Here’s a #selfie of me on the #bus because @areeghussein tagged me in the #prettyfacechallenge and I need and excuse to drop a #GPOY of my handsome face for y’all. I nominate some purty WoC I know: @sunriselullabies @kiyannaloves and @angeliquecherie! Also anybody else who cares to indulge in a little #selflove! 😚💕✨ #mirrorpic #bathroomselfie #travel #megabus #nomadlyfe


Thought I was done,
thought I was through.
Done and through thinking about you.
I told myself long ago
that November would be the last of me to appease.
Yet I caved.
I saw you.
Your smile.
Toothy and generous.
Clever and cunning.
Conniving from clever.
Generous to monstrous.
This is dedicated to you.
Ripped away my baby flesh to expose a fulfillment.
A slaughter in which you bestowed upon my hips…
My mouth
and mind which fell for yours.
Your lips matched the color of my blood
which bled violet before you.
It hurts to cry because I know you lied.
You lied
when you said you missed me.
That you cared.
I know that now because you were never there.
For the longest time I haven’t cried
And I swear to God,
the one you don’t believe in…
that this will be the last time.

Honeysuckle and Heroin

You say you’ve got me, but you’ve had me.

You drink that beer, I’ll drink the black tea.

Gentle as a fawn, yet I smell like honeysuckle and heartbreak.

Things always seem to occur in threes; at least to me, that is.

I really thought you were actually genuine.

Actually sweet.

I never had a chance.

First one to caress my shoulders.


Keep my hand with all the silver rings warm with both of yours.


I fell hard.


Silence, then boredom. 

You come crawling back across the concrete you so evenly laid.

Slithering really…. into my skin.

A snake.

A drug.

I fill up that syringe with these oh, so pleasant words and shoot.

I drown….I’ve been drowning.

The fawn’s turned into a junkie.

What a lovely junkie she is.

She’s just trying to get back. Get home. Get safe from the words you’ve probably rehearsed a billion and half times by now, in another place and another time.

You can’t have her.

No one can.


I remember when I first started my dread journey and my hair was so short. I can definitely see the change in length of my ponytail. At the right height of my ponytail, one can see that I have officially turned into a pineapple head c:
I’m pretty pleased with myself for learning patience and it’s grown into something beautiful.

6 months and more to come <3

I love the kind of poetry where you’re so in awe of it because you can relate immensely, yet couldn’t find the words to say your feelings properly. The kind where you read it and end up tearing up over it because it reminds you of yourself. The kind where it lets you know that you’re not alone.