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as you're posting a lot about freud lately I'd like to ask you how much of his theories are proven to be true

Certain components of it: 

I.e Unconscious memory  -> implicit memory (cognitive science) 

Primary process thought -> spreading activation 

Object representation -> person schema 

Repression -> cognitive avoidance 

Preconscious processing -> preattentive processing 

Ego -> central executive 

Ego defense -> defensive attribution 

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You should definetly contact your friend. If it does not work out you tried at least plus it can hardly get worse than having no contact at all. You still care about him so just contact him!! =)

thing is, we are in the same group of friends and we see each other regularly but.. its like we are not friends anymore. thanks tho xx

Learn when it is worth holding on and when it is time to let go

This is one of the hardest lessons you have to learn in life.

What made you happy once does not need to make you happy twice. Things change, so do you. Be thankful and respectful and remember the good time you have had.