Short Term Work Contract in Ireland

As most of you know I am currently living and working in Madrid, Spain. My contract is up June 18th and then I will be heading to Ireland for about a month to work out there. I have never been so I am pretty stoked. I won’t have too much free time but I am excited nonetheless. 

After that I will be flying back to Madrid, packing up my bags, grabbing my hubby and we are moving to SE Asia!

Within 1 year and 4 months we have been/lived in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and SE Asia. Life couldn’t be sweeter:)

Iggy x

“Beneath the mountains is where I belong” - RP @wanderingfolk

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I’m going on a strange kind of journey. For the last several months I’ve been travelling, and now that I’ve returned home to Toronto, I have no roots. I’m not interested in putting roots down, at least not for a while. What I’m saying is, I’m choosing to live as a nomad. I don’t know for how long.

I’m very grateful to the friends who are offering for me to share their homes, one week at a time. The kindness extended to me so far has been wonderful.

There’s a lot of practical reasons, all of them financial. I can go to more comic shows like this. I can pay off my student loan faster like this. My only expense right now is my studio, which is my base of operations, my daily constant (little LOST ref for you there), my library and home. I have it set up to a good level of comfort, and this is how it looks! I’ll be happy to work here.

Living like this, I don’t have to spend as much time at a day job, and can work on art and comics nearly full time. It’s a better living, even if it is weird. It’s bringing me closer to my friends.

Life is a curious thing.


Save a car, ride a bike. Wear a helmet, save a human. 🚴 I shot this today on my way to the gym. The 5-borough bike ride was going on, which was way too crowded for me. It feels great to be back on my bike despite my injury and the new fear of car doors. Im currently in a lawsuit with the insurance company of the guy that doored me… And it hasn’t been a fun process. Still, I’m beyond grateful that I came away with only a broken wrist. Ride smart, ride safe, protect your skull. #heedwisdom #fuckyourhair #protectyourhead #explore #nomad #cycle #nyc #summer #yay

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Living abroad

Where to go in Canada? Whistler, BC

I was born and raised in Ontario but after living in Asia and Europe I decided to move out to the west coast of Canada and resided there for 2 years and all I can say is that British Columbia is full of natural beauty and wonder!

My home country is absolutely amazing and anyone who decides to go to Canada should visit both the East and the West, for they are completely different.

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