Why all the hate?

Ryan Villopoto. The man, The Myth, The legend. After winning the Supercross Championship four years straight he has decided to go after world domination by leaving the US to chase the MXGP championship in Europe in 2015.

Everyone is hating on him for doing it. Seriously?

Sure, i get it it, its upsetting seeing him go but calling him a ‘traitor’ and other such names is disgraceful. He has done it all in America, he has conquered the US supercross and motocross championships numerous times, now for his final ever year of racing he has decided to go bar-to-bar with the best in the world and hopefully come out on top.

So show him the respect he deserves. He is and always will be one of the greatest riders in Supercross history.

Good on you Ryan, go get em!

-Mathew, FYDB

Your loss.

I just wish you could look at someone and know if they’re the one for you. Know if they’re a perfect match. Know that when they say they’ll never give up on you, they mean it. Know that when they say they love you, it comes from the heart. I wish we never had to think about things like this. I wish we didn’t get attached. I wish we didn’t get our hopes up for nothing again and again. I wish we didn’t get multiple answers for one question. I wish we never had to worry about being screwed over for a fifth time because we believe maybe every person is different. I wish we didn’t blame ourselves for things we didn’t do. I wish we didn’t say sorry for something we shouldn’t even be sorry for. I’ve been fucked over, cheated on, abused, lied to, harassed daily and so much more by people I thought. I used to be such a positive person because otherwise I’d be depressed again and life would suck. Everyone complains about their problems and what they’ve been through but we’ve all been through a lot. Each and every one of us. No one has a perfect life. I don’t want to sit there and listen to your problems hoping you’ll make me feel bad cause darling I could match that easily. You don’t know me. 

teenwolfwiki asked me: Is it ever okay to share your fic with the talent/crew?

Thanks, TeenWolfWiki, for asking this.  Odd that I didn’t think to address this before now.  I guess I am just bothered that the quesion even exists. Breaks my heart.

"So, is it ever okay to share your fic with the talent/crew?

The Question gets answered in pieces:

  1. Is it ever okay…..  Yes.  I answer unequivocally, because it is Yes, for me.  I’d love to hear or read fic.  Writers must bear in mind, though, that “Is it ever okay” is NOT the same as “Is it always okay….”  which leads me to the next part;

  2. Every day I still work on the notion that just because I think it, does not mean I have to vocalize it at the moment it spawns in my brain.  Obviously, you know me as one who speaks her mind.  Yet, when to speak and when to hold one’s tongue is an indication of sensitivity, consideration and respect for other humans with whom we must co-exist.  Let me be specific with an innocuous example:  If you want to share with me what you thought of the way some movie ended, I might ask you to wait until we’re not standing in front of other people who haven’t yet seen it.  Doesn’t make me ashamed or timid; makes me conscientious.  Savvy?

  3. The next part of the question is pivotal:  “Your fic”…by which I know you, TWWiki, mean the author sharing their own writing.  Yes and only if it’s indeed YOUR fic.  It s a violation of the author’s rights to reproduce (by reading out loud, for example)  a piece of their work in a publically accessible venue.  …which frankly, in this day age is any place is public (“Hi, Social Media!  I know you hear me!  ;)

  4. Perhaps most important to me, though, is HOW said fic is shared.  Blindsiding a talent/crew member with fic is rude, selfish, thoughtless, and disrespectfuL IF the writing is known to make the person to whom they want to read is uncomfortable.  This is particularly infuriating to me right now (I just posted a comment on a recent contentious YouTube Vid and am awaiting one last bit of information to take big next steps to cut down the violator *clenches teeth.*  I’ll post about THAT soon, don’t worry >.<

  5. Also, trigger alerts apply when sharing fic with anyone, right?  Then the same courtesy must apply to sharing with Talent/Crew.  People don’t know my triggers.  If someone stands up during a Q&A, for example, and starts reading me something that spins me sideways, I’m going to have a big problem and likely have a temper tantrum :D  Just sayin’.  

  6. There’s probably more, but nothing  more that I can think of this very moment.  

  7. Does that mostly answer your question?  If something’s unclear, just let me know! Plus, I’m super sleepy right now and so may not be very articulate. If so, I’ll clear it up soon.

Thanks again, teenwolfwiki, for asking the smart, relevant questions. You keep me on my toes :)

with Love and Respect,