Happy π-Centennial Day!, Part 1
(Part 2 here)

Happy once-in-a-century Pi Day, Tumblr! It will be another 100 years before the date once again matches the first five digits of π: 3.1415!

To celebrate, Mommy made me my very own carrot pi! I was a little suspicious at first of a pi that glows in the dark like a jack-o’-lantern, but I can never resist a fresh carrot! How much of this pi can I stuff in my mouth in one bite?


Flashback Friday

One week until the first day of spring! Spring will mean fresh flowers to nom—I can’t wait!

Last May, I tried my first ever pansies. They were delicious! Mommy only let me nom a few bites because she said they were full of nasty chemicals. I don’t know what she was talking about. Those pansies tasted absolutely scrumptious to me! I better get to nom a whole pansy flower this year!


It’s an important day at Loot Crate HQ, and for Leia. It’s EMPTY PEANUT BUTTER JAR DAY! #pug #puppy #noms #lootcrate #officelife

Today at participating @timhortonsus locations the annual ‘I Love The Red Wings’ donut is now on sale! Available from today thru March 15, all proceeds will benefit the Detroit Red Wings Foundations. #RedWings #LGRW #donuts #noms