

Jungkook get's angry at his members for not taking him out on his birthday so he responds to everything they say to him with "fight me" until Taehyung actually attempts to fight him then he runs to his parents (aka NamJin aahhaahahha) lmfao this is an... interesting request, sorry heheh

Jungkook in this request is me.

Bitter, that was probably the best way to describe Jungkook that day. Of course he was bitter, they didn’t even take him out on his birthday, how dare they? So he took to being rude the whole day.

“Jungkookie! Let’s play-”



“Fight me, Jimin.” That was about how he acted the whole day, too. Telling everyone to fight him because honestly that would give him a way to take out his frustrations at them. Seokjin had reprimanded him, and Namjoon had just looked to confused to respond. Hoseok had looked horrofied and Jimin hurt. Yoongi had glared and Jungkook decided to leave that alone.

And Taehyung.

“Sure, let’s go,” Taehyung got into a fighting stance and Jungkook stared. He was, joking right? “Well, come on you want to fight right? Let’s go, come at me.”

Taehyung had moved, maybe to hit Jungkook or not, either way the younger had jumped back, running around a corner. And all the way down the hall, Taehyung following him, into Seokjin’s room.

“Seokjin!” Jungkook hit behind the older man, who watched him confused. “Taehyung tried to hit me.”

“You said you wanted to fight!

“I didn’t mean it seriously! I was just upset,” he muttered the second part, shifting further behind Seokjin.

“See I told you he was just angry,” Taehyung said, grinning. Jungkook watched, confused, as Seokjin shook his head.

“I guess you were right.”

“Wait… What?!”

Jungkook was even more bitter.