Shotgun Seamstress zine and No More Fictions shows are two projects by me (Osa Atoe) that never touched until now.  This issue of Shotgun Seamstress tells the story of No More Fiction, from 2009 to the present through flyer art and stories that the flyers inspired. The zine also includes an interview that Candice Metrailer did with me about No More Fiction for Maximum RocknRoll.  Get it from Brown Recluse Zine Distro.

No More Fiction Presents A Community Kitchen Benefit Show With Blood Fuck (BloodyMummersSubservientFuck combo) Troubled and Jungle Dress.

House Of Moises Uptown

Parish of Orleans

2801 Calhoun Street

7pm $4-10 sliding scale

Come out and support your local radical food collective and help them continue cooking and serving weekly free meals.

See Blood Fuck at what Bryan Funck repeatedly promises me is their only New Orleans show ever. Do you like Bloody Mummers? Do you like Subservient Fuck? You’d love Blood Fuck. Think about it.

See Troubled play their third ever show and fuck everything up but not too much. Troubled is shrieky, mad New Orleans queercore featuring the baddest ladies and queers outta Not Enough Fest mostly screaming about not taking their meds and hallucinations of Borges. Come see us before the men in white vans do.

Jungle Dress is minimal drum & bass featuring Osa Atoe and Eric Sunshine Martinez. I heard they’re banned in 34 states. Oh yeah? I heard Eric actually invented the modern concept of a ‘show’. Either way, they are a force to be reckoned with.


Hey folks, some rad lady-fronted/lady-member metal bands are touring through from Montreal, it’s gonna be an amazing show on August 16th 2013 at the Big Top 3 Ring Circus at 1638 Clio Street in the CBD.

About the Bands:

Show of Bedlam

"Hawkwind-gone-bad, heavy, lumbering doom metal riffs are countered with strange hypnotic passages of chiming clean guitar and whooshing electronics….-all crushing and ugly, like a doomed Unsane infused with Sabbathian dread and slowed down to heart-stopping/bone-crushing tempos.” -from review of Roont LP on crucial blast records


DIY experimental Doom for lovecraftian shark attacks and martian landscape bonghits. This montreal based five piece plays real loud and slow.

Here’s the skillshare info for Not Enough Fest!

oice PA and DJ - FEBRUARY 24th at 6PM at Fair Grinds Coffeehouse (3133 Ponce De Leon Street)

Guitar - FEBRUARY 27th at 2PM at the Community Printshop (1201 Mazant Street)

Drums - MARCH 2nd at 2PM at 335 Jane Place (Intersection of Jane and Banks street)

Bass - MARCH 3rd at 2PM at the Community Printshop (1201 Mazant Street)

Deadline for bands is March 8th, festival on April 26th and 27th

For more info email