excuse the crappy graphic, i tried ok. i reached a hundred followers after having this blog for two days, honestly i am still in shock and now i have over one hundred followers so i decided to finally get around to doing this bias list. ( also it’s half six in the morning and i haven’t sleep, i feel like i’m forgetting people just yell at me if you should here srsly. )

the cupcakes. 
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hearteyes at these fuckers tbh.
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Moments of Weakness

Aaa short Noblesse comic!!! I thought I’d put it here. I didn’t mean to become so inactive on this blog for so long… I am sorry o|-<

This was supposed to be a messy two page comic but??? I started cleaning it up… and made it longer… and the ending is totally not what I’d planned but there I go. Click Thru or Click Here to read

I put the more spoilery comments on my sideblog RT


"Congratulations dumbass! I’ve seen you will be married with the stupid of your friend.You will have destination different from, how glad I’m!" Expressed really ironically and then added."I’m sure you will have a great wedding night and a great family and then time will show you how right I’m and how honest my words were!"


{ That awkward moment when you now hate and have to redo a headcanon/verse because someone explains something important to you that you totally didn’t pick up on in the comics…

Yeah that just happened, thank you noblecrimsonslayer for explaining.♥  Turns out the ‘green eyed girl’ Cul comes to have ‘feelings’ for is actually Leah when Loki messes with the history books.

I had an entire other idea in mind for the green eyed girl, but now that she’s Leah I’m just going to completely void the idea of her being Skadi’s (Cul’s daughter) mom.

So Skadi has a mystery mom now I guess idk.  Marvel and all the unclear family trees *sigh*. }