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Hi, just letting you know I don't appreciate your absolutely ludicrous posts about me and my friends. I don't know where you're getting all this information from but 1) call me an obsessed stalker all you want but you're the one who sits on tumblr all day every day wanking over a relationship that doesn't exist, 2) nobody who works with the boys gives us any information on their whereabouts, they do themselves or we find out elsewhere and 3) I have NEVER waited at Harry's house. bye

Hi, Lewis Jones. :) In reference to this post.

You also wrote this.

she s right. how do u feel about it?

I have never read something more ridiculous in my entire life. The ironic thing is these people talk about me and my friends and say that we’re ‘obsessed’ with them. Take a look in the mirror. We aren’t the people who sit on twitter and tumblr all day every single day coming up with these ludicrous theories about the boys and fans who meet them. We just go and see them when they’re around and we know which studios they’re at. I personally have never waited outside Harry’s house, waited for him at a restaurant or seen him at a hotel pool as stated in that post either - I see him and the other boys at studios and so on when they’re WORKING. Nobody in their team ‘tips us off’ and there is no fucking schedule/agenda about giving us information to meet them. I can’t even be bothered to say anything else but yeah, that is absolute bullshit hahaha but if you wanna believe it and that helps you sleep easier at night.. go ahead :)

“I have NEVER waited at Harry’s house. bye”

Before I get into the numbers in this post, I want to make it clear that you can write a book of any length. Nobody is prescribing how you should write, what you should write, or how long it should be. It is entirely up to you.

However, as a first-time author, you do increase your chances of getting published (and being read) if you follow certain guidelines.

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title: god damn, i really want you

pairing: slypkc (seamus/eddie)

part: 1/?

word count: 1.3k

summary: seamus works at target and eddie finds unnecessary reasons to go there just to talk to him. seamus doesn’t really mind.

notes: hi!! so uhh this is just part one and if nobody really cares about it i’ll probs just abandon it so if you want me to continue then please let me know!! i really appreciate feedback bc these actually take a lot more time than you’d think <33

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I’m already an emotional wreck at the moment but the montage of heck trailer made me cry so fucking hard like I haven’t talked about it in a long time but I’ve always related to kurt more than any other famous person that I have researched and read about. and loved him the most. layne staley is a pretty close second on loving him but relating to? nobody gets nearly as close as kurt. every time he opens his mouth I just see myself. and when he doesn’t. I’m so afraid for when this documentary releases because I know I’m going to sob beginning to end. luckily my boyfriend is just as big of a nirvana fan as well as me as well as simply loving kurt so much. I don’t know. this post sounds stupid. I’m sure every fucking person says they relate to Kurt and shit but I really really really relate. and then courtney. I see the other side of myself in her. I love them both so much.

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A friend of mine sent me the link to one of your posts. I'm ItziarMR on twitter. I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention me, especially when you don't know shit about me or who I know or who I talk to. You'd see everything I say is true if you followed my private twitter account, but since you don't... not that I would ever let you! Only people I trust follow me lol. So please, next time you feel the need to say anything about me say it to my face ok?? BYE

If you had read the actual post my darling you would see just about how much I give a shit about you and what you say!

You have just about as much relevance in the fandom as any other troll that I deal with!

That’s really your issue isn’t it? That I dismissed you as the nobody you really are!

You certainly found out about my response quickly enough. So I guess you follow me way more than I follow you since your comment about when K supposedly left Montana was the first time I’d ever heard of you and rest assured I won’t be following you or giving anything you say anymore relevance than it deserves.

But feel free to lurk on my blog and maybe you’ll actually learn something about what is really going on with Rob and Kristen.

So to my previous anon that asked me about this account in the first place. Do you really trust someone that attacks at this level of non-provocation? This would be like my attacking everyone that ever says something about me out there on the Internet!

Shit that’s I’ll I’d be doing…because this kind of shit happens to me everyday! Pathetic that ppl feel so insecure that they have the need to attack just because someone disagrees with what they say!

My dear if you were so certain in regards to your information you wouldn’t care what I have to say! But obviously you aren’t as certain as you claim to be. And no worries. I don’t feel the need to follow your drivel!

Pretty Little Liars

Nobody is going to read this and it’s super long but I need to put it here for my own sanity and so I can look back at it as things start to unravel in the next series. I’ve only ever posted a couple of theories & tbh what I’m about to post is an accumulation of things that I’ve read from other people’s posts so I’m not taking credit for any of these ideas I’m just lumping together all my favourite theories in one big splurge so shout outs to the people who came up with these different bits of info. Also I’m just ignoring Andrew Campbell rn because his character is frustrating me and I don’t want him to be important in the grand scheme so I’m keeping him out of this.

Umm K let’s start with twins. Jessica Di Laurentis & Marion Cavanaugh are twins, or at least sisters. They look so similar and this could be part of why Mrs D is so involved in Radley & covering up Marion’s suicide/murder/death. Marion is Bethany’s mum, so Bethany is Toby’s sister. When Jenna & her mum are moving in to Toby’s house in S2.13 one of the moving boxes says “Jenna’s Room” and then across from that on the same box says “Bethany”. If Bethany is Toby’s sister then presumably she & Jenna have never lived together so this could mean that Jenna’s stuff is going into Bethany’s old room which is why her name is also on the box, since Bethany is already in Radley. This also explains Mrs D’s involvement with Bethany & why she has Bethany call her Aunty Jess- she is Bethany’s aunty! I love this theory and credits to the different people who noticed all this shiz because it blew my mind.

But then we have Charles, who T F is Charles. People saying that Bethany and Charles are the same person are grasping at straws I think. Bethany has been confirmed as the person who was in Alison’s grave and SURELY is dead. We never met Bethany’s parents even though they were mentioned loads, we’ve also never met Toby’s dad (I’m pretty sure), so they can be the same person, we don’t really know much about Jenna & Toby’s family. So then we have the dress Mrs. D was hiding from Mr. D. Right now that could really have been for Bethany or equally could have been for Charles if we go with the transgender theory, which makes a lot of sense.

In the home video the boys are not identical but could still be twins, or just brothers (or even cousins but let’s not). One boy is wearing pink laces and the other is wearing blue, if Charles is the boy in pink laces this backs up the transgender theory (not that liking pink means you’re a girl, but just roll with it). The baby could be Alison and the two boys could be her two brothers: Jason and Charles. A few episodes back Jason makes a comment about how there are tonnes of albums of baby pictures of Alison but hardly any/none of him. Is this because their parents are hiding Charles’ existence from Ali? If he went to Radley while Ali was small she may not even know about him, which explains why she is so clueless about who has been terrorizing her and why Mrs. D was protecting the person she thought killed Ali, it was her son. This would make Bethany and Charles cousins, which they may or may not have known, and also means Bethany is a cousin of Ali and Jason which explains why she and Alison look so alike. If Jason and Charles are twins that means that their real father is Mr Hastings- so Charles is also brother to Spencer and Melissa. In the latest episode when Mrs Hastings says to her husband “no more secrets” and then tells Melissa “there’s something you need to know” could this be the secret??? This also explains all the shiftyness between Mr Hastings and Mrs D. So if Charles is Jason and Ali’s brother who wants to be a girl then that kind of explains his motives, he’s jealous of Alison’s life and thinks she’s lived her life badly and hasn’t appreciated how good she had it and so is punishing her. I’m not sure about this theory though, I’m not sure why this Charles would target the girls so much and what the tie in would be with Marion’s death exactly, but I’m not ruling it out.

OR. Toby is Charles. The two boys in the video are Toby and Jason, who are cousins. The little girl is Bethany and Mrs. D is telling Toby to kiss his little sister. Zip forward a couple of years and for reasons I haven’t thought of, probably to do with Mrs. D. Bethany & Marion are both in Radley. Mrs. D has something to do with Marion’s death & Bethany knows about it which is why she comes to hate Mrs. D and do those drawings etc. Bethany tells what she knows but only Toby (her brother) believes her. Thus A is born, he already hates Alison and the girls for a whole bunch of reasons which I won’t go into. In the episode where Spencer is dreaming in black and white Ezra seems like the bad guy then is knocked out by Toby who is apparently saving the day. In reality Ezra isn’t the bad guy, so does that mean Toby isn’t a hero? Dun dun dun. When has A ever used their real name anyway? I don’t think A would leave blocks which could spell out his name just lying where the liars could see. The note in Mona’s mirror that the girls found with anagrams for “Charles Di Laurentis” is also likely a red herring. If Mona had written that then when she first opened up to the girls in the dollhouse once the electricity is out then she would have said so, or would have had something to say when Spencer revealed Charles as the name. The note and blocks were probably planted by ‘Charles’ to distract the girls from figuring out the truth. Toby has plenty of motive to punish the girls, plus Marlene King has said that the truth to Marion’s death is linked to why A is A. Toby has done a lot of carpentry and other crafts which would come in handy with building traps, dolls houses, real houses etc etc. His house blew up with nobody inside. Why would A blow up Toby’s house if not to hurt anybody? Maybe to keep making it look like Toby is a target… Toby’s tattoo is super creepy, if he thought Ali was dead when he got it then that’s an explanation, so when he learned that Alison wasn’t actually dead (probably something gave this away to him when they found her body) he started targeting the girls. For that year he genuinely thought things were over. When Spencer saw the home video something definitely clicked with her, probably because she recognised both or one of the little boys in the video. If she only recognised one then that could be either Jason or Toby and presumably the other boy, Charles, is one she wouldn’t recognize. If the boys were Jason and Toby together that would explain why things seemed to click so quickly in Spencer’s head, she knew the boys immediately and didn’t need to question who they were. One boy in the video looks slightly older so this could be Jason and the other could be Toby. If Bethany is a year or two older than Ali and the girls then it would make sense that she is the baby. Neither of the boys looks 7 years old so to be Jason and Alison doesn’t really make sense since Jason is 7 years older than Ali, but this is just interpretation, we don’t know the ages of the boys.

There is so much more I could add to all of this but I cba right now so I’ll probably do a part 2 another time. If anybody actually reads this and has any opinions/mistakes/bits to add please message me. :-) So far Toby=Charles=A is my favourite theory, with Bethany being Toby’s sister. This show is ruining me. Ps. For those saying this would make Toby and Spencer cousins and therefore incest. Toby would be related to Jason through Jessica Di Laurentis. Jason is related to Spencer& Melissa through Peter Hastings so this doesn’t make Spencer & Toby related. Also we were told we would see Big A without their mask, we never saw the A with the girls without his mask so who says that’s even Charles? Why can’t that be a member of the A Team and the real Charles/Toby/Jason/whoever is with Detective Tanner or anywhere else, unmasked… :-)

Marluxia would be a huge aesthetic blogger, let’s be real

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Admin Dana should just be kicked out of the group. She doesn't contribute to anything! And when she does, the quality isn't good at all. Reading what she has to write isn't enjoyable. I don't see why Hype Dragon would be getting any hate when obviously they aren't the weakest admin.

You attacking admins from a blog is like attacking separate band members of a group. Our “PD-nim” is proud of us and nobody is leaving. You couldn’t kick J-Hope out of BTS, you can’t kick Dana out of BTS-Scenarios. If you don’t like a particular Admin, avoid their posts. Simple.

~Admin Hype Dragon

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No, yeah, you're right, laughing at people being manipulated and murdered is hilarious. You guys are SO funny.

It seems that you haven’t read any of the posts the have been made about this. Because if you had, I wouldn’t have received this ask.

I’m truly sorry if anything I’ve said has caused anyone pain. I never want to do that, but I know that it’s always going to be a possibility, regardless of what I say.

Nobody is mocking or making light of cults here. Well, some people did, but they weren’t SFers. They were the people who compared SF, a community where people enjoy a pairing on a fictional tv show, to cult where people were brainwashed and murdered.

That is the offensive thing here. That is making light of and poking fun at cults. And yet nobody seems to be up in arms about that. These people both enormously insulted SFers by comparing them to an organization where people are brainwashed and murdered, and made light of cults by comparing them to a group of people who just enjoy a ship on a television show. So where’s the outrage for this? Where are the people talking about how hurt the were by the accusation, and how disgusting the people who made it are for making comments like that?

Nobody in SF fandom is mocking cults. We’re mocking the accusation. Because it deserves to be mocked. It is a hurtful and ridiculous accusation that undermines the pain and damage cause by cults and says that people enjoying a ship on a tv show are as bad as a group that murders people. That is an accusation that deserves to be ridiculed because it is so outlandishly offbase, hurtful to both SF shippers and cult survivors/those who lost loved ones to cults/etc., and ridiculous.

SFers are using humor to point out how incredibly out of line, baseless, and ridiculous that accusation is. It’s not about mocking cults. It’s about poking fun at the accusation because it’s so ridiculous, out of line, and offensive.

I’m sorry if anything any SFers have said has hurt you or anyone. But quite frankly, the people to be upset at aren’t the people who are recognizing how incredibly out of line that accusation was because they aren’t the people who are making light of cults. The people to be upset at are the people who made light of cults by comparing them to a group of people who just ship something that they don’t.

If you need to talk about anything, or just need someone to listen, you can email me at

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venture bros!!!!!!!


who is the aesthetic blogger: lowkey it’s pete. he has little sideblog where he posts all of his pastel goth garbage and nobody irl has the url for it (except billy who may or may not have seen it over pete’s shoulder one day)

who is the sj blogger: oh my god every character is garbage i don’t think any of them would be sj bloggers. if i had to chose one then i feel like hank and dean would have sj tendencies, especially hank

who is the fandom blogger: billy. he fucking RUNS the rusty venture show fanbase

who puts everything under a read more: probably rusty

who posts the most selfies: now u see that’s a very close call between the monarch and shore leave but it’d probably go to shore leave

who is the biggest meme enthusiast: 21 and 24 no if’s and’s or but’s about it

who makes really quality themes: i feel like pete would spit out a pretty steady stream of really cool themes and tweaks in his free time, but only when he gets bored enough to write anything

who reblogs posts with pointless comments: orpheus and dean both do it a lot, dean bc he likes to get his opinion into matters he cares about/things he finds funny and orpheus bc. i mean he’s orpheus u know he would

who has the most followers: hmmmm. all of them are pretty big losers but either jj or the monarch maybe? jj bc he posts about all the shit he’s working on and ppl find it interesting and the monarch bc a lot of ppl are so confused about his eyebrows that they follow him. idk i know if i ever saw someone with monarch eyebrows i’d be interested enough to follow them

who uses 12 emojis in every post: totally al

who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: it was so dean

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Your really dumb and offensive like not all white people act like the ones in your post. I'm especially offended and I'm white and I don't hate black people we all have our own struggles nobody's life is any harder than anyone else's. White people get bullied by the cops ALL THE TIME!!!

I found the perfect gif for how I read this and I’m just gonna leave it here without even engaging in this fuckery.

My dear readers (Minhas queridas leitoras)

Am I here too soon? Yes, of course I am, I felt completely obligated to make a post after everything that happened, coincidentally I deactivated my Tumblr in the storm era at the fandom.
Hey guys, I’ve been reading your questions! I will answer all in one post. Gonna be the only one that will do for now, this blog is not fully activated, I thought I was forgotten and nobody would send me any more questions but it seems that I am wrong, I am happy to be one of the people that you guys have searched during it all what happened.
Who’s online right now and reading this, stay tuned, I will clarify everything today.
Lots of love!

Será que eu estou aqui cedo demais? Sim, com certeza eu estou, me senti completamente obrigada a fazer uma postagem depois de tudo o que aconteceu, coincidentemente desativei o Tumblr na época de tempestade no fandom.
Hey, eu estive lendo as perguntas de vocês! Irei responder todas em apenas uma postagem. É a unica que irei fazer por enquanto, o blog não está totalmente ativado de volta, pensei que haviam me esquecido e não iriam me mandar mais perguntas mas parece que estou enganada, me sinto feliz por ser uma das pessoas que vocês procuraram durante tudo isso que aconteceu.
Quem estiver online e lendo isso, fiquem atentos, irei esclarecer tudo ainda hoje.
Muito amor

but listen ok listen l i s t e n paige loves jess and tess so much but she’s never been very good with any types of relationships so she really weren’t that great at showing it and she unintentionally fucked it up with both of them but she loves them sHE LOVES THEM AND ITS MAKING ME EMOTIONAL SHE LOVES THEM GODDAMMIT 

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I saw your comment on that ableist post about Rapmon's new MV. I def think ableism is wrong and should not be justified but how is this mc even ableist. its probably triggering af, but seriously that's about it. In no way does it suggest that all mentally ill/disabled people act like that/treated like that. It shows ONE example of a mental ill person. If tumblr keeps going all sjw on stuff like this, nobody will even be able to portray ANY concepts anymore. why do people read so deep into stuff?

Exactly, anon! This is just trying to see evil where is none, just to feel ‘special’ and ‘rightful’ and whatever that makes sjw feel like they are doing something against something that ins’t even there. 

I’m sorry to break it to you like this but spending countless of time in tumblr doesn’t make you an expert and every knowledge field out there. Also, calling out a social problem when there isn’t one doesn’t justify your intolerance and biased opinion.

This is why idols crack and leave the business and barely have a life at all. Because intolerant fans put so much shit and pressure on their shoulders, because they feel entitled to do so. No, you are not. I believe Rap Monster is doing a great job finally delivering the lyrics and music he has been working so har don and that don’t fit in the usual kpop agenda; the music is great and the videos are awesome. By doing this kind of shitty calling is such a hard blow to all the independent artists that are inspired by what Rap Mon is achieving and offensive to all the people that worked hard on this, to give rap a chance in the industry. 

Deep reading isn’t wrong, it actually excites us media analysts when someone actually gets what we were trying to portray. Doing a deep reading just to fit your views, totally not cool.

Want a deep read? Think about how RapMon is three people in the MV, the prisioner, the helper and the guard. We all fullfil those roles in society, that traps us in its sense of rightness and wrongness. That part of us, that rebels to it, it’s locked up by ourselves but we don’t forget about it, we nurse it, we take care of it. Still we struggle because we are dived about what we should do, since we think are right…. but what part of us is the one that is right? When the guard leaves, he looks a bit insane (that smirk yo), you could say it’s mirroing the one locked up. But then composed one, the one in a position of power (by how the camera captures the electric chair-device) is the ‘crazy one’. But all of them are RM. Sot who’s the one locked up? Himself? So, who’s leaving the asylum? Which part really of him left? What’s right and what’s wrong? 

That’s more about analysing a video by it’s meaning that just callign ableism out of the blue. 

Shit should be called on, def, but when it’s really there, not when you feel like stirring controversy for the sake of it.

Also, the fact you asked anon and had other several people sending asks about they felt the same way but were too afraid of saying something, says how fucked up intolerant some of the fandom is. So stop trying to defend something by making people feeling unconrfotable of speaking their mind because of irrational hate. 

So just a head’s up

I’m probably going to be unfollowing a lot of FFXIV blogs. 

I haven’t played the game in like 6 months and I don’t ever think I’m going to come back. So naturally I have lost interest in it. Those who run the blogs have been very lovely, I just don’t see a reason to keep it on my dash. 

Feel free to unfollow me as well. No hard feelings. 

PS - sorry I have flown off the handle and haven’t posted any kitting/crochet or anything that isn’t queued. I’ve been working on my thesis this quarter which has caused a lot of stress and taken up a lot of time. @_@

solicity97 replied to your post “Alrighty so this is the first thing I’ve ever written. (Aside from…”

SEESTRA WRITES TOO?! OMG. This is so good! Please, calm your talent. Or at least let it rub off on the rest of us.

HAHAHA NO SEESTRA I DON’T WRITE. This was a thing I could not get out of my head so I did this. (I also sketched it out…) And even when I do write it’s mostly for myself. I mean nobody’s really ever read any of my stuff aside from this.


portalkitten replied to your post:I think I’m frustrated with GTA V cause if you…


sorry, what I MEANT, YOU WIENER, is that if you ship anything OTHER THAN TRIKEY you are ROYALLY FUCKED because like NOBODY makes content for any other ships

I still ship wade/ron, and lamar/franklin, and dave norton/steve haines and its hell because there’s so few fics and i can’t even read some of them because THERE’S SO MANY NON-CON FICS IN THIS FUCKING FANDOM


Everyone’s like “whiteout” is racist. So why don’t we do something like #supportblackout or idk you guys think of something better, where only that white people participate, who really are against racism and support any race. I think it’s good idea, coz the racists wont be able to participate in it. What do you all think about this?

hey i’ve been reading a few things on my dash and i just wanna say real quick that for the record, i’m 100% alright with people tagging my fan art as otherkin stuff like #kin or any variants! (i’m not too worried about people tagging my ocs or fursonas as kin stuff either since i rarely post anything other than fan characters, but yeah in case i do then i’d prefer you didn’t do that)

i’m speaking for myself and nobody else, so please don’t reblog but feel free to keepit in mind in case you ever wanna tag it in the future :>