I decided to redraw the noise that I drew a few days ago, and gave it a huge design overhaul. I changed up the wing and leg designs, and changed the ax like tail into a scythe like one. I also went with a more gargoyle like body shape as the more bat like one looked like an already existing boss in TWEWY.


The Grey Wolves | Catholic Priests Fuck Children LP

  1. New Luddites
  2. Beyond Hypocrisy
  3. Turning The Tide 
  4. Breach Of Faith
  5. Nothing Sacred 
  6. Skin Tight Orbit
  7. State Of Siege
  8. Deconstruction

yesterday i was forced into awkward conversation so i pulled out my laptop and started doing random stuff on it to look busy and avoid talking much and for some reason i ended up downloading simcity 4 and playing it and i have no idea how i played this game when i was younger bc it requires so much effort and planning