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guess what, yourSKILLstation ( just sent me a surprise package

NOCTU …. batman edition

dazzling! great finishing, and looks like the dark knight itself

Company = I Love Yoyo
Name = Noctu
Signature / Edition = Batman, production edition
Year = 2011
Shape = H shape, bat wing like
Material = metal, aluminum
Weight = 69.88gr(stock)
Diameter = 55.03mm
Width = 42.90mm
Catch zone width = appr. 38.66mm
Gap width = 3.51mm
Gap type = fixed
Hub type = short and wide spike
Finishing = candodized, titanium
Bearing type = type KMK (6×13x5mm)
Response system = Red sILYYcone

feelnya ga beda jauh sama noctu yang pernah gue review (batman noctu, pre release edition). kalo yang kelewat bisa baca di

if you want a twisted look yoyo, with a dark knight aura, this is the one. solid feel with a great capability to slack and suicide due to its air pocket, this is a yoyo that worths to played and collected ^^