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BRETT BOO MOTHER FUCKER VIDEO WITH Marianas Trench So Soon Chicago House of Blues 6/22/13 so glad I was there! 


D1THERR.D00M ++ GL!TTERRGLØØM @ mACRES & brACREs from jonCates on Vimeo.

(A) D1THERR.D00M ++ GL!TTERRGLØØM wWwΣ/\/┼ D◉wWw/\/ fur all yawwwl CHI H8Rz @ a vry srsly  CH1C∆Gø D1RTY N3W M3DI∆ show:

”dither d00m/glitter gl00m…end-times/|\} digital nightstalking. dustscapes ++/>-/. d00mkraft//hystories of final error//////////////////////////”

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Alright, librarians. Spread the word. This is gonna be totally insane, totally unsanctioned, and totally rad. There’s still room for more performers, so if you’re a noise-making library worker, and you’ll be in Chicago for ALA, send an email to stevekemple at gmail dot com and be all like “hey I wanna perform” and I’ll be all like “heck yeah let’s do it!”

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ONO performing at Roxaboxen, Chicago - January 13, 2012.


Pudding  Clowns by Alyssa Herlocher! ( )

the “Kenneth” series…# 1, 2, and 3 also by Alyssa

and zines by Justin Marc Lloyd ( )

Get these in the CHICAGO ARTIST PACK!!! $75 and up!! Donate:

Meet your new job: new office, new salary, new commute to work and new colleagues to avoid.

I was pulled aside by an equal and warned that another equal is out to “sabotage” me (exact words). Here’s the unbelievable part: they’re all females (GASP) These insecure bitches have no idea who I am, what I’m capable of or how many steps I am ahead of them. They fail to realize that I conquered all these rookie Admin moves years ago: pitting people against each other, setting fellow females up to fail and planting suspicious seeds to see what grows. Baby, I’m in the Major Leagues and the only effect this new information has on me is the desire to work harder, perform faster and be more efficient.