Giovanna kept her head down, her nose buried in a book, as she walked towards the castle’s library. Of course, her lack of watching where she was going caused her to bump into something…or someone. “Umph!” she grunted, finally looking up from her book.

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Haaaahaah! Not sure if I’ll be able to write this out properly but have at least a flailing post. Or… basically a summarising post of what would happen, pffft. XD;

Tao comes in one day waving either the first volume of the novel or manhua, or both, because ‘hey, Takeo, you said your Chinese isn’t that great, right? You can practice with this! We can help when you get stuck!’


'I'll tell you if Tao's lying to you again.'

'Thank you, M-21.'

'Heeeeeey! 8C That happened ONCE, okay?'

'That I know of.'

But they settle down anyway, a stack of paper near them, Tao with his laptop to help when they all get stuck, M-21 the one who brings the drinks. 

They read at different speeds - Tao reads the fastest, then M-21, then Takeo, so Tao’ll start laughing at something and few minutes later, they’ll snort or shake their head. 

Tao thinks the world sounds like fun. ‘But just imagine what it’d be like if you lived there!’

'Tao, you live with nobles and you know werewolves exist.'

'But MAGIC-!'

It’s when they’re introduced to Leaf that they pause and look at each other. An archer who smiles a lot, is actually friendly and not just pretending to, but can turn you into a pincushion if he needs to? Yeah, that doesn’t sound familiar.

So they start reading it a little closer, trying to see if there’s anyone else there they recognise.

Storm pops out to them next and Tao gets nudged in the side. He flicks popcorn at them and M-21 tells him to pick it up.

'I'm not THAT bad.'

'Right. How much sleep did you get last night?'

'…Uh. Pass?' 

They come to the dawning realision Sun’s Frankenstein. After that, it’s easy to see Rai in Judgement.

'Hey, do you think their hidden conversations are like what Boss and he do?'


They can’t seem to find M-21 but he doesn’t mind. Until they start finding out more about Roland.


'He basically walks around shirtless half the time.'

But M-21 does sometimes agree, though his ‘fit’ isn’t as good as the others. If just for Roland’s transformation and how different he is from the others.

Aaaand then I don’t know how it would end. XD;