Everyone is mad about the Xkit guy basically being forced off tumblr, but the more posts I see on the matter, I get the feeling we’re mad for the wrong reason.

“Damn it, idiots flung around a rumor and Xkit Guy had a breakdown and now my xkit won’t be updated. Damn it, this new tumblr update will just be sucky forever. We brought this on ourselves.” Is basically how I read these posts.

We should be saying “holy shit this website singlehandedly destroyed a man’s life because of unfounded rumors of sexual assault which is a SERIOUS THING but now this guy, who was INNOCENT, had a mental break and nobody on this website is facing any actual repercussions for something that, anywhere else, is a crime. Because false testimony/accusations is a crime.”

But nah lets just care because tumblrs broke again and he’s the only guy able to fix it. That’s why we should care, right?


said: what happen to xkit guy

i’ll probably get some of the details wrong (if ur reading this and u know the details better than i do, u can correct me if u want) because i didn’t know what had happened until i saw some posts and read through the ‘xkit guy’ tag BUT from what i’ve seen apparently a tumblr meant for calling out sexual predators made a post saying that someone had anonymously with no proof said the xkit guy (his actual name is atesh) had acted ‘gross and generally predatory’ and, because of that, the tumblr then went on and said that if anyone had any similar experiences with him they should come forward…. and guess what? nobody did - STRIKE 1

strike 2 being the really bad explanation of his actions ‘gross and generally predatory’… ok?? that’s so broad and explains nothing at all while also seeming kinda like something someone would throw together within seconds 

but beyond that he started getting a ton of hate even though there was no proof he was guilty and the evidence honestly pointed at his innocence. then he made a post on his personal blog that for some reason is so depressing imo that i just hope he’s okay

after posting that he hasn’t posted on his personal blog since november 2014 and hasn’t updated xkit since january 2015. 

he also apparently had a mental breakdown after everything, which is what really prompted his absence. there’s no evidence that he’ll be coming back at all and honestly i totally understand if he doesn’t. he went through so much shit just for that ONE rumor and he’s also been attacked previously over silly things

but that’s not the best part. ppl who attacked him, called him names, pointed fingers at him while having no evidence, are now complaining about the tumblr update and wanting him to FIX IT

they drove an innocent guy who worked at fixing tumblr constantly while also attending college at the same time off tumblr for a false accusation that still has no evidence supporting it and now they want him back because ‘oops sorry xkit guy we forced you to have a mental breakdown but you know.. we could still use your help’ and it just showcases everything i dislike about tumblr

Hello to anyone seeing the “Personality Types” post being reblogged multiple times!


I read on tumblr that it’s a virus - nobody is actually reblogging it on purpose - it’s reblogging itself. I don’t know anything about how to delete it, but for now if you read this, please be safe and don’t click the links!

Karine here: Yes, these are freaking annoying and I’ve been deleting them as I can, when I have net access. I see that each one was posted under the name of a posting member who is active. This is why I did not remove posting access from anyone. I’m writing to tumblr support to ask what else I can do. 

hey i made a vent/mental illness blog !!

it would be super cool if ppl followed, send me an ask for the url, you don’t have to be a mutual or like all the posts if you read them or any junk like that i just want to make sure that nobody i know irl follows me

i just read a post that said “ assumed innocence is a dangerous” and i hope to god that nobody on this website is ever in any position of power ever.

What the Zodiac signs think of/do on 4/13
  • Aries:Oh, that went by pretty quickly!
  • Taurus:*Hyperventilating* It's back! It's back! It's back!!
  • Gemini:*Writes it on calendar* Family, this is my personal holiday. Do not judge me.
  • Cancer:Six years... Hahaha, I feel old.
  • Leo:Happy birthday John and Jane! I haven't read the update yet, let's hope it's spectacular!
  • Virgo:*Thinks about making a cosplay for 4/13* *Remembers that they have no time*
  • Libra:*Goes on Tumblr to see what other people are posting*
  • Scorpio:*Tries to avoid any social media at all costs*
  • Sagittarius:*Makes some awesome fanart*
  • Capricorn:I've waited long enough for this particular day of the year to return
  • Aquarius:*Makes sure that nobody on the outside world knows that they're a Homestuck... Then when they come home, the celebrate like nobody's business*
  • Pieces:*Stayed up for 48 hours just so that they could read the update and look at fanart*

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Do davey and skittery and maybe sarah? Thank you!!!!

I wrote up Davey and Sarah a couple posts back, so on to the really important character - Skittery.

Sexuality Headcanon: bisexual/biromantic, but not up for pursuing any of it. He’d be okay with all of that if a suitable person fell into his lap, but even if somebody was head over heels attracted to him, he’d have a hard time believing it.

Gender Headcanon: cis male

A ship I have with said character: Nobody specific. I seem to be very impressionable as far as Skittery ships go. I read a story of him with David, and it great. I really enjoy the Sarah/Skittery ship over on Jack Kelly Stories. You seem to ship Skittery with Mush. I’d read it.

A BROTP I have with said character: David and Skittery are that pair of friends that have great conversations, but also kind of hate each other.

*A NOTP I have with said character:* Delanceys. Although if I was going to ship one of the newsies with a Delancey, it’d probably be Skittery, because he would totally go and pull something self-destructive like that.

A random headcanon: Skittery is a phenomenal singer, but it only happens when he’s had far too much to drink, and he doesn’t remember it, much less believe it.

General Opinion over said character: My cat’s name is Skittery. She’s an awesome cat.

*side eyes post in Roman’s tag*

How about not being an overbearing douchenozzle to people that read and/or write wrestling fanfiction, okay?

Don’t like it? Block it and don’t read it. And using homophobic slurs and misinformation? Yeah, that makes people give a shit about what you have to say.

That sucks.

I didn’t actually get told about the PTSD diagnosis, as such, until somebody mentioned it when I was like 20.

From a post I reblogged recently, PTSD as a result of abuse in early development :
Many of you reading this might actually have been told (like me) that because of your PTSD symptoms you must have also experienced abuse that you don’t remember as a small child. This is not necessarily true.

I got told that, and went through a lot of actually traumatizing (and OCD triggering) therapy based on that assumption, starting in my early teens. But, nobody actually said PTSD as such, nor gave me any info about it.

It was kind of a mess overall. And I’m sorry you didn’t get told about your PTSD dx earlier.

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To the Lizzy fic anon, there was a post about Edward and Paula being a ship, maybe that would give her the idea about Ciel and Sebastian? She would think it was okay then. Good luck with you fic I want to read it when it's done

I’m afraid that you can’t compare EdwardxPaula and SebaCiel. While people would frown upon Edward’s relationship with a servant without any greater consequences, the other couple would cause a strong public outrage.

Technically speaking, EdwardxPaula wouldn’t end that well either but nobody would end up imprisoned, forced to leave the country or doing hard labour.

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please don't tell me that i don't know my own words. in the first, i was saying you won't be any better than those type of people. i did not say that you were ableist. if you thought i was, then i apologize. that was not my intention. you can reblog what you want. nobody is stopping you. i'm just trying to say you shouldn't, but that's my opinion. it's your blog. just make sure you read through things and tag things accordingly because some things that you might not think are offensive could be

im sorry that you worded yourself to come off in such a way.

ok. i dont recall any post i reblogged from sixpenceee that has come off as ableist. it’s mostly horror.

There’s a lot in my mind right now after reading Tao’s fathers post. I understand his thinking. I think to some degree all Exo-L’s feel the same way. We want Tao to rest, to be healthy, to be happy. But at the same time, I can’t immediately jump on the SM hate train either. I always think these situations are far more complex than any of us fans will ever know, and I also think there is never a single side to blame. 

I just wish that whatever happens next is what Tao himself decides is best for him. Because nobody’s knows what he’s going through better than he does.

My confession...

I chose my tumblr blog because it’s the only place where I can fully express myself by posting and reblogging everything that relates to who I am as a person, and because it’s the only place where I feel understood and taken seriously. It’s my safe place.
Anyway, I know probably nobody is reading this but I’m doing it for myself and again to “express myself”.
I’ve been keeping this in for a while, it became unbearable, very unbearable to keep it inside of me and pretend everything is good. I can’t talk about it to any person because no one barely understands this and how it is like for me. Definitely don’t want to be judged and not be taken seriously.
I’ve been dealing with my eating habits.
It became hell.
Battling with this everyday is just very hard. And I have been dealing with it for over a year now.
To be struggling with yourself over such simple thing is not easy.
I’m sick of being so self conscious till the point I don’t want to dress up and go outside of how insecure I am, to want to hide under my bed sheets because I’m THAT insecure.

And no matter how many times I may look fine and having fun it’s always there, I cry over the fact that I hate what I see in the mirror that I can’t accept myself, that I can’t go out and see anyone without being just uncomfortable and constantly want to hide. I no longer want to cry before seeing a friend because I hate myself. I don’t want to keep thinking about canceling plans because I don’t want anyone to see me and my flaws. 

I started to notice things i never noticed before with people’s bodies, having body image issues and this ED made me notice a lot of details that only lead to destroy me.
I’m sick of being triggered everywhere I go.
I’m sick of this stupid eating disorder that ruined me.
I’m sick of not being able to talk about it because most everyone makes me feel like it’s not serious enough or that no one will make me feel better and just telling me to “just eat you’re thin anyway”.
I may eat and still put myself out there but I’m so so tired of it. I want to be okay again. Help me. 

“ Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I’m alright
but it’s never enough “

I want to tell you about my day so far

A few weeks ago, I don’t know if anybody’s really paying me attention, I talked about how I would start using tumblr as an actual blog instead of just sharing stuff other people posted. Something about how Cholula is so magical, and Twitter wasn’t quite cutting it when it came to allowing me to express myself fully. Well, alright. In that time I’ve used tumblr to vent extensively… yeah, sorry about that. Sometimes I feel nobody’s even reading my blog, but in any case, thank you. Some things I feel are too heavy to burden all my friends on Twitter, so I use this as a sort of emo haven to just fully unload myself. I’ve told my psychiatrist about what I do here, but even then I could never show it to him.

But anyway.

I mentioned I would be starting to blog, and that was how long ago? Three weeks, maybe even up to four? I always wanted a blog. Mostly so I could share my writings, talk about cool experiences, even unload myself a little. Tumblr is about the perfect medium to do this; I’ve dedicated my first 3 months on this site to sharing random stuff I thought was pretty/interesting/funny, but lately I’m just seeing the same rehashed jokes over and over, and picture blogs have gotten less interesting to my eyes. Whatever. This is an opportunity. The site has become a lot more than what it was to me. I’m not just mindlessly scrolling and chuckling anymore. Now I’m actually making use of my blog.

So here it goes. Let me tell you about my day.

I slept maybe too well last night. It was one of those looong days where I woke up a lot earlier than I normally do (I went to all my classes!), and found myself a lot more easily irritated than usual. I realized how much I hate Eduardo blasting reggaeton from his room all the fucking time (seriously what i sup with that?), and how the other Lalo has a really annoying laugh (Ivan mentioned that to me earlier that day, Lalo forever ruined). Yesterday was pretty mediocre, honestly, but I appreciated pretty much having the entire day off. I get tired of spending too many consecutive days with the same groups of people. So yesterday was a nice enough break from that. Sleeping was still the best thing that happened all day. That, and the couple hours before sleeping. You know, those profound, pre-sleep conversations with the roommate? That’s always nice.

So I woke up today. Sort of. I slept like a king, first opening my eyes a couple hours before I even had my only class of the day. But I was just so comfy. I turned off my alarm and made the conscious choice not to go. I already took that class last year anyway. My whole grade is just a couple papers, that I sadly didn’t have the time for last year.

I had a really weird dream last night. But at least she wasn’t really a part of it last night. Some person I made up for my dream asked me about what happened, so I explained, but that was the extent of her role this time.

Phew. It stresses me out so much practically every other time.

The dream involved my university and high school lives colliding, which used to be an extremely frequent theme in my dreams when I first moved here. One of those reminders of how small the world is, right? My high school friend Patricio was aware of Camila somehow in this dream world (this definitely had to do with the pre-sleep conversation with Ivan, thinking about it). I was on OK terms with Custodio for some reason (ew), or at least OK enough to be hanging out with the same group compromised of my HS and uni friends. I was also rescued by some strangers at one point after I passed out in their bathroom? That’s nice, I guess. I’d thank them if they were real.

So, alright. I wake up to a call from Ivan. Extremely gentle awakening. I rested well, today I won’t be a zombie like the night before. It’s only about 10:30, which, at least for me, is still pretty early, and gives me all the time in the world to enjoy myself that day.

Ivan wants to know if I’m having lunch with him and Camila today. Yeah, sure. Those two have been having lunch together pretty much every weekday for the last few months. I join them occasionally. I like them a lot. He’s one of my closest and most trusted friends. And Camila? I’ve always really enjoyed her presence. But in light of recent conversations with Ivan, I really want to go.

So here’s the story: I have a curse. For every girl I’m interested in, or that is interested in me, I have a friend that I care about more and that is more into them. Judith violently hitting on me while she’s dating Eduardo and the way he always speaks so highly / lovingly of her being the prime example (today’s her birthday btw, I’d say something nice but she bothers me a lot tbh). There used to be Zorayda, too. She seemed all over me until she sorta became a thing with Ivan. Uh oh. Neither of us really talks to her anymore. She’s chill, I just don’t care for the drama.

I get off track so much and this is all one single blog post. Not that anyone was gonna bother, anyway.

I like Camila. I don’t have the problems with her that I do with Judith (who barely has any personality, in addition to leading my homie on) or Zorayda (who always acted like we were closer than we were and made me uncomfortable a lot of the time). Camila is quite possibly the prettiest girl I know, she has a great sense of humor, she’s nice. Before I met her, Ivan used to tell me every day about how cool she was and how badly I had to meet her. So I did, and I wasn’t disappointed, she’s great.

He’s always sorta been pushing her as an option for me. That night during my spring break when I was going nuts in the hotel room, I called him on Skype. One of the things he told me to comfort me was “don’t worry too much, you still got Camila here.” The thought made me smile. But at that point I’d only hung out with her a handful of times. It was the idea of Ivan saying it that made me feel better, if only for a few minutes.

It’s a problem. I’d felt pretty comfortable with them recently, knowing my best friend wanted to set me up with his other best friend who seemed perfect in every way. Then it got really obvious. The dude is super into her. He just doesn’t have the self-esteem to even consider that she’d ever like him.


What frustrates me most isn’t that I’m still unable to find a girl that I can really connect to that way while in university, or that my close friends keep crushing on every single possibility. It’s him. He reminds me so much of himself in high school and it’s really painful. I’ve had a few conversations with him the last few days regarding Camila, and no matter how much I try to encourage him, the dude doesn’t think he’ll ever grow the balls to pursue something with her. “I’m not always gonna be like this. Maybe the next girl.” Okay, man. It’s just frustrating.

So, this morning, right. We agreed on a time for lunch, but not a place or even who would go. I was pretty fucking comfy still so I didn’t feel the need to get out of bed yet. As the time approached, I finally decided to get up and go take a shower. Eduardo was out in the living room, making plans for Judith’s birthday. He asked me if I knew any nice places for flowers around town, and if I could get ahold of Ivan the romantic. Sure thing, but I had to hop in the shower first. I told him I was actually about to meet up with him. I was a little reluctant to tell him about lunch (Camila has mentioned before she thinks he’s a bit of a snob), but I didn’t want to be rude so I invited him to come join us. Yay, friends!

Eduardo told me about how one of the RAs found a beer bottle in our trash and everyone in the suite was required to make an appointment with the head of our dorms tomorrow. This will come up later.

So out of the shower, I get a text from Ivan. “I’m talking to a professor, I’ll be there in a bit, but you guys get there first.” My only question is where? Camila doesn’t live in dorms, so I have no idea where to find her. We usually have lunch at the cafeteria, but I’d just suggested a viet/thai place outside of campus the night before. Eduardo needs a reservation to rent one of the cars the school offers us so he can go get Judith’s flowers, and the place is right next to the cafeteria anyway. So we go there while waiting for a response from Ivan or Camila, sure. We’re also waiting for Sara, who’s gonna go get the flowers with Eduardo (”Lalote”) while the rest of us eat lunch. Okay.

The car rent exchange was pretty funny, but I don’t know why I’m describing every tiny detail of my day. Lalo somehow had credit both in favor and against. He doesn’t have a cellphone, and, okay, whatever. This is really unnecessary.

I need a break. Did it seriously take me this long to write about the first 2-3 hours of my day, which were mostly sleeping? I drag on and on with every detail. That’s the thing about my writing. Did I mention I joined a writing workshop last week? Or throw in an useless mention of how I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two months, or how I stopped drinking soda almost a month ago? How am I supposed to fit all of this in? What am I doing? How does writing work?

My brain is fried. I’m just gonna… I dunno. Talk to people a bit before I continue. I like this. Blogging is nice. I like knowing people anywhere can learn about my life and my feelings. I like writing, I like unloading. I’m gonna get back to this in a bit.

Challenge: read the first three status updates at the top of your Facebook feed. Using the second word (excluding pronouns, prepositions, and articles) of each post as inspiration, write a 500-word (or less) work of fan fiction. Any fandom, any genre, any rating. Your work need not take direct inspiration from the nature of the status update.
Prompts: nobody, normal, kissed

His eyes are like the deepest ocean and they see right through me. Sometimes I think he sees more of me than anyone else and it terrifies me.

Keep reading

sylias replied to your post “you told me to ask a lot so choose any of these: 25, 23, 30, 37, 41,…”

Ahhh finally I got a small sneak peek of your stories >:3 niceee…

Aaaaahhhaha, actually I’m just kind of shy talking about my stories on the internet, like currently only two of my friends read the current one as I go, and I always think nobody would be interested in anything about them… or something like that. But if you’re interested you can ask me anything actually, it’s not like I want to keep these things a secret, it just happens this way somehow :D

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I'm thinking about starting a dancer/aidoru blog as well. Any tips?

Don’t get discouraged! That’s my biggest tip. If you feel that nobody is reading your stuff or that nobody cares, just keep posting and do what you want. I mean, it’s YOUR blog!