Sourcing Art Is Not Enough


  • It is illegal to repost artwork without the artist’s permission.
  • The artists don’t like it.
  • Don’t post or reblog art that doesn’t have the artist’s consent to be on Tumblr.
  • Let’s work together as we did for sourcing to get everyone to do the right thing :)

No, you cant just go assuming all pixiv artists will love seeing their arts get noticed on western site. That you’re doing ‘free advertisement’ for them and they should be grateful for you by reposting their art on tumblr, even without their consent.

Asking permission for reposting their works is crutial.

Reposting before they agree on reposting is disrespectful

This is an EXTREMELY rude act. You can see, as in this screenshot:



Please, seriously, stop reposting pictures without permission. What you are reposting in a few minutes, is a work that I have taken many hours, considering the layout and colours. Please think about reposting once again. And please, think about the feelings of the artists.



(top one): Please stop reposting without permission. It disgusts me to think that my drawing are being reposted somewhere I wasn’t notified. Also, please stop editing my pictures as well. How would you feel with a picture of your face was scribbled by another person?

(bottom one): What are they thinking, when they not only repost my works, but they also EDIT them as well? I thought that I clearly stated not to, even on pixiv.

(Thank you misty-moon-night for the translation)

The people who post art are not the only ones at fault. When one reblogs a piece of artwork that was reposted without the consent of the artist, he or she is giving support to the violation of Pixiv’s terms.

When I started reposting illustrations, I did NOT asked for permission first, and that was VERY WRONG. No one told me I was wrong, because no one knew it was wrong too.

Will this be enough to people in this fandom stop reposting illustrations without permission? No, it will never be, most people will just ignore this message and some will never even see it. So as I said before: Let’s work together!! So that someday everyone will do the right thing!

It’s not only pixiv (x).

You can learn more about this in my f.a.q (x)

Thanks hetaliafandomnewsnetwork and letsrespectpixivartist and misty-moon-night for helping me writing this.

Feel free to send me hate or ask me any question. Sorry for any english mistakes.

No.6 audio commentary with Yuki Kaji, Yoshimasa Hosoya and Kiyono Yasuno, episode 2

Again, I have no life so I used this Christmas Day to transcribe the audio commentary for episode 2 (episode 1 commentary here).

Like the first one, this is a prime example how fiercely protective Kaji-kun is of Shion and No. 6 in general - fanboy alert! It’s so endearing!

It’s all under the cut, so copy and paste it into a word document for better reading…. Enjoy!

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Cosplay by bienenkonigin

Hello No. 6 fans out there!

During this season of giving let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. It is a time for remembering and looking forward. We wish you wonderful memories during this joyous season, no matter if you’re celebrating Christmas or not. Have a great time!

Yesterday was our Secret Santa Day. Thanks to everyone who participated. Please enjoy the gifts we’ve created for each other, and of course our (Holy Celebration) No. 6 Week.

Your RC team! ;D



Winged Nezushi picture  [from Pirra (lasanha-do-lidl) for Vox (vox-clamantis-in-deserto).]

Nezushi building a snowman fanfiction [from Ineia (ladyineia) for this-is-our-truth]

Novel universe Nezumi fanfiction [from enokizu for Ame (nezumeme)]

Nezushi and winter cuddling fanfiction [from yuneyn for blackberrymilkshake]

Domestic and cuddling Nezushi pictures [from Ame (nezumeme) for Ahiku (ahikuboruchi)]

Nezushi and stars picture [from listenforthelove for Kaeri (haruchaans)]

Decorating with a little romance picture [from blackberrymilkshake for kinsdura]

Nezushi and lanterns picture [from Ahiku (ahikuboruchi) for petitechocomochi]

Christmas NezuShi fluff fanfiction [from aoyokai for siions]

Christmas No. 6 clique picture [from siions for listenforthelove]

Nezushi inbetween the lines picture [from kinsdura for ladyineia]

Shion cheering Nezumi up fanfiction [from petitechocomochi for aoyokai]

Cozy and tender Nezushi fanfiction [from vox-clamantis-in-deserto for tiny-sweet-potato]

Nezushi piano music fanart [from haruchaans for spyed]

Post-reunion fluff fanart [from this-is-our-truth for yuneyn]

Christmas NezuShi fanart [from nezumoo for lunacitty]


Spyed, tiny_sweet_potato and lunacitty, if you have gifts posted online, we’d appreciate it if you would link us to them so that we can add them to the masterpost.



It was a pleasure to be your Secret Santa this year! I’ll be honest right now and say that piano music was quite far from being an easy prompt, but, well… I guess I managed to finish it! 
I ran into a fair amount of complications, especially with getting reacquainted with my tablet. Ahaha. 
But in any case, I hope you like it! Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!! <3

No. 6 fic: (Not Quite) A Christmas Carol

Title: (Not Quite) A Christmas Carol
Author: listenforthelove
Word count: 8,930
Rating: PG-13 (language, canon events)
Characters: Nezumi, Shion, and some surprise appearances
Summary: In which Nezumi gets some very strange visitors late at night who have some things to show him. Post-canon holiday fic very loosely based on Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Author’s comments: I’m sorry, I don’t actually hate Nezumi (that much), I promise. Very loosely based on a Christmas Carol, because No. 6 doesn’t celebrate Christmas (as Nezumi will be quick to point out), though I do have four ghosts in total. Just all in one night. Sorry about your night’s rest, Nezumi.

Read on AO3 or read a preview below!


Nezumi was absolutely, one hundred percent positive he had not had nearly enough to drink for this, this – whatever ‘this’ was, really. Words didn’t usually fail him, but it was late, he was tired, he just wanted to go to sleep, and he sincerely did not have the time for… well, this.

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Which white haired anime boy are you?


Nai- Karneval



Alcor- Devil Survivor 2 The Animation



Shiro- Project K



Ash- Kuroshitsuji



Near- Death Note 



Clear- Dramatical Murder



Shion- No.6



Lag- Tegami Bachi



Byakuran- Hitman Reborn



Akise- Mirai Nikki



Killua- HunterxHunter



Kaneki- Tokyo Ghoul




Nezumi closed his eyes, and turned away. The smell of gunpowder grew stronger. Mixed with the stench of blood, the air grew thick and viscous. It was a stench he was used to―almost too used to―and yet, he still felt like throwing up. He couldn’t bear it. He didn’t want to open his eyes.