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florist au klaine :)

I was going to work on that prompt and then this post wandered onto my dash and I decided to go for it ;)

Besides, I have been obsessed by this tattoo parlor for far too long :


Kurt lets Blaine finish with his customer before waving at him, wandering in the flower shop as he waits for his boyfriend to be done.

He smiles as he looks at the little display of cacti in the corner, high enough to be out of the children’s reach and catching the stainglass beautifully, before turning to the different bouquets Blaine and Tina have worked on together, splashes of color exploding in a subtle way.

Only his boyfriend could pull that one off.

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Social Media || Quick

Pregnancy scare in the past, it was almost a month since Puck saw Quinn from the last time. They still talked or Skype daily, but with his training intensifying more each day it was getting harder for him to leave the base and go see her. He missed her daily, it wasn’t getting any easier to sped time apart and he only wondered how would it be once he was overseas.
When Thanksgiving came, he had the first leave in months, a five days leave that he would use to come back home to spend some time with his family and her. It was Thursday morning and Puck was driving the distance from his mom’s place to her moms already thinking on all the things they were going to be doing once they were alone.


Requested: Blame It On The Alcohol.

Happy New Year || Quick

Puck spent his ‘winter break’ preparing himself for what was about to come: they were shipping him to Afghanistan for at least 30 days. He was nervous, hell yeah, but at the same time excited about it. It will be the first time he actually get the chance of going in the middle of the battle and he know he got this shit, he’s ready for it. As much as he’d wish to leave and visit his mon, he opted to staying at base for the training part, deciding that the farewell could be done via phone, it would be better and he was in no mood to see her or even Sarah cry. It wasn’t a bad thing, a month would end up quickly.

Quinn on the other hand, every since that skype call things had been awkward between the two of them. They agreed on meeting one last time before he was deployed so she was coming to spend a weekend with him before she went back to Yale. He didn’t know what to expect from that.