Kaya and her friends Noah, Anna and ananda at her 2nd birthday party in the country. She was a tutu butterfly in Wellington boots, thanks to mum and dad dean finding butterfly wings at Walmart and auntie suz for the tutu dress! The addition of willies was kayas idea!

Planes, wrecks, and space stuff by Tomasz Zaczeniuk Getting ideas off the ground requires careful planning; having a plan in the first place improves your chances for success. But there’s always a risk of falling into a trap that paralyzes ideas: over-planning. Over-planners focus too much on specific details, sticking to a timeline even when it no longer makes sense. This is especially problematic in team settings, when scoping out projects and aligning on deadlines can result in delays. And according to Noah Weiss (VP Product at Foursquare), the bigger the company, the longer the delays: When your company is 1,000+ people, you probably need complicated processes and committees for any company-wide initiatives. Aggregating OKRs from teams across Google required numerous PMs working practically full-time for weeks per quarter. There are stakeholders across sales, marketing, support, and more to coordinate with. Between 20 people and 1,000 people is the sweet spot for a light-weight approach to product roadmaps. We have tried many at Foursquare, but none have stuck — including a few attempts at OKRs. The alignment from OKRs is great, but the measurement overhead is overkill for companies changing quickly and the quarterly cycle is too inflexible. For Weiss, it’s about taking steps forwards as quickly as possible without losing sight of long-term projects and goals. Weiss created a prioritized roadmap that was common across teams. He came up with a streamlined process that follows only three, very simple, timelines: #now, #next, and #later. #now Is the next 2–4 weeks. For many teams that use bi-weekly sprints, this fits perfectly into their planning cadence. #next Is 1–3 months out. Effectively, it’s the rest of the quarter after #now. This bucket has the most debate, because #now projects are usually already underway so this is the area where the next few months of work get set. #later Is 3+ months out. It’s a useful place to park ideas the team is passionate about. This is the most useful bucket, because it saves the team unending debates so they can focus on building #now and then #next projects. While there are certain projects and endeavors that do take extensive periods of time to put together and coordinate before they can be launched, they are rare, few and far between. These ideas are also incredibly difficult to get off the ground. Is your idea one of these? It’s unlikely. There’s a good chance that you’ll be just fine with #now, #next, and #later deadlines. [via] http://ift.tt/1EfZxKH

from pradodesign.com http://ift.tt/1qusUJj

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Still dying over Sharna's IG... Noah is so damn cute, I can't take it! "What the f*** do you want me to do?!?" "TOUCH the damn thing!" 😂😂😂

It was super cute!

back in color!!! Back in the win column and runs column !!!! LGM!!!!

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PDP/Blog Overview


Buile Hill Visual Arts College
– started in October and will continue until the end of the school year. To attain this position I had to undergo a selection process, as well as safeguarding and mentoring training. I chose to take a First aid course to further develop my skills. I work as a High School Mentor in the Art department of the Secondary School in Salford. I have worked with 7, 8, 9 and 11. My involvement in the school has involved me assisting pupils with their work by providing advice on how to develop work, encouragement, assistance and demonstrating art techniques, all of this has helped improve my confidence.

Noahs Ark – I work as a volunteer at the children’s art and play group. I help set up and prepare the event with the other volunteers. Then once the children have arrived I help them complete their art, keep them safe and entertained until their parents come and pick them up.


-YCN Briefing at University

-Mentoring Training (part of Salford Advantage award)

-DBS Assesment (part of Salford Advantage award)

-Health and Safety Training (part of Salford Advantage award)

-Safeguarding Training (part of Salford Advantage award)

-CV presentation and cover letters (part of Salford Advantage award)

-Reflective Writing (part of Salford Advantage award)

-Postgraduate Teaching session

-Employability day with former students and CV lecture

-Screen printing workshop

-Salford Post Grad Open Day

-Spine Stitch Bookbinding Workshop

-Coptic Stitch Bookbinding Workshop

-Hard Back Bookbinding Workshop

-Chinese Stab Stitch Bookbinding Workshop

-Albion Press Workshop

-MMU Post Grad Open Day

-‘Whatever your Brand’ company talk

-‘Machina’ company talk

-Ebru Paper Marbling workshop

-Online Presence workshop

-iPad Training workshop

-Good Ship Salford planning sessions

-Good Ship Salford Event

-Portfolio session with Lee

-File organisation session

-CV presentation, cover letters and interview technique session 

-Final Presentation to Business Panel (part of Salford Advantage Award)

-Create at Salford Final Show (future)

Freelance Work & Competition entries:

-YCN - Save the Children brief

-Salford Student Union - Activities Wall planner and flyers

-Community Art Mawlid Canvas

-Manchester Metropolitan Madinah Society – variety of posters, banner, hoodies, pens

-Manchester Madinah Society – variety of posters, banner, flyers

-Salford Madinah Society – variety of posters, banner, hoodies, flyers

-American Islamic Society’s hoodies- sandal nalyan

-Dawat-e-Islami poster

-Sheikh Nazim Helping Hands Charity – logo and variety of posters

Online presence:

-Twitter: @cmdtalk

-Facebook: www.facebook.com/CatherineMaireadDesign

-Tumblr: www.cmdatsalford.tumblr.com

-Behance: https://www.behance.net/catherinemairead

-Instagram: cmdtalk

-Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/catherine-mairead-fuller/a9/86/8b0


-Acted as Student Representative for Graphic Design course

-President and co-founder of Salford Madinah Society - a society I have run and also designed all of the output for.

-I was chosen to be part of the BBC Generation 2015 initiative after a selection process and audition, making up part of a 200 strong cohort. The program involves engaging young people aged between 18 - 24 years in discussions about Politics in the run up to the General Election on 7th May 2015. So far I have taken part in interviews for television and radio, as well as conversation and debate through BBC social media.

Upcoming Plans:

-Will update CV following Fiona’s tips & a covering letter too

-Will update all social media following Friday hand-in

-Perfect portfolio for Create Show

-Print business cards for Create show

-Look on Advantage for Summer volunteer/placement positions

-Have plans to start a Masters in September

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so like.. the whole tiny bb Wolfe and Christian all suited up and all the flashy red while Christian glares... do we get an explanation of that? or was it just 'so Wolfe was a fucked up kid and o btw Christian still looks good in a suit kbai'??? (or maybe i wasn't paying attention enough. i was distracted by the touching and HEIGHT DIFFERENCE and of course blood how very pretty eddie is soaked in red.)

There’s an explanation for the red eyes, yes. They will get into details in later episodes.

Are you talking about Christian in a dress suit or his superhero suit? I don’t really know what it is, but Christian doesn’t do much for me. But Johnny totally does. Beats me why! Nonetheless, Christian does look mighty fine in a suit, but I do love that he’s allergic to shirts. Also, I love how bitchy he got when Johnny stole Christian’s brand-name Diamond tie: “I’m here, digging through your things, stealing your ties, framing you for police brutality, sitting here as I chain-smoke on your bed, puff-puff-puff!”

I love how Wolfe’s stolen shoes are two sizes too big, complete with lifts, while covered from head to toe in blood. It’s adorable to me!


Your Dream from Vacation Club on Vimeo.

Vacation Club presents an online short featuring Luke Davis, documenting the travels from unique corners of the globe.

Editor: Victor Pakpour
Cinematographers: Aaron Lieber, Noah Alani, Mike Nulty, Gerhard Engelbrecht

“Everything is Fake”
Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Auge

“Your Queen”
Fabienne Delsol

Timber Timbre

“Ad Gloarian”




Noah Wegrich-The Kiddo from Perry Gershkow on Vimeo.

A surf short that I put together with Noah Wegrich around the Central Coast as well as some skating. Really wanted to show off some personality along with some great surfing and skating.

Directed // Filmed // Edited by Perry Gershkow
Additional Filming by Kyle Buthman

Shot on Sony fs700 and Red Epic
Music // Chet Faker


Untouched from Perry Gershkow on Vimeo.

A surf short which takes place over the past 6 months on the Central Coast. Surfers include Nat Young, Noah Wegrich, Austin Smith-Ford, Nic Hdez and Kyle Buthman.

Additional Footage by Kyle Buthman and Noah Alani