New motivation

I know what I want
I know what I need to succeed
So Hey! Motivation I need you back
Need you to over come the fear of suffering, life , and people.

I don’t have a sense of security within myself. It’s like a singularity of energy waiting to be released. My “inner power” to the world. Earth.

So the question is how? How do I unleash the power within myself at controlled state, without hurting others. A positive way.

Either my minds feeds off of love or my mind seeks new pleasures and higher standards for myself

My mind is easily bored
How can I keep it entertained?
How can I keep my mind striving for more?

That has to be a lessoned learned

I need something new

Since the beginning of the year (2014) my life has been really strange and dull. Repetitive nights with friends, distance relations with my family and so on. I’m fucking done I can’t find the happiness I want, the love I seek and achieve the goals I want.

I need something new
Something blue
Something to make me feel intune with myself

I drown myself in thoughts and feelings leaving my head in a cloud of … nothingness.

No emotions blank expressions, what is a sense of humor?
No maneuver of a decent smile.