even after i released a base code specifically so they would stop using my themes as a base, senpiez is still stealing codes for their own themes. i wasn’t gonna bother saying anything until i saw that they use adfly to collect money for the knockoff codes they’re distributing. don’t fucking click on their theme links. unless you’re happy letting someone that pathetic use you to make money.

510-461-0888 to call into the station!

Interviewing Jenna Marx morningriser about the Joyride! tour!

Gonna talk about Reyhaneh Jabbari, prisons in Iran, etc.


A small sample of what to expect on the upcoming Flesh Vomit release. #noise #nonmusic #harshnoise #experimentalmusic #noisemusic #experimental #powerelectronics #industrialnoise #fleshvomit



Amazing where the late night data digging might take you. Seasines is a Gdańsk based experimental project that I stumbled upon by accident on SoundCloud and which immediately blew me away. Somewhere between the raw, minimal sinewave worship of Carl Michael von Hausswolff and ELEH (the Seasines logo is certainly ELEH-ian as heck), classic Berlin progressive electronics and a bit of haunting, visceral ambience filled with hazy sonic spectres and samples a’la Tim Hecker, the sound of Seasines is immersive and a bit schizophrenic - relaxing and unsettling at the same time. There’s not much of it, though - which leaves you wanting more. Recommended!

My set-up for this tentative live show i’m playing in Sacramento on Friday. I’ve decided to do a noisier set for this one considering Sac-town seems to have a preference for noise acts (they held NorCal NoiseFest). Sadly, this will be the first show I ever play without the aide of my beloved Omnichord, however, it’ll be the live debut of my “Cacophony Crutch”. Someday soon i’ll purchase a mixer with more inputs/smaller than that damn tape machine in order to incorporate most of my instruments (or at least a bigger table).


Bitterroot Footage

A roughly five-minute 8mm film with a constant, eerie background noise. According to the story, the film was found in a wooden box along with photos that had the word ‘bitterroot’ written on the back. The whole thing feels like viral marketing/promotional technique for some sort of project or film, or just a creepy story from someone with a lot of time on their hands. Either way, it’s very well done and I thought it deserved a place here.