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The shots of the city very much have the feeling of Bad Houses.

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I've always envied people who could read eyes.

They say, the eye is the window to the soul.  And your emotions, your motives, your deepest hopes and dreams you’ve always wanted to keep hidden, they’re like that girl who always strips all the way down when she’s changing.  And she always makes a show of it right in front of the window.  She pretends that she just doesn’t notice the blinds wide open right in front of her, but it’s that paper-thin attempt at keeping up an appearance of innocence that makes the whole thing that much sexier.

That’s what they say, at least.  I wouldn’t have any idea, given that I haven’t seen it.


I once wrote a pretty good opening, then two endings that went off in a total different direction.

You can find those two here: and here:  Neither of them were very good.

Check out the latest poster for Noirish Project!

Check out the latest poster for Noirish Project!

Each day of this week of the campaign we’ll be posting a new piece of artwork.

Today’s is “Neorealism Masquerading As Film Noir”.

We have the chance to show Noirish Project to audiences across Europe. But we can’t do it without your help. Back our campaign here.

Many thanks.

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//New Joker Cosplay for my youtube series. I’ve decided to make my series more comic-based and very crime-noirish, as well as adapting several golden age stories such as “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate”, “The Joker”, “The Riddle of the Human Scarecrow”, “The Mad Monk”, and more, as well as writing my own stories for the show. It’ll feature the gun-toting, hard-boiled, grey-and-black-spandex version of Batman, as that’s my all time favorite version. I also might include an original version of Robin as well.

So with this version of the show comes this version of the Joker. Based heavily on the Frank Miller version and the Bob Kane version, I’m going for a Joker that’s a “Mirthless Grinning Ghoul who brings death with a smile.” The smile is really only skin deep, sort of like the never-smiling “All-Star Batman” version. I dud give him scars like the Heath Ledger version, but only because the original Joker was stated to have a permanent smile on his face. Also, because I’ve based him on Gwynplaine from “L’homme Qui Rit (2012)”, a more recent adaption of “Man Who Laughs”. As the original Joker’s appearance was inspired by Man Who Laughs, likewise my Joker shall be. And as the new Gwynplaine has a Glasgow smile and ling hair, my Joker has a Glasgow Smile and long hair. The only difference is I’ll have mine be green for the series. So yeah. New Joker.

We Invite You To Join With Us And Help Create A True Cinema

We Invite You To Join With Us And Help Create A True Cinema

So we’ve reached the halfway mark in our bid to fund our European Screening Series. We’ve come an awfully long way with this, thanks to those who’ve already backed our campaign.

But we’ve still got a long road to travel in order to hit our goal and make this screening series happen.

We can do it though, with your help. If you haven’t backed the campaign please do so. We’re inviting you to join…

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