(Photos: Marco Berardi)

LATITUD 32°N / 55°S: Day#2

curated by Lala Nomada 

7. May 2015 at Meinblau

“We are convinced that through a careful selection of artists whose work is clearly away from typecasts of “Latin art” and whose methodology or technique is varied, it is possible to attest, without thematize, that performance art does not have a direct relation to the nationality of the artists, regardless of where he/ she comes from. We are aware that confronting a stereotype bring the risk of focusing more attention on it, however, we also believe that it is important to make a presentation that shows what is happening now over there.” 

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Where to go in Europe? Madrid, Spain

Wandering around Madrid, trying to explore new areas I have yet to discover:) There is always something new to see and I have been here for almost a year now:)

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Okay, so…. Here’s the deal. I know I have done like NOTHING for days and days and days, but I’ve been here. And there is a reason for that, but I can’t like… This is important. This is really important. I’m finishing up some stuff and I’ll be around for real. But I don’t know how long that will take? Who know! Could be d a y s . Anyway, this is pretty much so you know that you are currently following a useless potato slug with great hair.

My whole existence is an endless typhoon. My mind is a roaring whirlwind, my blood the flooding showers, and my body the wreckage it all leaves behind. All the same, every typhoon is followed by clear skies in a game of give and take that the earth plays. So I, I take the roars, floods and havoc and knit them into distinct messages; and somehow in the process, the roars get quieter, the floods dry up, and the havoc turns into life. Somehow in the process, my existence becomes a clear sky.
—  wanna-be-nomad, the joys of writing