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Your art makes my heart scream. And your aoba x noiz au is so perfect omgghgh

Thank you so much for loving my Noiao AU.. I was actually happy to heard that some people still like my AU…

I do have some basic concept of this AU.. But I didn’t build on any of detail  this plot… Well I’m totally open for any idea of this Au if you have some…. It might be helpful for future schedule of my comic.. <3

Thank you 

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But what if the dmmd boys all got drunk and put googly eyes on themselves? Mink tries to hide his snort, Koujaku falls over laughing, Mizuki falls on him, Clear is rolling around on the floor, Noiz pulls his hat over his face to hide his laughter, and Aoba has pissed himself and Ren is trying to help get him to the bathroom.

This will be a googly disaster of epic proportions! Like, the DMMD boys are all hanging out in Aoba’s room on a Sunday night after Mizuki closes the bar. Mizuki, being the amazing friend that he is, brings over all the almost empty bottles from work and is working his bartender magic. Everyone gets their first several rounds of alcohol, and Aoba is already horribly tipsy from finishing his 2nd drink, and he gets this great drunk idea. Aoba bolts up, as well as someone pretty tipsy CAN stand up quickly, and rummages through this giant pile of arts and crafts left in his room by Clear. 

Clear, being not able to get drunk, happily, and well coordinated, jumps from his seat next to Koujaku and helps out Aoba find out what he is looking for. Aoba just mumbles unhelpful phrases like “The funny googlies” or “I know they are here, I think.” But, finally, after like 5 minutes of ungraceful shuffling and making a bigger mess of his room, Aoba find what he is looking for: Life sized googly eyes. And this drunk boy does the first thing that comes to mind, he shoves them on the cutely confused robot boyfriend. Slightly panicking from being MOMENTARILY BLINDED, Clear stands up suddenly and “looks” around the room, googly eyes on his face shaking in every which direction like a spinning top. 

Everyone is a drunken disaster. Aoba bursts out in drunken laughter, falling and hitting himself on the edge of his bed. Koujaku loses it and flops his head onto the table and pounds it with his drunken fist, causing his drink to spill everywhere, including his lap. Mizuki does a double spit take and almost chokes on his own spit from laughing. Ren laughs so hard that he starts to cry and the tears will not stop pouring out. Mink actually CHUCKLES under his breath before taking a swig from his own personal bottle. Noiz, already pretty tipsy himself, just loses it so hard that his hat falls off. Noiz takes the googly eyes off of Clear to try it on himself. 

For the rest of the night, the boyfriends take turns putting the large life sized googly eyes on themselves, on random objects, on allmate Ren, and anything else that seems funny in their ever increasing drunken state. And Aoba wakes up with very dirty pants and wonders why there are several pairs of googly eyes in his room. (He even found googly eyes in the bathroom, the living room, and even the roof).

NoiAo: My Junior Bunny Boy

Japanese Tittle: マイ ジュニア バニーボーイ
Circle: おかゆクラブ / Okayu Club
Artist: 奥谷あゆこ / Okutani Ayuko
Pairing: Noiz x Seragaki Aoba
Characters: Seragaki Aoba, Noiz
Released Date: 2012-06-24
Rating: R18
Pages: 28
Links: [toranoana] [doujinshi.org] [pixiv]

Novel: No

Scanned: Yes. [scanner site] [aarinfantasy]
Scanlanted: Yes. [Erogaki Scanlation]
Buy from: [otakurepublic]


Koujaku and Noiz easter eggs

I wanted to paint all the main characters but couldn’t find all the plastic eggs I had bought years ago and only found 3 of them ;3; and ended painting only two lmao
Koujaku’s egg was so long to paint I didn’t have enough time to do more n__n” (plus I’m really not good with acrylic paints *cries*)