1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 326:
Global League 2013 Block A Match:
Eddie Edwards Vs. KENTA

Pro Wrestling NOAH [November 2nd, 2013]

I think Eddie Edwards has the strongest dives in all of professional wrestling. When wrestling a talent like KENTA, you pretty much have to churn on all cylinders. Shortly before The Wolves were on TNA and Hideo Itami hit NXT like a wrecking ball, Eddie Edwards and KENTA squared off at Pro Wrestling NOAH in the Global League tournament. Eddie clearly did his homework in this match as he focues on KENTA’s knee from the bell, which KENTA clearly needs to execute his finishing maneuver. This doesn’t stop KENTA from trying to continue to use that leg, which Edwards has a strong focus on. Around the 11:20 point, KENTA fires some ridiculous kicks off that look like they could decapitate a man! Enjoy!