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ehrmagerd, 2012 is almost over, and then there comes 2013, a whole new year to try and attempt to quit tumblr! i’ve decided to make a new year’s showcase, to share with all my lovely followers amazing drop-dead gorgeous blogs to feature on my blog!


-i cant force you to follow me due to tumblr rules, but you’ll get about 99999.936071438% better chance if you are following mwaaaa

-reblog this to your hearts content, the more you reblog the more you get noticed!

-dont like this or i will forever h8 u

- every blog type will get considered, doesnt matter whether you’re neon, boho, or even hipster!

- around 8-12 blogs will be selected!

-tag a post with noelcraizeyay about you and your blog and why you want to get chosen for a better chance!

you’ll be on a tab on my blog for a full month and get promo’s whenever you ask for them!

i’ll be announcing and messaging the chosen blogs on new years eve! x