Some more musing thoughts before I go get something to eat.

Assuming Rai lives at the end of the series, do you think he’ll move on from high school? Because I’m picturing Frankenstein eventually founds a uni so Rai can go there and start learning more stuff once he’s covered the basics. And learned how to actually do a test.

Except I couldn’t think of what Rai would take, because if he took sciences, Frankenstein’s already ahead of all that anyway, so he’d be learning all the wrong stuff and Frankenstein’s despairing in the corner about how far behind everyone is but he can’t intervene too much~!

And Rai doesn’t need to know how people think, because he can literally listen in on their thoughts and know why they were doing things so…

And the other thought was, assuming M-21’s lifespan is a lot longer now thanks to his heart (and that he lives at the end of the series), what would he do about his tattoo? It could depend on if he finds out his name, and he lets the ‘21’ fade out, or maybe he keeps getting it redone/touched up to remember his comrades.

Or maybe he gets ‘RK-7’ on his wrist, either on the opposing one, or over his faded out ‘21’ one.

*muse muse*

Studying her reflection in the mirror, Sonja felt it hard not to find herself fixating on the idea of ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’; for surely that was where she found herself now. On one hand, the last thing she wanted to do was play Esther’s games. The woman was hellbent on something and whatever it was, she wanted no part of. But on the other hand, Esther was the one who brought her here. And Sonja had no doubt that her mother-in-law could just as easily send her back. 

There’d be no chance of seeing him then.

So she’d smile. And nod. And refrain from telling Esther she was completely batshit. All those things she didn’t even do in the 10th Century. And she’d do it all for him. For the chance to be with him again.


A few bellows and a short walk later and she was following Finn into the compound. She had never lived here, never even seen this city before now…but she couldn’t help being marveled by it. It was so beautiful, so perfectly Mikaelson.

But it all paled in comparison to him. His hair was shorter. She liked it. It suited him. As did the clothes he wore. And she was sure she was staring, but she couldn’t help it. How could she not? With him…right there…close enough to touch and yet…

"And who’s this? Don’t tell me mother jumped ship again. Though, I must admit, this body is a vast improvement over her last."

A chuckle escaped Finn and though he spoke to Klaus, his gaze was completely fixated on Elijah. “No. Not Mother. She’s been…detained. But what family reunion would be complete without our dear sister-in-law. Elijah, aren’t you going to greet your wife.”

If looks could kill, Finn would have dropped dead right there. She did not appreciate being a pawn in his, or anyone’s, game. 

But the damage was done and she had been outed. The question was, where did they go from there?