Just close your eyes, and Imagine “Old Team Crafted”. Imagine the days when Kermit and Adam laughed together. Imagine the days when Seto played with Ty. Imagine the days, when our fandom favoured fun over drama. Imagine the days, when Team Crafted was more than a team. Image the days when Team Crafted was a group of friends, just wanting to have fun. 

"Just imagine the good ‘ole days."


Memory is quite often unreliable. If you take the time to really define it, it’ll come down to be just an interpretation of your own reality. Over and over again I tell the same stories to people about my life that to this point they’ve become factual. But in that sense, sometimes just one or two little details are changed to my liking, told into my favor and what I believe-or rather what I want to believe- to be real. And so from thence on those small details start to become warped into the factual reality I have always been recollecting about, and now my memory seems to be distorted. 

The smallest things slowly creep their way into the picture I’ve always painted, and after such a long time, it’s hard to really remember how everything truly was. Such is the pain of memory at times.

halt in the hades of environ’s vice-like grip.
to melt into it, svelt into it, tilt into it and tongue flick
live slight again, I don’t know why I do.
stilted until between hilt and hip I sense a paranoid womb
loved heavy by no other who is not a mother-other
and a sham to boot.  anoint the 
like silly
little coo’d. 
mmm, insane tastes good with solitude, too.

Was unpacking my old DVD collection(well whatever is left of it since I use internet for the most part, lol) and saw a few awesome gems some in mint condition:

- Hellsing full set(came with poster)
- Trigun full set
- Ninja Scroll movie and series
- Wonder Showzen season 1 & 2
- Invader Zim full set
- Elfied Lied full set
- Gen 13 unrelease animated movie
- Rock-A-Doodle (nolstalgia hardcore)
- X men evolution full series
- Clerks unrated series
- Serial Experiments Lain
- ATHF first and second seasons
- Oldboy & Ichi the Killer
- Tenchi forever (Shh, I liked Tenchi alot, okay -_-)
- The Maxx
- Ali G full set

There really is no point to this post other than wistful memories & happy I still have them I suppose. Carry on :3

-sabes? Aveces extraño ser una niña denuevo... -por que? - toda vía tengo que darte explicaciones?- dijo ella -tu... no extrañas jugar bajo la lluvia? Que cuando te preguntaban si te gustaba alguien te daba asco No preocuparte por perder amigos Caerte y rasparte las rodillas y que tu papa o mamá las bendara? aveces me caia aproposito. Que tu única preocupacion fuera no romper tu ropa pues te regañarian Nadie se enamoraba Nadie lloraba por algo que no fuera un golpe Todos defendian a todos Y era divertido enfrentar al brabucón Las niñas golpeaban a los niños cuando les gustaba alguno No se como alguien no podria extranar eso...