Varese by night. With my new and temporary handset I can forget nightshots. [Still leftovers]

A lil confession: switching from Symbian to WP is a kind of trauma. For the first time in my life I’m takin into consideration an Android device. But now I’m gonna face a lot of questions on the camera side…….

Huawei confirme un Ascend P7 en saphir de synthèse

Huawei a bel et bien en projet de lancer un modèle spécial de l’Ascend P7. Comme le PDG du constructeur, Yu Chengdong, l’a montré durant une interview, l’entreprise a une édition de son navire amiral équipé d’un écran en saphir de synthèse.

Le smartphone a été officiellement annoncé sous le nom Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition, mais malheureusement, il ne sera disponible qu’en Chine, et pas ailleurs. C’est habituellement le signe d’un lancement très limité, il ne devrait donc pas y avoir beaucoup d’unités proposées.

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Blureh | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template (Mobile) has been published on Themeforest

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Blureh | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template (Mobile)

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Typography Features
  • 1, 2, 3 text columns
  • 1, 2, 3 image columns
  • 1, 2, 3 icon columns
  • CSS3 8 text highlight variations
  • CSS3 Code structures
  • CSS3 Table
  • CSS3 Speach bubbles
  • CSS3 Fields
  • CSS3 8 Color variation small buttons
  • CSS3 8 Color variation big buttons
  • CSS3 8 Buttons with 400 retina ready icons
  • CSS3 Hoirzontal square and rounded charts
  • 4 different testimonial variations
  • 48 icon lists
jQuery Features
  • Custom jQuery Code!
  • CSS3, AJAX, PHP contact form with validation
  • jQuery Page Preloader
  • jQuery Device detection
  • jQuery Tap sliding door
  • jQuery Submenus
  • jQuery 4 Toggle Variations
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Big Notifications
  • jQuery Small Notifications
  • jQuery Checkboxes
  • jQuery Radioboxes
  • jQuery Image Slider
  • jQuery Qute Slider
  • jQuery Text Slider
  • jQuery Thumbnail Slider
  • jQuery Colorbox Portofolio
  • jQuery Swipebox Touch Swipe Gallery
Design Features
  • Ergonomic navigation
  • High Definition Graphics for high definition displays
  • Looks gorgeous on iOS, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and any device with a high DPI screen and low DPI screen!
  • 48 High definition list icons
  • 400 Icons included for general usage and for the PSD
  • 2 PSD Files included to create new nav items
  • PNG graphics hihgly optimized for extremly fast load times
  • iOS Homepage Icon
  • iOS Splash Screen

Powered with animate.css and Font Awesome, now you can have more than 400 icons, without having to use images, fully scalable, and all retina ready!

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Will Nokia Lumia 900 Help Windows Phone Beat iPhone in 2015

Will Nokia Lumia 900 Help Windows Phone Beat iPhone in 2015

Seeing Nokia Lumia 900 flying high, mobile phone experts have started speculating whether MS Windows Phone would defeat Apple iPhones by 2015. According to research carried out by HIS I Suppli, the market of Windows phone will grow up to 16.7% in 2015. Presently Windows phones occupy only 1.9% share of gadget market, but we hope by the end of 2012 it will increase up to 9%, 15.3% in 2013 and 16.7…

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Some A-hole stole my wallet and my beloved but sometimes hated mobile phone so, I guess you won’t hear from me for a while.

Please don’t unfollow. I will only post leftovers until a new device will be in my hands, Lumia or not. No time to think about the model and so on.

I really do hope that the 20 euros I spent 3 years ago for the anti-theft app will be worth it.

Thank you for your support.

Andrea R.S.

Cloud Raiders Introduces Treasure Island and Valor Challenge in Latest Update!

With popular strategy game Clash of Clans still not arriving to the WP Store, Cloud Raiders by Game Insightcontinues to attract users’ attention as the best alternative title. In fact, we believed that the game is not just an alternative, as Cloud Raiders stands out above other games of the same genre when it comes to graphics and gameplay. The developers also continue to introduce new features…

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Earlier this month, another popular app added up to the list of official apps that had already jumped to Windows Phone – Wunderlist. Offering a new and innovative way of organizing life and business, Wunderlist is currently in beta version to further improve the service through feedback coming from the public users who also serve as testers. Now in Version 3.0, what is new with Wunderlist’s latest update? Let’s find out.

The following change log was listed today for Wunderlist Beta:

  • Pin Live Tiles to Start Screen
  • Fixed web socket issues
  • Many bug fixes

With the latest update, additional Live Tile support is introduced to the app – a unique feature for Windows Phone. Now, you can receive updates from Wunderlist straight from your Start Screen! Fixes and improvements were also released, which are really important for the app to function better.

Download or update Wunderlist Beta now!

Wunderlist Beta Receives Live Tile Support in Latest Update! Earlier this month, another popular app added up to the list of official apps that had already jumped to Windows Phone – …