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Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg’s Miss Saigon hosted its 25th anniversary gala performance of the musical in the West End tonight, September 22, 2014, featuring original stars Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce and more. Photos have been popping up all over Twitter, and BroadwayWorld has some shots of the festivities below!

desiiderxta said:

☮ ♘ ❢ ❂


☮: Something you’re confident about with your writing

My imagery I think. I’m fairly confident with my ability to paint a vivid image of whatever I’m writing. That and portrayal of intense emotions.

♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC


bc of that face. she is like ‘bitch wtf did you just say to me?’
kirsten is a queen.

❢: Your favourite icon of your muse’s FC


it’s a gif icon but whatevs right?
Margy just looks fabs and excited like she
was really into that fight idk it’s just all sexy.
Men are lucky to have her.
Even if she’s like a black widow..
not EXACTLY but they all die anyway lmao.

❂: Three of your favourite blogs that you follow

kili bae ily but I hate this question. I have a LOT of favorite blogs for like different reasons. 3 is an evil number. I’ll add my favorites IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER and as many as I want cause I can.

royalelijah | cuarrto | herunfailingkindness | tyrellsgoldensonubitacxn | wickedfatality | stayedbehind | backstabbingwanker | nobleassassin | joelgxrannobleviking | ofbloodinwar-deactivated2014091 | awokefromashes | hybridvictorious | sorcierexcachee | theyaremydisease | italianexoticbeauty | whxtislove | morallymikaelson |

Okay I’m leaving at that. it’s a helluva lot of tvd/to blogs but I’ve been rping that much more than anything else THIS ISN’T TO SAY I DONT LOVE YOU ALL EITHER OKAY CAUSE I DO YOU’RE ALL MY PRECIOUS SNOWFLAKES ♥.

therapturestandard said:

I'm sure you love the nobles of Dishonored too, so I was wondering, which one is your favorite ? uwu

It’s obvious. Lord Shaw! I think he is a true nobleman. A honor is the most important part of his identity. The worst offence for him - being (called) a coward. In Dunwall where major amount of nobles is corrupted it’s something rare and inspiring.

Also I like doctor Ramsey, mister Byron Alderdice (and his sarcastic friend) and Pendletons, of course (not because they are perfect human beings, they just seem like interesting characters).

Connected to this post.

A tiny bit more on artist!Frankenstein, or my reasonings behind it. Because seriously, Frankenstein’s from before the 12th century or something and while there WERE printing press machines before that, I doubt Frankenstein would have trusted them to print to his exact liking.

And since he was researching bodies and everything else, he would have had to be drawing everything up by hand and making sure it was METICULOUSLY correct and full of detail, because this is Frankenstein we’re talking about. He is a perfectionist, and this was about the survival of the human race as well.